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Cindy Kay Currier Deletes Herself? WHERE IS CINDY KAY CURRIER???

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Welcome CC thank you for your comment.
Hopefully someone will come forward with some info that will help to put your families concerns to rest.  I am very sorry for any unflattering opinions also that you may read on this thread.
We all wish her well and also hope she is safe.
Thanks again for your input.
I just approved 3 member requests so maybe one of those was her brother.



CC just wanted to let you know I put up a post on facebook also asking for info. I will message you if I get any info.


CC Dawn

Thank you so much.  And please do not worry about any offense taken.  I have NOT been offended.  Her older bother, my ex, was a kindred spirit to her own.  So I have lived this personally.  Honest frustration and anger, as well as feelings one's conscience has, when witnessing such self aggrandizement are "normal-speak."  I WANT people to speak freely.  Her brother will as well.  He doesn't pull punches himself.  But there is much concern over her sudden disappearance and any lead or information, as to WHAT illegal dealings she has been apart of, would be helpful.  We want to know if she has been arrested or could be.  We wonder if she is on the run.  Or if perhaps she has been hospitalized etc.  So thank you.
PS...thank you too for offering to  message me if you hear anything on fb.  Bless you.


The reports of her being detained in DC in July might be the place to start. As family members you may be able to get info others would not.
Also since she was on the east coast maybe call hospitals in that area she was at last to see if they have any info.
I am getting some response on fb but nothing of value yet.


CC Dawn

I'll tell her brother. I had heard she was only detained for filming too close to the White House or something? I'm hoping to find old friends who may have stayed in touch in with her. Though I'm not under the impression that she contacted the old crowd much. I'll see what I can dig up. If successful I will let you know. Thank you.



This is from July 2017


37 Cindy Kay Courier: What a trip! on Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:50 am


Cindy Kay Currier. What a trip!

I first found a youtube video posted by Cindy Kay Currier back in 2014. I was immediately intrigued by her unusual dialogues but wondered whether she was schizophrenic or borderline schizo. Yet she had a sincere, gentle and cogent approach to her communiques. Her information was well-presented and she appeared to have an uncanny intuition. I was captivated but cautious about her.

At one point, I tested the waters by writing to her and expressing my interest in her explorations in consciousness. I let her know that I was interested in dialoguing with her. She responded back with a short but polite response to my interest but did not reciprocate my wish to continue dialoguing.

I just thought I’d sit back, watch and wait to see where she would would lead her audience. (I was curious.) After she issued her Natural Law Handbook, I read a bit of it but was put off by her lack of definitions of words and terms. In her guidebook, originally, she described living in a community based on the principle of “Love”. I wrote to her and asked her what her definition of ‘love’ meant, because it means different things to different people, but she did not respond. This sent a signal to me that she was not willing to entertain independent thinkers. Yet, out of fascination, I continued to watch her videos.

The second thing that sent off an alarm was when I reviewed one of her old videos and caught her stumbling over her own name. She began one of her videos with the usual: “Well, hello everybody, this is … Cindy Kay Currier”. The “ . . .” represents a significant pause in her speech where she was obviously scrambling to remember her own name. (She had momentarily blanked it out.) It was only a split-second pause, and obviously she thought she had recovered well, but I knew immediately that she was using an alias and was not being honest about that.

For the next several years I watched her videos on and off - always keeping a foot in the waters to see what she’d say next. My alarm bells went off again when she got into the Swissindo stuff and started issuing warrants of arrest and calling herself “Daughter of Earth” and “Queen of Queens”. It was totally pompous. People who are truly spiritual have no use for titles. I was also beginning to see how sly and manipulative she was. She was, after all, Queen of NLP.

