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1 ALTERNATIVE 3: THE ELITE FLEE EARTH CHANGES on Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:22 pm



Posted By: RobDaven [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 22-Sep-2012 23:31:49

Audio Version here
My mind is literally blown. I have researched earth changes for over a decade now, and as I see everything spiral out of control I am learning faster than I can actually write or podcast about it.
Alternative 3 is a film from ITV that was only shown once in the UK, then banned. It was then shown in Austraillia once and then banned. The only place in the world that still even will show the film on TV is Japan.
Here is the subsequent article Olav Phillips wrote on Alternative 3:
By Olav Phillips
Paranoia Magazine
(With permission from Olav & Paranoia)

In June 1977, Great Britain was rocked by the airing of a television program so controversial it was aired once and only once before being banned. It was then shown in Australia where the reception prompted yet another ban.

Finally, it was optioned by NBC in the United States only to be roundly rejected by its Broadcast Standards and Practices department: it was too dangerous to be aired on mainstream network television and represented a major risk to the network.
Since then, the program has lived on in infamy and has been the source of many a raging debate about its legitimacy and ramifications. Called Science Report: Alternative 3, it is the most dangerous television program in the world.

So let’s start in the beginning with a grainy 10th-generation copy of a strange TV show aired in the UK in the late 1970s, Alternative 3 being the final episode. I saw it in the mid-1990′s and experienced a paradigm shift, like a hydrogen bomb going off.
Until then, conspiracies hadn’t much interested me, though I had followed the machinations and governmental cover-ups around UFO’s. In Alternative 3, I saw such a grand plan, such a long-term vision, that I had to know more. I researched it again and again to deduce the theory I have today.
Read the full article here;

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