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The Pleiadian Council of Nine: All of Creation is a Mirror of Itself

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The Pleiadian Council of Nine: All of Creation is a Mirror of Itself

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: All of Creation is a Mirror of Itself 005-small -Channeled through Wes Annac-

We have taken to inhabiting the beautiful Pleiades Star System, and
the planet in which many of us taken home on whenever we do not exist
and Live upon our dear Motherships is the planet Erra. This planet is a
communications-hub throughout much of the Universe, and is one main
ascended planet that the Federation of Light keeps many ‘bases’ and
transportation centers on.

We have numerous ascended and enlightened cities on Erra and in a
perfect match of resonance, we have as well areas upon our dear planet
that many have noted as some of the most beautiful places of nature
throughout this dear Galaxy. You dear souls are increasingly becoming
exposed to the prevalent beauty of your world and we say that our Erra
is very close to your dear Earth, in more ways than you would perhaps

There are stargates linking your dear Earth to Erra that are to be
opening [for all to see] in the time ahead and you will all be offered
free ‘passes’ and trips to our world as you will be given the option to
explore it and the many features that our dear world Erra has to offer.
You will be given the option as well to travel to any other ascended
planet that you wish and you will be able to travel to every object
within our Star System.

Our planet Erra could indeed be compared to the [not-so] fictional
‘world of the future’ that you dear souls have so heard about and read
through what have been fictional stories. While our societies on Erra
are quite advanced and have branched-out to other Star Systems and
Galaxies while assisting and being a part of the Galactic Federation,
you will find an overall happy and ascended nature about this world and
all other bodies within our dear Star System, as we have evolved as a
collective to the realms of full consciousness.

Upon our world, there are Ambassador-centers for other worlds and
other Galaxies that our technology sees us able to access [the Galaxies]
quite instantaneously.

We are able to aide in the ascension of various civilizations as they
evolve and reach the strides along their growth plans that see them
ready for contact with an advanced society outside the perimeters of
their world, and we are routinely making ambassador-efforts to many
awakening worlds such as yours, who will begin to become open to our
presence and to the presence of an entire Federation of Loving and
benevolent Galactic races who have been assisting in the evolution of
each undeveloped planet as such planets are meant to evolve.

Earth is one such planet who has had many opportunities to experience
an ascension and many dear souls upon the surface of Earth have
experienced individual ascension while on your world, though the
opportunity for a collective ascension does not come along very often
which is why our efforts and your efforts especially, have been more
than needed for quite some time.

We are traveling happily all throughout the Galaxy and helping many
developing planets to find the pure states of consciousness that we have
been helped to reach by this wonderful Federation in which we are now a
part of, and you are to realize in the time ahead as your dear world is
initiated as a collective into purer states of consciousness that will
see no cap or filter on the information you are able to absorb at any
given time, that our Federation has been one out of many leading Lighted
Organizations who are assisting in the inevitable ascension of this
entire Universe.

We are coming to you now and issuing updates and communications
through willing hosts and scribes in an effort to help you to open up
your metaphysical and ‘paranormal’ energies which will lead to awareness
and an opening of the chakras [that] need to be opened for you to
attain your individual and collective ascension. We are as well
utilizing different and unique methods to connect with many planets as
such dear awakened worlds begin to find higher states of consciousness
and perception that see them breaking away from and transmuting the
lower dimensional experience.

You dear souls are making such incredible strides and as has been
expressed, the ascension of your world is to lead to the ascension of so
many dear planets and many of such planets are eagerly awaiting the
ascension of your world, so that they can receive the needed boost of
energies to help them attain their own ascension.

The Earth has been a beacon of Light and as well, a hub for darkness
and dense activities bred from the negative actions of other Galactic
races who had controlling interests for you and your world.

Such races have long been banned from the vicinity of your beautiful,
ascending world as the damage that has already been done by such souls
has sewn itself into your collective roots as many dear souls upon your
world continue to feed the very density and the lower dimensional
mindsets that are holding many back from realizing the higher and purer
states of consciousness and perception that lay beyond the dense and
outdated mindsets bred from separation, fear and hate.

We eagerly await your presence on our world and within our ships, as
we have so very much to show you dear souls about the advanced nature of
our dear Star and Motherships and about the ascended nature of Erra as
well. You are to find the thickest yet most beautiful of jungles upon
Erra wherein little Pleiadian or otherwise human societies seem to
exist, and yet such areas will be quite beautiful, harmonious and
peaceful as you find animals native to our world and to our Star System
that would seem to you at present to be quite exotic and outside of your

Our animals are not limited to the genes that those on your dear
Earth are, and are able to transform and take different bodies and
structures as they are experiencing consciousness and while this seems
an impossibility to your world at present, it is quite a routine process
performed by many of our animals on Erra.

