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Knarly Chemtrail Virus PT 2

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1 Knarly Chemtrail Virus PT 2 on Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:36 pm

Consciousness Of Economic

My Person Protocol for the knarly cold, maybe one of the knarlest colds I have ever had:
I started the LDM 100 as soon as I got the nasal drip, It is a medicine in tincture based on the plant-based medicine the Washoe Natives in this area used and still use today. I have used the root out of the ground, but the tincture is easiest to buy here locally, I give it to my dog when she has a drippy nose or respiratory issues as well. LDM is also the top natural antibiotic on the market as well as a great candida and fungus killer. It will dry up any mucus drainage in 20 minus period end of story. I will provide links to all the meds I post here below.
After about 8 hours of LDM taking 25 drops every 4 hours I needed a bit more. I then added mullen tincture and mullen smoking, this cold came on like a freight train. Like I said before people who let this cold go or delay treating it could be in for some serious trouble. So Then It was LDM wait one hour, half dropper of mullen extract and I harvest mullen in summer and use it in my ceremonial medicines so I had some ready, dried and put in a pipe and smoked it, so good for asthma and other kinds of lung issues. Then wait for 6 hours.
Still, the cold was fast-tracking so took the LDM, waited an hour, took the Mullen and smoked mullen and waited an hour and then added on colloidal silver as the mucus was getting a bit yellow infection area so colloidal silver is amazing for infections. I took 2 full droppers. I give my god everything I take as well. Colloidal silver is amazing for wounds, scratches, eye problems another miracle product. I find natural sunshine carries the best one. natures sunshine carries the only know colloidal silver gel which works super good for bites and wounds and for that sick cat by putting a blog on her toe she can lick up.
Then the next round I added the wobz in for the inflammation of the bronchial tubes. I take 6 wobz wait 2 hours, take LDM, wait one hour take and smoke mullen, wait an hour and take colloidal silver and bam 3 am this morning I broke the cold 100 percent. This cold I just stayed away, slept sitting up since I could not breath laying down so I was determined to get well and I could see this cold going in a very dangerous direction and the last thing I was willing to do was to go to a hospital. I could get infected with more than I already had and get some bullshit pills that might make the issues I had better at first but could come back worse in the future!
I do a huge amount of health and nutritional counseling. I had brain cancer and treated it completely alternative so not only do I have education but experience in health matters and my focus is on food as medicine and nutrition, I have over 25 years experience in Wholeistic Health Care and 40 years of continued education. or…/…/B000S86S3M……/silver-shield-waqua…/4274/…/silver-shield-gel-2…/4950/…|pcrid|110483604373|product|310539029282&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI58fT162e2AIVhv5kCh3nUQD3EAYYASABEgI0xPD_BwE

You have to harvest your own mullen for smoking it during summer.…

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