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I am asking for a bit of help. For those of you who know me, you know that I have often stood up to the system, mostly because I cant stand them and their corporate crowd. They have lied and cheated us, our parents and our grandparents….My G/F's father is 92 and requires assistance with certain things. He has several helpers that come throughout the day. One if them is named Jillian. She is sweet Jamaican woman, with an infectious smile. She works weekends as is attending school during the week. She is the proud mom of 2 boys, and arrived about 3 years ago. Here is her situation. When she decided to attend school to get her nurses degree, she need transportation. She went to the local car dealer, Key Hyundai in Vernon Ct. She went with her entire savings of $2950 in hopes of getting some reliable transportation as the school is not on the bus schedule and she needs to be home for her boys. Her part time income is $1000.00 a month...So here's what she got:

A 2014 Honda Civic 4 door EX….There is a dent on the right side and a torn back seat. It has 42000 miles… Kelly Blue book suggested retail from a dealer is about $12,000.00.

They sold her an additional service contract for $1125.00, GAP insurance $818.00, Dealer conveyance for $549.00 in addition to the sales and local taxes.

They ''FOUND” her a credit company, CREDIT ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION, that gave her a rate of 18.99% over 5 years, the highest legal rate in Ct because she has not purchased anything before and has no credit rating.

So here's the numbers:
TRADE IN VALUE TO Key Hyundai is $7500.00...This is a kelly blue book estimate on the car value for trade in..So let assume they paid that for the car.

The sold her the car for $18965.00!!!

66 total payments of $489.49 a month for the 66 months plus her down payment of $2950======
SHE MAKES $1000.00 a month!

A WHOOPING FINAL COST OF $35,256.34 for the car…

Now we all know car dealers are hustlers. Did they do anything unlawful, I believe they did, Her command of the English language is fair, You say things to her and she doesn't totally understand the meaning of the words you say. So there is not doubt she was taken advantage of, and in an unlawful manner. We will pursue this in the courts. But for the time being, please, call them, ask them if this is a standard practice, do they discriminate and exploit immigrants...And we all know the answer to this.


My contact:
Johnathon Mirow
Business Mgr
860-643-2700 x 213

I went in to talk to Mr Mirow. He blamed the credit company and when I said he was also to blame he got upset. I went to take one of his cards and he jumped across his desk to stop me. He grabbed my hand and then told me to get out....No working with him....

Thank you very much to any and all who take the time to get involved. We are looking for just restitution for all expenses incurred. Thanks again…..


Thanks tops! I will share this far and wide and ask others to do so also if they would. This is criminal and I feel bad for this poor lady.



Thanks Purps...Its really disturbing to me that this exists and is often unnoticed. These hard working folks are used and abused by the corporate greedy gangsters, many without the knowledge that there is a remedy if they are willing to do the work. I am contacting attorneys now looking for someone to take the case. We shall see...After a discussion with her it was plain to see she didnt know what she was getting into...A language barrier....


Your friend got ripped off.

First, Hyundai offers a 100,000 / 10 year bumper to bumper warranty. So, no need for extended warranty needed.

Credit Unions will provide a loan at a much lower rate. Credit Unions compete against banks and banks are in the business to steal from customers.

Most used car department in dealerships make commission of the excess money stolen from the inexperienced buyers.

COSTCO offers a buyer's program that will pre-arrange the purchase transaction from authorized local dealers. Use their services if you wish to save money.

And to close, do your homework before you walk into a dealership floor. The "floor salespeople" are in the business to bump the sales price and get the most money from the walk-in victims. 

Do not be a victim!

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