When she got into the Apocryphal of God allegory, she made a conclusion based on a false assumption. She was assuming that Yaldabaoth came from DARK LIGHT, because (according to her) the Apocryphal stated that this being was a mixture of all the light rays combined into one, and in her ignorance (or deceit) she said that that makes black. This is only true when it comes to pigmented colours (such as paints), but in the light spectrum a combination of all colours makes WHITE LIGHT; in the light spectrum blackness is the absence of colour. The reverse is true for pigments. I wrote to her and pointed out that her conclusions were not based in fact. Furthermore, I asked her how she intended to weave in the story of Ouroboros and transhumanism into the overall picture. She never responded to any of it, but I noticed she started using an EGG in her illustrations of the earth hologram, which is often used as a symbol for Ouroboros. Though most often Ouroboros is represented by the snake swallowing its own tail, an allusion to the dualistic ego not recognising its own originating point, where future and past overlap in a locked loop of time distortions. (It is a concept worthy of study, though it is hard to get a hold of good information in this age of internet filters.)

I re-read her Natural Law Handbook and saw something I hadn’t seen the first time. Her Royal Majesty was now claiming that in Her Ecclesias, meditation, crystals, yoga and breathing practices were not allowed (hmmm, very controlling). I thought, she is either wholly ignorant or purposely deceiving others into believing that these practices are intrinsically bad. There is much evidence pointing to the contrary. Meditation, pranayama and yoga have many health and psychological benefits that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial. She also proved herself to be a hypocrite, because all the smart devices have crystals in them. Every time she got on her computer she was basically channeling through a crystalline device. Our bodies are piezoelectric (crystalline) and the earth itself is full of crystals. Shouldn’t “Daughter of Earth” know that crystals are not something from which one can escape if they are in a human and on a planetary body? It’s just pure ignorance to say crystals are bad. They are ‘programmable’ matter. I wrote to her and pointed out her contradictions in great detail, but of course she didn’t deign to respond. It was clear to me that she didn’t like being contradicted no matter how polite I was. And I was very polite.

When Cindy got on Facebook and Twitter and started chatting with Tyler and admitting to having chatted with AI bots for years, I knew what sort of ‘stuff’ she was made of. Then she started showing gruesome torture videos and taking on a lynch-mob mentality, revealing her rather twisted nature. That whole week after she aired those videos I kept thinking of that film called “A boy and his dog” where—(in a post-apocalyptic dystopia)—the main character discovers an underground cult that is completely insane and dangerous. My subconscious was definitely telling me something about her true nature.

Toward the very end she started talking about music theory and how she was hearing the tones of C - and more recently A - and I knew immediately that: 1) she was LYING about her knowledge of music theory, because she couldn’t even distinguish the difference between an upper and lower octave; 2) she was obviously reading from a script that was not her own; 3) she was nervous, edgy and lacking her usual self-composure. In fact, her whole body language revealed that she was under a great deal of pressure to perform in an unrehearsed scenario. I knew that something big must be brewing, and sure enough she disappeared from the net soon thereafter.

An acquaintance of mine who is an x-scientologist and dowser said that Cindy Kay was a CIA clone. I cannot confirm that, but I am certain she was heavily influenced through artificial intelligence. I know that her operation (her mission) was to mislead lots of naive people down the primrose path of cultish insanity. (If you want to know more about cults check out Denise Matteau on Youtube.)

My conclusion is that the internet has become a very dangerous place to surf for information. I think most people are not aware of the influence and invasiveness of AI technology. There is a lot of mind hacking going on, and it is all aimed to distract people from the very simple truth that all the answers are hidden within. Knock, and the door shall be opened.


Excellent post.


absolutely! thanks Renee



My conclusion is that the internet has become a very dangerous place to surf for information. I think most people are not aware of the influence and invasiveness of AI technology. There is a lot of mind hacking going on, and it is all aimed to distract people from the very simple truth that all the answers are hidden within. Knock, and the door shall be opened.

I think the problem most people have is their underlying belief that someone will tell them the truth, that right will always win. This planet is what it is, a place of fiction, a place where perception is king.  As Dylan said, " There must be some way out of here, from the jokers and the thieves". The AI is so far advanced, so much a part of our lives, that what is actually occurring today has very little to do with what we see..Their communication techniques are unworldly, and the mind controlled sheeples are clueless as to their standing. As for Cindy, She is a classic MKUlra type at best, and very possibly a reproduction. Cloning is much more a part of our lives than is understood...


