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Out Of Mind » NEW EARTH AWARENESS » NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR A HEALTHY PLANET » Suppressed Technology (Free Energy & Plasma Healing) Courses Being Offered In Peru

Suppressed Technology (Free Energy & Plasma Healing) Courses Being Offered In Peru

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Suppressed Technology (Free Energy & Plasma Healing) Courses Being Offered In Peru

Please visit for more information

Mipperu Courses for Health, Energy and Plasmaculture.

Mipperu Tarapoto are offering 1,2 or 3 week courses for Auto sustainable living.

1 week courses for  Plasma Healing items  for your Personal Health issues.
2 week courses for Health and Energy aspects  of sustainable living
3 week courses for Health, Energy and Plasma Gardening culture in Self sustainable living IE OFF grid living with Auto-sustainable systems.

New ways to utilise water and waste for your garden soils adding nutrients for stable faster growth.

We are offering the chance to come to Peru to learn the upper levels of Auto-sustainable life styles in the forms of 1,2 or 3 week intensive courses and workshops.

Advanced Tesla Exciter Coil

Depending on your skillsets you can choose  more scientific subjects like  source (free) energy from Nikola Tesla or even New Plasma Technologies for the garden and your health and renewable energy.

24 year old Liliana engineer Making GANS ( Plasma ) paste.

Our engineers can walk you through more basic items for the garden and your health and show you how to make standard health items using the new technologies we have to offer.

Health pads that have red for CH3 wáter and White for CO2 wáter and Blue for CUO2 wáter.
We can literally remove pain and swelling from your bodies in hours if not minutes and it is Guaranteed Now you will be able to make your own.

Wether you are wanting to build on your own Parcel of land or improve your current household or your health  you can learn with the ever pleasant Quechuan People here,
If the local kids can make plasma and the Tesla Coils then you can do it.

Its as much for Kids as Grownups, All it needs is a positive open mind.
A complete off grid house that runs itself in terms of Water, Waste and Food from 12 volts Solar panel systems, is far more easy to comprehend than it first appears.

Recycleable house using all the elements Sun Wind water and gravity.
With more than  20 or so micro projects and different ( some quite technical)  items we have on display for your recreation in the workshops, it is the ¨open mindedness¨ and ability to be ¨hands on¨ is all we seek for you to bring love into your work.

The Cerelias Project is a prototype for all other jungle guardianship projects in this region
Your plasmified rain water system is our most prized offer and it is easy to learn, Rain water is free and easy to purify if you simply follow basic principals.

Plasmified  from rainwater collection
A further post on this website will be available with all the details of these intensive 1,2-3 week courses we have to offer.

BioChar Activated with Plasma and you can even use it as your own garden barbeque activating your home made Biochar as you go.
We can show you what you will return home with in terms of Knowledge and Working Items that you built here in the our pleasant three storey offices here in Tarapoto.

Here is your first easy plasma experience and  processes with three different colours.

How to make the GANSes plasma for energy , energy, heath and the garden.
Your options of what you wish to take part in the workshops are extensive and we will send you a package list for your own selection.

Cerelias HQ deep in Cordiera Escallera Amazonia.
You will be able to go on fairly short Jungle expeditions here also each weekend and enjoy the spectulars of the Amazonian Rainforest in terms of Caves, Beautiful rivers and Waterfalls Plus adventure trekking to thermal springs etc.
In addition to these packages you learn all about our ¨All in one Walk in Plasma Health unit¨ which clears all your emotional centers, you can spend hours in here enjoying the experiences inside the plasma magnetical and gravitational fields.

Spend as much of your time in the Plasma fields.
It is an incredible experience , we have witnessed peoples faces change once they have discharged emotional negative energies into the Plasmatic fields.

Human Design The bodygraph
As a bonus you will get a chance to do at least one Human Design Session and learn about your own spirituality. All we will need is your DOB and time and location of Birth to get your own personal chart, Dave will do your reading as he has conducted over 900 peoples charts over the past 8 years.

If interested join my skype at mipperu and ask for a one to one, and I can walk you through all the details and I can send you an itinary.
We are booking people for December 2017 through to 2018 or send and inquiry message in the voice caption top of page.
Enjoy a Peruvian Xmas in Amazonia
We look forward to seeing you here
In light from Dave the Coordinator.

Posted by enerchi at 12/14/2017 05:04:00 AM

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