You will find as well that since Erra is an ascended world, the
animals as well as us Humans [Pleiadians] and the higher dimensional
[discarnate] forms of energy on Erra as well are peaceful by nature and
not a one of us would ever wish to hurt even a fly. Imagine being united
with creatures similar to those of your lions and tigers, and knowing
that such souls would never wish to hurt you, just as you would never
wish to hurt them. The survivalist and defense genes are not prevalent
among ascended souls on our world who have chosen to take the form of

There will be many concepts about reality which have been fed on your
world that will need to be cleared up as it is explained that there is
no impossibility throughout Creation, and literally everything that one
can imagine already exists.

Whenever you have a thought or seem to discover something new, you
are shining your beautiful perceptive Light upon something which has
been Created, experienced and re-experienced numerous times throughout
Creation. We tell you of some of the features of our world in an effort
to help expand your perceptions and to explain as well what an ascended
fifth dimensional world is like, as you are all growing toward
perceptions that are infinite in scope and in purity of the information
that you are able to discover in relation to any given subject.

Besides the use of Star and Motherships, you dear souls will find
yourselves able to travel anywhere throughout Creation by the sheer
thought of your beautiful, opened minds, and you will find as well the
technology that will aide in your more leisurely travel or, in the case
of our Motherships, will serve as very large command centers and hubs
for benevolent races to convene together and help this beautiful
Universe to ascend.

Whenever any of us may get particularly homesick for our homes within
the Pleiades, we are able to replicate entirely such environments and
quite literally pull the exact energy in from such environments and have
them manifested in an infinite, endless ‘room’ through our holographic

We note that whenever holographic technology of any kind is
mentioned, many of you dear souls automatically take to imagining a kind
of transparent energy that can only be seen and not felt or
experienced, and we say that this notion is a bit off in comparison to
our technology as we are able to literally Create and feel any and all
environments that we wish to, within one of our rooms made especially
for holographic projection of any environment.

If we wish to, we can experience parts of your Inner Earth or realms
on the surface of your world that are ascending and beginning to match
our resonance and indeed, the only factor that keeps us from manifesting
any area of Creation with our technology is the vibration of the area
we wish to find ourselves within.

For example, we could not manifest ourselves from our ships in the
environment of a trash landfill or any other dense environment that your
dear world would have to offer. We can however, find and feel ourselves
whilst within the rooms that grant us these manifestations with our
technology, areas of your oceans which are being prepared to host the
rising of colonies which were once enlightened and ascended in nature
but that have since been lost to your time.

These colonies of which we speak will be arising because you will be
interacting with fifth dimensional energies and merged timelines, in
which these colonies did not war with each other and instead ascended.
We speak, of course, of the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria.

These two colonies have been prospering quite well in other Earthly
timelines and this is to become quite apparent as your Earthly timelines
merge and you find a resulting remembrance and collective experience of
Atlantis and Lemuria. You are to find as well, the Lemuria which has
went underground and ascended within your world, as the Agarthans and
many other souls within your world in ascended realms will be happily
showing themselves to you after the initial disclosures and giving of

You will be introduced to the ascended liaison teams of Agartha who
have been working very hard on the fabled announcements and on the
aspects of such announcements that will cover the Inner-Earth, how the
souls within the Inner-Earth came to be who and where they are at this
very moment, and how close they have been with many of you; most notably
those of you who took Lives in Atlantis, as they have been watching
your civilizations develop, war and find enlightenment all through your
history, including the history which you have not yet been told of.

The existence of Atlantis and Lemuria is quite left out of your
current history today, as is the quite-discovered truth of advanced and
Loving entities existing with your dear Earth. Many of these souls have
issued routine communications with humanity and [beyond this] they have
been doing so very much to help initiate you into a state of
understanding their presence and their wish to help you to ascend.

We feel such a wish as well and while we have been with many of you
in your recent and previous civilizations, we have grown quite close to
the ascension of this world and we eagerly await finding you in the
wonderful ascended ‘timeline’ so to speak wherein you are all
experiencing a wonderful unity with yourselves, with us and with the
souls within your dear Earth.

Suffice to say, while there is a Central Sun existing with your Earth
which has been interpreted by many as a ‘core’, your Earth is indeed
hollow on the inside and there have been [and are] entire civilizations
who exist within the inner-structure(s) of your Earth. This is so
because this is how our Creator has initiated the experience of
consciousness upon various Life-hosting reality structures in general;
an outer experience is always paired with an inner.

All of Creation is a mirror of itself, and the souls existing within
your Earth are a testament to being the ascended reflection of humanity.

Upon entering the inner Earth, the most advanced of the Lemurians
began rebuilding their society in a new way that would call for less
defensive structures and command centers, as all would be and has been
aimed more specifically toward peace and a sustainable harmony
throughout every area of Agartha.

Indeed, there are different civilizations existing within your Inner
Earth and while the ‘shadow realms’ of the Inner Earth had previously
hosted beings of a lower intent who have been working with your Earthly
cabals, these souls are being cleansed from such realms, as such realms
are being prepared and pumped with the energy of Source which is soon to
become quite apparent on your dear surface, as you are all reaching the
points along your calendar that are initiating you into the fifth
dimensional states of consciousness as a collective.