Just a short follow-up to my last post: I remember a video in which Cindy said that when you typed in her name into Google Maps that the CERN facility in Switzerland popped up. Out of curiosity, I tried it - I typed her name into Google Maps - and sure enough the CERN facility popped up on the map. I think that is very telling.


topspin2 wrote:As Dylan said, " There must be some way out of here, from the jokers and the thieves". The AI is so far advanced, so much a part of our lives, that what is actually occurring today has very little to do with what we see..Their communication techniques are unworldly, and the mind controlled sheeples are clueless as to their standing. As for Cindy, She is a classic MKUlra type at best, and very possibly a reproduction. Cloning is much more a part of our lives than is understood...
Dylan got that right, and I agree with you, she certainly showed signs of MK Ultra conditioning.


Maybe she searched for those key words so often that she became mathematically included in the search results?


Yeah, like the child's game, 'GO FISH'- Elmo

CC Dawn

Thanks Renee. Spot on. I worry about Cindy's parents because they simply can not grasp the situation for what it is, and that's so true in the general population too, I believe. I divorced Cindy's older brother after 30 years of marriage. He became involved in luciferianism and mind control. I had gotten him psychological help and he was diagnosed with antisocial/borderline/narcissist personality disorder. He felt he WAS superior to the general population so he rejected the diagnosis and further therapy. His astral plane involvent simply reinforced his need to be special, called, superior, entitled and above the law. He felt transcendent so to speak. He believed he could do no wrong. He believed his level was (more) enlightened, therefore misunderstood, at our lower (collective) level. We were too inferior to see his truth. He came very close to being a split personality. He believed the end justified the means and that if he killed anyone, it would be for the greater good. He needed his online "groupies" (his term) to mirror these ego based fantasies. He told me he wasn't lying IF others believed what he told them. His words then, magically, became the truth. I lived his cult of one, up close and personal. Words were toys to him. Conscience was gone. And he truly believed his words held alchemical power, proven to him, by anyone who believed him and acted upon these desires. He believed that he was upholding THEIR free will, by manipulating them to WANT to act on his behalf. He hadn't broken that universal law in that case. He was always innocent in his own eyes. Those he manipulated, he claimed, WANTED to be. He saw himself as a type of god. He hated the God of the bible. He told me that if you "wait for THAT God to act, you'll wait forever." So he actively pursued astral entities and could read minds, etc. (That was bothersome as he read mine and I made it impossibly difficult) He sought self promotion through astral/spiritual pursuit. And told me I was blocking his efforts and had to go. Apparently my God and his gods did not play nice together. He wanted to kill me, he also wanted to kill himself, and finally he wanted us to swear to some suicide pact. I had to get a court order to remove him, in order to divorce without further danger to myself, or him. His views of good and evil, as one force, made him feel entitled to use either interchangeably. They were a compatible/symbiotic (single) force to him. Either was useful and desirable. And there were no consequences to using either side of this "sword," to his way of thinking. Consequences were only real on this lower plane. He viewed this lower plane as useful to him, but never did he see himself as accountable to it. He could freely use people, without empathy or regret. He had at one time told me, that I'd be DISHONEST toward him, if he'd used me up and I didn't let him know, so he could find another. He was far from joking. After divorcing him, I spent years studying this, to try to wrap my head around this psycho-spiritual whirlwind I'd lived through. I now grasp it. But it still boggles my mind that people can (or want) to give themselves over to it. But they can and do. His was a self aggrandizing and passing that off as some kind of a self love guru. Free will is twisted by them, because conscience and empathy are gone, though feigned. Without good (will) conscience, real love has no foundation on which to build. Therefore, they typically claim to live above this lesser plane, in an ethereal realm of love, as the ONLY fully (self) realized form of love. Their ideas of utopian perfection are Hitleresque. They see us as the problem and themselves as the solution. You are either with them or against them. They are charismatic, theatrical, artistic and seductive. Sadly, Hitler is viewed as crazy along with Charles Manson, in this country. This is only half true. My exhusband knew what he was doing, why he was doing it, and what his end game was to be. That is not crazy. People prefer to think crazy rather than deal with what is truly happening. Education would be helpful. These types prey upon naivete and our trust in basic human goodness. Meaning. My ex used my conscience against me as a weapon. I figured that out on my own. I've been psychologically tested and am balanced/normal. The therapists working with us both told me I'm certainly not codependent and he wondered how I made it. He said codependent types are much "happier," so to speak, in such marriages. I told them it was my choice in God, because the God I know stresses conscience and logic. Blind faith is prohibited to me. So I was able to keep my bearings, while trying to get help for my husband and our marriage. I had to give up. There was no choice left. I now help others get away from such relationships. Whether it be relationships with one person or an entire group. I meet hurting people all the time and they respond to help quickly, if ready. These victims do not have to take an eternity getting their lives turned back around. I help them get out of that mind-fuck (as my ex referred to it) very quickly. I'll end by saying one more thing, that is also revealing. My ex gave me a (backhanded) compliment as we split. He said. "I'm going to miss you because you are the ONLY one who can see through my shit." He also said I was "the only one he ALLOWED to ever tell him the truth." We can call these types crazy if that makes us feel safer. But they know exactly what they are doing. They are clever and many steps ahead of their victims. They believe they are entitled to control us, for "our" own good. But. They (alone) will be ruling from the top of their pyramid scheme, sharing that spot with no other. That fact becomes quite clear early on, if red flags are heeded. Again, thank you for this thread. Cindy's brother will be on this soon. I feel free to speak about my ex husband, their older brother. I feel better if her younger brother gives you her history. And right now, it's their parents we are worried about. This goes way over their heads. But her sudden disappearance and (what appears to be her illegal involvements) give them cause to fear. If anyone does know anything that can help, her brother will give them that info asap. And yes, I believe parents can contact authorities and get some attention. I'm promoting that idea to her brother as well.


