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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » An Entire Unit Of Heavily Armed UN Vehicles Already On US Soil – In Maryland Kellogg Warehouse

An Entire Unit Of Heavily Armed UN Vehicles Already On US Soil – In Maryland Kellogg Warehouse

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An Entire Unit Of Heavily Armed UN Vehicles Already On US Soil – In Maryland Kellogg Warehouse

 18 Dec 2017   Posted by Ryan Cristián

In Maryland, just outside of Baltimore, an entire unit of heavily armed United Nations vehicles sit behind a mysterious Kellogg Cereal Plant (as of September 2017).
Thanks to the work of Alastair Williamson (video footage below) we now know that UN vehicles are currently standing by for … well that’s the question. This unprecedented circumstance can not be simply explained away, as the current location of the vehicles, in and of itself, is enough for anyone to see that something is not quite right here.
This entire unit of heavily armed UN vehicles are quietly tucked away behind a Kellogg cereal warehouse. Not exactly what one would expect for vehicles supposedly being openly built — on US soil — for nothing nefarious whatsoever. This is not the type of secure location one might expect for, again, highly expensive military vehicles that are supposedly “not a secret.” It just doesn’t add up. The building, at 11841 Newgate Boulevard in Hagerstown, Maryland, is just 70-80 miles outside of Washington D.C., and as Alastair Williamson revealed:
“The building has a total of 615,000 square feet of space, where Kellogg leases about 250,000 square feet. The U.S. General Services Administration, a real estate arm of the federal government, leases the remaining space of the building.”

The hardly trustworthy, and highly discredited Snopes, was, as always, the first out of the gate to tow the government line, and obfuscate the reality at hand when this topic was first addressed. In this case, it was a Facebook user in June of 2016 who released images of a litany UN armored vehicles that were spotted on Interstate 81 near Lexington, Virginia. The claim was made that these were “built in Virginia for UN purposes abroad.” This hollow claim was of course followed by the requisite omnipotent, all-encompassing red X indicating a “debunked story.” As hollow as that claim was, it was likely accepted by the many who simply refuse to see the current trajectory of the US government, and its Deep State controlling hand. Yet, it should still be noted that the claim is entirely possible nonetheless, as anything truly is. 
It should be clear to all that this is highly speculative, and not the typical coverage one would expect from The Last American Vagabond. However, with what we are seeing play out currently in Chicago, with the Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin meeting recently with the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations himself, during which he requested that the world governing body send troops onto the violence-plagued streets of Chicago, effectively surpassing the National Guard altogether, it becomes impossible not to see the impending “solution” to the problem at hand. 
One could question whether this was all a creation of the very hand moving the UN piece into play…
…but it is important not to get the cart too far ahead of the horse, especially when dealing with such an important aspect to a potentially game changing situation.
So I leave it to you, my fellow Vagabonds, to do your due diligence, and ask yourselves if you think the US government, or rather, the Deep State controlled US government is capable of not only violating the Constitution by allowing foreign troops on US soil, but if it is capable of actually creating a problem big enough, that caused a strong enough reaction, so that the government presented solution would not only be allowed, but welcomed with open arms.

Thanks to:



Why the ridiculous music in these videos...?


I think you made a great point TopSpin. Very well produced fear porn with a well produced sound track? OMG IT ALMOST SEEMS REAL!! LOL. I question how a drone could fly over such a secretive location without being blown out of the sky? 
What are TPTW trying to tell us or show up in their never ending diversion? 
Peace....and discernment and than more Peace.


Let's paint BIG "UN" letters on them!
That ought to get them to implode from their own paranoia!


I was not saying that this does not exist, as I have had personal conversation with UN troops on our soil. At least I think they were UN troops as they could have been clones, but nevertheless, they are actively participating in our country's affairs. What is happening on our soil is not what people are saying, either in the mass media or the alternative news. Things are progressing towards their agenda. Trump is nothing more than another piece to the NWO pie. His purpose is to bring chaos. These guys are ALWAYS two steps ahead of us...Trump wants to borrow 1plus trillion from the Chinese....really....This in of itself should tell you he is an elitist criminal...Its just more of the same, just a different chapter...


I wasn't saying it doesn't exist, I just thought with the music and a drone allowed t fly around freely that it raised a  lot of questions.
I've seen a  lot of military equipment all over the northeast and new prisons popping up. I've also spoken to heavily armed Eastern European mercenaries all dressed in black guarding buildings in Connecticut. So something is definitely going on but TPTW want us to live in fear.


Ahhhhh Ct, the land of lies and deceit. And these guys fear nothing.... Many of the NY elite are moving further up in Ct near Hartford...The infrastructure in Ct is being built up fast....There is definitely something going on here....

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