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New Whistleblower - Emery Smith - (E.T. Autopsy, DUMBS, Assassination Attempts, Disclosure)

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New Whistleblower - Emery Smith - (E.T. Autopsy, DUMBS, Assassination Attempts, Disclosure)

Season 9, Episode 2

Cosmic Disclosure: Emery Smith - Whistleblower 

David: Could you describe for us the very first partial body that you saw? What did it look like? And we'll end the episode with that.

Emery: Yeah. It was a leopard-colored skin. It was the torso. It looked like it got blown up. And it had Reptilian skin. It had normal body parts like we have on our insides. So I did see a spleen, a heart, lung.

The face was too distorted and destroyed, so I couldn't tell you what the face looked like, but it had perfect, normal bone structure like we do. And it was just . . . The skin was beautiful. It was iridescent blue leopard skin.

It reminded me of growing up in the Everglades with the leopard frogs, where they had those round circles and peacock feathers mixed.

David: Really?

Emery: Yeah. That color . . . That distinct, round . . . It was very smooth skin.

David: Did it scare you the first time you got a partial body?

Emery: Yeah.

David: Were you like, “Oh, my god! What's going on here?”

Emery: Yeah. I was in shock. They're measuring my heart rate, by the way, the whole time. They're measuring how I'm reacting.

So I kept cool, and they didn't ask me, “Hey, are you all right?” one time, because I was only allowed to operate on one part of the body. And I wanted to know more, you know?

David: Right.

Emery: Because there are certain tissues, I realized, from clones, than from real extraterrestrials and from humans, that the cloned tissue isn't as strong as the ones they grow.

Our tissue's really strong, but … And depending on how long they've been, of course, dead, or how long it's been frozen, or whatever conditions they have had it in.

But when you get fresh stuff, . . . and sometimes they'll tell you it is, sometimes they won't. And you can tell that the ones that are fake are more friable. So that means you barely try to get something out of them, it just, like, melts away.

So it's a very interesting dynamic as far as the tissues are concerned.

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