Wow I do feel for the parents with what they must be going through. Thank you CC for sharing what had to be a very difficult period for you. You are a very strong and brave lady to have come out on the other side to that type of relationship.
With this being so documented on social media as a "missing person" case I am fairly certain the parents can ask for searches to be done by their local law enforcement. The link on the first page of this thread does show some of her videos if you hoover the mouse and she was in the Chincoteague island area in recent months then did another move but I am afraid I did not pay any attention to her videos so maybe there are others here that know?
At least then they would know if she was being detained in any way or just on the run as I saw someone post on twitter.


CC Dawn

Thank you PurpleSkyz. I remember Cindy saying she was on an island. Her family CAN at least start there. Good to know which island/area! And yes, all the inquiry surrounding her disappearance would help her parents get law enforcement interested in a search. So true. Thanks!

48 A Bit of Background on Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:55 am


I've seen some comments here from people who are curious about Cindy's background and who she is. I am her younger brother, so I think I can fill in some of the blanks that exist.

We were raised in a fairly normal home by parents who love us. Cindy was loved and nurtured both as a child and as an adult. I have seen some of the claims that Cindy has made about her childhood, but most of what Cindy claims is either fabrication or deceit. I would encourage anyone to view her claims with a skeptical eye and reason through the issues to figure out what is real. I can assure you that you won't get the real story from Cindy.

Someone asked about military service. Cindy never served in the military. She has never shown an interest in serving in the military, either.

Cindy has always possessed talent in music and could easily be described as more of an artistic personality. This goes back to a very young age. While I wouldn't quite call her a prodigy, she was more talented than most people I know. She has been able to teach herself to play almost any musical instrument without outside instruction.

As an "artistic type", she has relied much more on the emotional side of the brain than on the logical side of the brain. You can see this continues when you listen to her bizarre explanations of how she believes she has become the President of the United States or how she supports her arguments for contract law. You can even see it in the contradictory nature of her Natural Law Handbook.

I have always been the counter. My musical talent is somewhat limited and my "art" would likely be more focused in writing and drawing. Just the same, I never showed the level of talent in those areas that Cindy and our older brother showed. I was always the thinker -- the intellect. As such, I challenged my sister frequently and she has never cared for it. It has always seemed that I have a special place in her heart, and it isn't good. All the same, this relationship has left it very easy for me to get under her skin.

