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Bitcoin Craze Goes Nuclear As People Mortgage

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Bitcoin Craze Goes Nuclear As People Mortgage

Digital Currencies Represent the Ultimate Control Mechanism Over the Global Money Supply

The Daily Sheeple 
Published on Dec 12, 2017
By Joe Joseph
I’m going to go re-watch the fantastic PBS documentary “The Great Depression”, just so I can refresh my memory of one of the biggest bubbles bursting in the history of money!

Crytpocurrency Platforms: Owned & Operated by the Banksters


Especially after the fiat currencies crash around the world due to the collapse of the petrodollar will the cryptocurrencies be used as a bridge to establish a new global monetary regime of digital currency.

State of the Nation
The comment posted below was written by “Counter Analysis” under the following article:
Evidence Points to Bitcoin Being an NSA-Engineered Psyop to Roll Out One-World Digital Currency +Videos 
His analysis is right on target and cannot be disputed.
The power elite would never have permitted the rollout of the various cryptocurrencies unless they exerted complete control over them.  And so they do.
That they are now traded on the futures market indicates that cryptos are here to stay, as long as they can be totally controlled by the ruling elite.
The primary reason for the unparalleled explosion of the BITCOIN market is to get everyone’s attention, which it has.  Bitcoin has been around long enough so that investors everywhere have the necessary comfort level to dabble in it.  Which many now do.
Regardless of who is really buying Bitcoins, OR SELLING IT SHORT, the cryptocurrency can either continue its supernova run in the firmament of currency investments, or it can disappear overnight should the regulators decide to crack down on it hard.  Which they can do at any time.
It’s much more likely that the moneychangers at the very top of the global financial pyramid will keep this new charade going until all paper and coin currency is history, and a global digital currency is firmly in place.
This is the single most important item on the New World Order agenda—stealthily manufacturing consent toward the universal acceptance of a global digital currency.  And this globalist goal must be accomplished before their planned One World Government can be established.
Do you see how all the pieces of the NWO puzzle are now conveniently falling into place?
State of the Nation
December 12, 2017
N.B. The following comment offers an accurate and penetrating analysis of the crypto purpose behind the cryptocurrencies.  Everbody is encouraged to pass it around … just in case the supernova does disappear with everyone’s hard-earned money. READ more at

More censorship

From Doreen
Before posting the SOTN link above at Joe Joseph’s video above I signed in to Google and received the following Google message|
This device isn’t recognized. For your security, Google wants to make sure it’s really you.

Get a verification code

Google will send a verification code.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

Thansk to:


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