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Firefighters Don’t Want 5G Cell Towers Near Their Stations

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Firefighters Don’t Want 5G Cell Towers Near Their Stations, But 50+ Federal Bills Allow Them Pretty Much Everywhere

December 15, 2017 renegade
By B.N. Frank
When Donald Trump was campaigning for president, he promised that if elected, he would

  1. “make the country great again”,
  2. “give the country back to the people”, and
  3. “drain the swamp”.

There are currently 50+ federal bills being endorsed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and many elected officials which allow telecom companies to install 5G small cell tower infrastructure in residential yards, public rights of ways, historical districts, and pretty much everywhere they damn well please.
Why is this not surprising?  According to a recent article, “Congress took $101 million in donations from the ISP industry,”
Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and others spread their money far and wide to influence your government.
These bills contradict everything now President Trump promised the American people. The FCC is part of the “swamp” that needs to be drained. And so far, these bills haven’t even been acknowledged by anyone in the Trump Administration.
Many Americans have already been fighting state bills also written to allow telecom companies to install 5G small cell tower infrastructure wherever they want.  In some states, these bills have already passed and citizens, organizations, and elected officials are fighting to overturn them.  This hasn’t been acknowledged either by anyone in the Trump Administration. 

Most would agree that firefighters are no sissies.  This being said, firefighter associations have been concerned about adverse health effects from cell towers for many years now.  This is posted on the International Association of Fire Fighters website:
The International Association of Fire Fighters’ position on locating cell towers commercial wireless infrastructure on fire department facilities, as adopted by its membership in August 2004 (1), is that the IAFF oppose the use of fire stations as base stations for towers and/or antennas for the conduction of cell phone transmissions until a study with the highest scientific merit and integrity on health effects of exposure to low-intensity RF/MW radiation is conducted and it is proven that such sitings are not hazardous to the health of our members.
A few months ago, medical writer, Susan Foster, wrote this article to help raise awareness about the California Small Cell Tower Bill 649.  “Cell Tower Conspiracy:  Rescuing Firefighters, Not Kids.”
Many fought the bill and this was heavily reported by the media.  Eventually the bill was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown.  Of course, this might not matter if the federal bills are passed.
Lawyer, Michael Fitch, added his two cents about these bills:  Is the Road to 5G Paved with Federal and State Pre-emptions of Local Authority?”
“Net Neutrality” is also tied up with this mess.  Telecom analyst, Bruce Kushnick, explains: “The Trump-FCC-AT&T-Et Al. Plan: The Insidious ‘Wheel of Mis-Fortune’” 
In all fairness, The Federal Communications Commission has been making questionable decisions since before President Trump was elected.
Journalist Norm Alster received an Investigative Fellowship to Harvard and wrote a book about this: Captured Agency:   How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates
In 2014, the Wall Street Journal published an investigative article about 1 in 10 U.S. cell towers violating Radio Frequency Radiation (RF) Safety Rules.  A group of activists dug deeper:
Cell towers can and have caught fire and collapsed. Here’s a list of dates and locations:
Parents for Safe Technology and Scientists for Wired Tech are organizations that offer information on how everybody can become more informed and involved in regard to these bills.
Website Whatis5G.Info provides a wealth of information and links including how cell tower placement also reduces property value.
If any of this concerns you, contact your elected officials immediately and tell them you don’t want the Telecom Industry to be given the authority to blanket your community with cell tower infrastructure. 
When you don’t say “no” to cell towers being installed everywhere, you are basically saying “yes” to cell towers being installed everywhere.  Your yard could be next.
More relevant links have been provided below.

Antenna Towers make it a Dog’s Life”
Animals don’t know anything about electromagnetic pollution. It just makes them sick. The effects of cellular and wireless phones on the health of dogs, cats, horses and cows.
“Ajit Pai’s Shell Game”:
“Channel Characteristics and User Body Effects in an Outdoor Urban Scenario at 15 and 28 GHz” – 5G researchers are wrestling with the fact “the user’s body will cause a strong shadowing loss and generate a large fluctuation on the received signal strength,” but no research has been conducted to determine how the user’s body will be affected by the frequencies.
“Hot, sunny days could slow 5G networks”
Future 5G technology would offer much higher speeds. But there could be drawbacks to using higher-frequency radio waves, which have shorter transmission ranges shorter transmission ranges that can be blocked by buildings and weakened by atmospheric conditions.
 “Memorandum on the Bird and Wildlife Impacts of Non-ionizing Radiation by Albert M. Manville Ph.D. Former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Senior Biologist”
US Dept of Interior Letter warning regarding migratory birds and cell towers:

This article originally appeared on Activist Post.

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