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Out Of Mind » SOLAR & PLANETARY ALERTS & INFO » EARTH CHANGES » One State: Two Different Fires Controlled by Weather Modification by Terrorists for the Purpose of Alleged Eviction

One State: Two Different Fires Controlled by Weather Modification by Terrorists for the Purpose of Alleged Eviction

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One State: Two Different Fires Controlled by Weather Modification by Terrorists for the Purpose of Alleged Eviction [videos]

Dave Zolna (the Mike Channel) presents the variations in the results from the Northern California fires in October and the current Southern California fires. Both with phenomenal winds, both with apparent multiple origin points, but the difference…? The rubble, and many questions.
Check out the second video from the Pacific Redwood Channel which confirms man-made weather conditions conducive to hot, high winds like the Santa Anas and zero moisture in the Western states. On the Pacific coast, this is not natural.
Evacuation or eviction? The third video tells the poignant stories of California residents driven from their homes by federal employees over the years.  ~ BP

December 8, 2017

Pacific Redwood Channel
(Fri.) The first point to be made is that all of the fires in California over the past four days would never have happened if the terrorists controlling our weather had let the weather move in off the Pacific and deliver much needed rain to California over the past several weeks!
The U.S. media is completely silent on the cause of all of these fires – there are approximately seven fires all around the Southern CA region as of this AM. Nobody in the media is talking about arson or how these fires got started. Nobody in the U.S. media is talking about the obvious display of weather manipulation taking place in the form of a satellite based, transmitter generated blockade of high pressure, installed to completely block all incoming weather to the West coast.
More astonishing is the RH number along the Southern CA coast yesterday: From La Jolla to Oxnard the RH numbers varied from 7% – 11% Relative Humidity right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This is an event that could only be created by artificial means, e.g., laser transmitter or coherent microwave transmitter from a satellite.
These low RH numbers along the coast are almost unbelievable but were double checked from three sources. The next round of terrorism from the sociopaths controlling our weather will likely be to turn on the spigot and let the mud flow from the hills into neighborhoods. Disaster capitalism.
Last, the U.S. would never run a weather derivatives / options trading operation / scheme without first having complete capability and control of the weather, and so I believe there are big bets on the weather in the form of a dry California and Southwest, and this is why the spigot is off in this region despite all of the weather offshore trying to move in!
Two years ago, an interesting movie titled ‘The Big Short’ was made and was based on Wall St. analyst and Hedge fund manager, Michael Burry who bet the farm that the subprime mortgage market would collapse – which it did, and he cashed in on that bet substantially. He later revealed that water would be the next big commodity; this has certainly proved to be true as well.

It appears there is a long-time plan in place to evict Californians from their homes and their land. Some believe it’s because the controllers in America sold out their country to foreign interests, and that China actually owns the state of California.
The history in California is colourful, but at the expense of many residents the feds have apparently targeted, harassed and ruthlessly driven out of some areas. Are the fires the next step in the agenda?
The following video tells their story.  ~ BP

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Published on Dec 9, 2017

China, Alberta, Canada, Madiera, Portugal, Gatling, Tennesse, Nine Counties in Northern CA and now several torch fires in Southern CA...all likely caused by Directed Energy Weapons. The US and world, is under an attack by powers that rule the skies likely including our own US Air Force and Strategic Commands. Two months since the deadliest fires, over 60 of them in nine counties, and officials have still not said how the fires even began and now SoCal is on fire. Agenda 21 is being implemented quickly all over Sonoma County now with the homeless victims having to sell their homes for 1/4 cost but still owe the mortgages! Michael Shaw Agenda 21





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