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Knarly Chemtrail Virus & How I Won!

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1 Knarly Chemtrail Virus & How I Won! on Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:58 pm

Consciousness Of Economic

[ltr]Knarly Chemtrail Virus & How I Won![/ltr]

[ltr]I have been alternative my whole life. I have zero faith in any doctor and have seen in my practice the outcomes which are rarely good when doctors are allowed free access to our bodies. People ask me all the time what I take when I get sick?? Rare that I get sick. However a few days ago I got this terrible mutant mucus drowning virus, my term for it. I got the sniffies and was sneezing in less than 12 hours turned into full-blown pneumonia. All I could think about is how many people are getting this and literally this cold folk without proper understanding and immediate treatment could be fatal. I want to specifically talk about the main issue, I could not breathe, which meant I could not couch up the mucus festering in my longs to heal myself and bam..I broke this cold that scared me a little bit in less than 48 hours after getting it. I will put the list of items I used but right now about how I got the bronchial tubes that were so inflamed that I was wheezing and could not walk, could not breathe, could not lay on my back or down out all. You will know this from terms Doctors use as bronchitis which is basically inflammation of the tubes, restricts the passage of air and mucus which makes the festering of the mucus in those lungs deadly, one of the top ways to die as of late is pneumonia and infections of lungs. I had to find something in I already had in order to get this inflammation down so I could use the other natural meds I was taking to really do their jobs. Bam...Wobenzymes to the rescue once again. I cannot tell you who many things wobezymes fixes: constipation, cleans the gallbladder and liver when used only at night in high amounts, pain, joint pain, muscle pain, inflammatory disease, digestion...and now inflamed bronchial tubes. I took 6 wobenenzym every 6 hours until the tubes opened and I could breathe and then my body did the rest expelled the mucus that indeed was turning yellow infection land! I am pretty darn good today...See if you know the right things you can heal yourself without a doctor ever, well maybe broken a bone or something like that you may need a doctor???[/ltr]

[ltr]When a person breathes, air comes in through the nose or mouth and then goes into the trachea (windpipe). From there, it passes through the bronchial tubes, which are in the lungs. These tubes let air in and out of your lungs so you can breathe. The bronchial tubes are sometimes referred to as bronchi or airways.[/ltr]

[ltr]Next post is the protocol for my natural meds I took as soon as I got sick. [/ltr]

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