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Patty Greer Films
Published on Dec 11, 2017

Info-Whores - Patty Greer + Originator of Anonymous - Ep #3 12/11/17 Have you ever wondered how "Anonymous" began and who was behind the brilliant hacking group that never got caught? Being a whistleblower has always been risky and Anonymous was one of the early successful internet groups bringing a lot of important cutting edge political and banking information to the public. Turns out it was one man named Jordan who considers himself to be somewhat of a pirate. There was a TV series produced about the beginning of Anonymous called, "Mr. Robot." It appears to tell the early story of Jordan and his sister who still co-habitate and produce miracles behind the veil today. Jordan explains the many variations, names and chapters of their evolution such as creating the "Occupy Movement" as one of many -until it was co-opted and infiltrated by the Canadian group Adbusters. He explains "Operation Empire State Rebellion" and "Operation Payback" and working with the Chinese "Jasmine Revolution." He was in it from the start and involved in most events, yet considered himself a silent actor behind the scenes. He said, "A few years ago most of the members agreed why pretend to be something we are not? So a lot of us began taking our masks off. You have to be an anonymous, you couldn't tell people what you were doing because 'they' were looking for you and you were going to get busted if you did." He came from a military family who engrained in him, "if you don't have something you would fight and die for then you have no reason to live." In conclusion he states, "The enemy of me is the enemy of existence and if you are here to eradicate existence then you are my enemy. "Respect Existence or Expect Resistance" has been his motto for most of his life. He considered himself to have been a front runner on the digital battlefield against the alphabet agencies. Good friends went to jail, his family fell into financial problems, and he knew that the best way to fight back was knowledge. So Anonymous was born... Enjoy Award Winning Movies About Crop Circles + UFOs:


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