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Will There Be a Critical Mass Awakening Needed for World Change?

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Will There Be a Critical Mass Awakening Needed for World Change? Cache_52547672

Will There Be a Critical Mass Awakening Needed for World Change?
By Paul A Philips
Every so often the independent media claims that we as a race are undergoing a mass awakening. Then there have been further claims that if/when a certain critical mass number of awakened individuals is reached it will cause a shift in the collective human consciousness and ultimately go on to produce world change. -Indeed, a completely different outcome to the current inhumane doom and gloom planned by the world’s elite hell-bent on achieving total ownership and control for world domination…
According to a new scientific study at the Rensselaer  Polytechnic, 10% was the minority number of committed individuals needed to turn an opinion or idea into becoming the prevailing acceptance of the entire group and in a much shorter than expected time.  
Putting this in context, it should be noted that the study apparently didn’t have any group opposition:  The elite and their associates are actively opposing opinions or ideas that threaten their world domination, which, in effect, would assumingly mean that a significantly higher threshold than a 10% mass awakening would be required to produce that ‘tipping point’ or critical mass awakening needed for world change. There is, however, much evidence to show that people are waking up exponentially to reach that required critical mass, whatever the percentage is.
Will There Be a Critical Mass Awakening Needed for World Change? Cache_52543090
In support of the above, the notion that a group of individuals having a committed conscious intention to manifest a particular outcome has been well documented and proven: An excellent book entitled “The Intention Experiment” by Lynne McTaggart shows many example cases and comes highly recommended.
The awakened and the dumbed-down
People have awakened as a consequence of a number of synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) that have happened from time to time during their lifespan. The mass awakening and its gathering momentum can also be attributed to the ease of access to which truth-revealing information has been available in recent years through the internet and in particular, the independent media, exposing the evil machinations of the elite…  However, there is a bifurcation going on:
While many have been awakened the internet has also dumbed down people in the droves. Some of this devastating dumbing down can be attributed to the affects of social media control such as Facebook and how Google limits information through controlling algorithms… Further, the independent media is under threat with accusations of “fake news.” Then there’s the threat surrounding net neutrality.
Many of the dumbed down would find the truth too unbearable as it would shatter their illusions of the fake world they believe to be real… but they are living as victims…
For those awakening, it’s not an easy ride
The chaos and confusion perpetrated by the psychotic world enslavers, the elite, has had the counterproductive effect of arousing the human spirit into the awakening process: It’s an energetically challenging process, involving the realization, letting go and destruction of fake realities that have inhibited humanitarian growth since time-memorial. Becoming consciously awakened involves having a deeper sense of self-realization and empowerment. Anything that inhibits personal growth is therefore eliminated… -No wonder Osho said that “…the awakened man cannot be enslaved… and cannot be imprisoned...”
Other influences
It has been said that the orientation and movements of planets and stars have an effect on our lives and can help with our awakening. It has also been said that changing energetic emanations, pulses and shifts coming from the centre of our galaxy will help to raise our vibration and facilitate conscious awakening, hence the term “Truth Vibrations” made by David Icke.
Having been limited to the realms of esoterica, suppressed by the scientific establishment, the elite have been doing their utmost to prevent our awareness of these “truth vibrations.” As an example countermeasure, the elite have been using multipurpose geoengineering chemtrails to stop these energetic influences from reaching us.  –A rather vain attempt that does perhaps provide some hindrance.
It’s up to each and every one of us
So, will there be a critical mass awakening needed for world change? Some say the critical mass has arrived. Well, who really knows: Whatever the circumstances surrounding our awakening, above all, we must interpret it as the universe’s way of giving us a clarion call to action. The cavalry will not come and rescue us in this scenario. We must put our foot down and say enough is enough of the elite’s suppression. With a personal commitment and conscious intention to manifest world change, reclaim our power, switch the spiritual light on again, we must take action in any way we feel that is appropriate and empowering before it’s too late.

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The absurdity of the "woke" thinking they know the "truth" is just sad. It is ego once again rearing its ugly head. Not buying into the latest paranoid fear porn does not make one a "sheep."
Seeing tRump as the joke he is does not mean that person supports Hillary Clinton. Choosing "anyone but Killary" is not being "woke." It is called being a selfish reactionary.
Once the "truth" community is able to see their own hubris, they might be taken more seriously. Until then, keep on with your self-righteous divisiveness.


:tup: yep... so sad but true!



There will never be "one pill" for everyone.
A clue might be the psychiatrist in Twin Peaks. His glasses have one blue lens and one red. He might "work best alone" yet he wants us all to "dig out of the shit." (With gold spray painted shovels!)

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