Dear souls, while there will be many shift-points and quite intense
ones to come in the immediate time ahead, you will all be adjusting
continually to these energies as they are given to you and you are all
to find yourselves experiencing ascension on your own levels as you
undergo various rapid stages along your growth, that are seeing no more
blocks or inhibition in your experience of the realms of the fifth

You are beginning to find very clear and pure perceptions of the
realms of the fifth dimension, as you are all working through the worst
of what you had set out for yourselves and some of you are just
beginning the most difficult aspects of these transmutations while
others are reaching the final conclusions of the lessons you had set out
for yourselves to learn.

To those of you who are experiencing the latter, we tell you to
remain strong and determined in your unending quest to hold the balance
of Light and emotion that is seeing you surpass and excel in the
[transmutation of] the worst of what you have set out for yourselves to
experience. You are undergoing lessons that have tested you to your very
core and while the most difficult of what you dear souls have set out
for yourselves is indeed being [worked-through] by you in every moment,
we ask you to continue to remain vigilant as you still have some work to
be done.

You are now reaching entirely new phases and levels along your growth
and as you are doing this, you are seeing yourselves exist within
sub-planes of consciousness that are ever-increasing in purity as your
very mindsets are seeing you reach these levels in accordance with your
growth experience. There is still a bit of heavy lifting to be done but
for the most part, you should all congratulate yourselves for the levels
of growth that you find yourselves along for you are all bringing forth
the realms of the fifth dimension as they are flowing increasingly
through your reality with the needed actions that each and every one of
you are making at all times.

We see and feel the actions that you are committing which are
bringing you ever-more into alignment with the higher realms and as
[some of] you dear souls are still feeding density in certain avenues of
your Lives, you are finding the mindsets that expose to you the
falsities of much of the Earth experience as it has been fabricated, and
such fabrications have been fed by the collective of Earth for so very
long but we tell you that your will and intent is quite powerful and
will see the collective energies boosted in big ways, whenever you make
an intent to bring the new paradigm through yourselves in any ways

It has been discussed before, the strong and interconnected nature of
your dear collective consciousness and the strong energetic bonds that
you all maintain with each other, as the collective network on your
world is quite literally one of an entanglement of you dear souls within
each other’s auric fields and mental and emotional energies, through
your thoughts and feelings toward and about one another.

Any time that you think of a fellow soul, you are aiming your
vibrations at them in a specific way; in whichever way you are thinking
about such souls. You are doing this with us and the rest of the
ascended collective as well, dear souls.

For example, whenever you dear souls choose to think toward us or
another in a positive or happy way, you are sending pure vibrations and
[those who they are sent to] are experiencing a resulting upliftment
from such vibrations, even if they do not consciously realize that they
are receiving such an upliftment.

If you have any type of negative thoughts toward us or toward
another, than your vibrations are aimed in such a manner though it would
do no good for any souls to attempt to send us negative vibrations, as
they are instantly transmuted into the happiest and Lightest of pure
Source energy upon reaching even the outermost sections of our auric

We are performing simple and natural transmutations of the energies
of the Earth collective at any given moment, as are you dear
Lightworkers and starseeds who are experiencing the most difficult of
the collective density as it is exposed to you and in many cases, as it
comes through you or is fed by you.

While we have taken our share of [attempted] negative energy from
cabal members or souls on your world who have not accepted our presence
for a plethora of reasons, you dear souls who are putting yourselves out
there and expressing the truths that you have known within are taking
the boldest leaps and strongest measures to get the truth of the Light
and of us souls happily and actively working for the Light, out there on
your world and this truth is increasingly seeping into your collective
consciousness and unconscious, and it is beginning to become accepted
and known for the truth that it is by many on your world

There will forever be those who do not yet believe or who do not wish
to believe and we ask you dear souls not to be dismayed by the opinions
of others, as all are on their own wonderful and marvelous paths back
to Source and no matter which specific ways you dear souls find
awareness, each and every one of you who are involved in the ongoing
ascension movement on your world and who are making your honest and
continued intents to ascend; you are all going to find the pure states
of consciousness that you have been evolving toward.

You are all Loved infinitely, and we temporarily depart this line of
communication as we leave you dear soul to absorb our energies and the
encodements given that ultimately help you to integrate our energies and
the truths that we wish to give, in easier ways while many of you find
an upliftment by reading any channeled communications which are pure in
intent and of the Light.

We say that our energies are not by far the purest source of Light
that you will find, as such purity of Light will be found within
yourselves though we give our energies in a very full purity through our
communications to the best extents that we can, in an effort to give
you the ‘previews ‘of sorts of energies that you will find by searching
and turning within.

You all have these pure abilities to turn within and it has been a
continued Joy for us to watch you do so. You are beginning to feel the
chains and bonds that the lower dimensional realities have trapped you
into [as you transmute them] and we ask you with Love and admiration, to
‘keep on keeping on’.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine.


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