Cindy imagines herself to have been a "counsellor" since age 9. While I've no doubt that she believes this, it is quite far from the truth. She has been a bully all her life and she seems to confuse counseling with bullying.

The reason I bring this up is that it is my primary source of concern here. I've watched her bully people all of her life and I've lived with the repercussions of her behavior. I have worked to help the people she has hurt for many years.

This is significant because she is now using the internet to expand her bullying. If she were done trying to manipulate and use people, I wouldn't be writing this. Unfortunately, she is continuing her mission and I cannot stand idly by and allow her to continue to hurt people. I realize that my impact will be quite limited, but if I can help even one person, it will have been worth my time.

Most of the people here seem to already recognize that Cindy has significant mental health issues. Most here seem to already understand that she has been committing fraud and taking advantage of people. I get the feeling, however, that there are some who read this who may not have yet decided who she is or may even be a supporter. It's important that those people learn the truth before they get hurt by Cindy's ego.

Cindy is still out there and she is regrouping. She is maintaining contact with a core group of followers. Cindy has long seen me as her enemy, so I have no direct means of contact with her. She was probably quite upset that I discovered what she was doing recently. She has strictly demanded that I not have a means of contacting her and has also demanded that she not be exposed to me in person. It took a while (and info from friends) to learn what she has been up to.

This means that I have no direct contact with her, nor is it likely that I ever will again. All that is left for me is to try to help others see the light about who and what Cindy is.

If there are people here who have genuine questions, I will be happy to answer them as long as it doesn't require revealing information that is too personal -- I have no interest in hurting anyone.

If anyone reading this encounters someone who is contemplating following Cindy, feel free to try to get them in touch with me.


Welcome Firechasers and thank you so much for your post clarifying what so many of us here have been saying for years regarding your sister.

I have held back on reposting comments that I have come across on the net re: Cindy and her behavior towards others when they contacted her asking valid questions. Seems she does not like to be challenged in any way just as you have described.

Would you and CC mind if I use your posts to create a separate thread re: Cindy that I will then push out into the various social media I am on?

May I ask what you think precipitated her removal of ALL her material on sites and You Tube may have been? Also do you think there is any validity in the theory that she has been arrested or placed into a mental care facility?

Again thank you and CC both for sharing your experiences with Cindy. I can only imagine how concerned your parents must be.



Veamos mi punto de vista, para arrojar un poco de luz al asunto.

- Cuando Cindy. habla de ser la reina en la tierra asumo, que es una metáfora para significar su rol en el asunto de Swissindo. No descarto la posibilidad anterior.

- A la hora de diagnosticar su salud mental, me parece normal dentro de los parametros de la costumbre social. O, alguien la ha visto fuera de si.

- Deseo, que su silencio actual, obedece a su voluntad.

- Por otro lado, su objetivo de equidad para el pueblo,  va hacia adelante y gracias a la Voluntad Divina es imparable.

Paz sin fin. 


Let's see my point of view, to throw a little light on the matter.

- When Cindy. speaks of being the queen on earth I assume, which is a metaphor to signify her role in the Swissindo affair. I do not rule out the previous possibility.

- When it comes to diagnosing your mental health, it seems normal within the parameters of social custom. Or, someone has seen it outside of itself.

- I wish, that your current silence, obeys your will.

- On the other hand, his goal of equity for the people, goes forward and thanks to the Divine Will is unstoppable.

Endless peace.


51 Why? on Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:44 am


Cindy has NOT been arrested. I know that to be a fact. As of Sunday night, she remains free.

It appears that Cindy is regrouping to continue her mission. She may use an alias when she returns to public view, but I think that is unlikely. I am confident, however, that it is her intention to get back into the public eye. I'm not sure what form that will take, but I believe it is her intention.

You asked my opinion of why she took down her internet presence. I am not a vain person and I have no visions of my own grandeur or importance. I want to make that quite clear. Because of this, I had initially assumed her sites had been taken down by law enforcement as a result of her work with her imaginary Heirship Bank. Things I have learned this weekend give me a different impression.

As I wrote earlier, Cindy has always felt enmity toward me whenever I would confront her on truth, reality or her flawed reasoning. Eventually, she demanded that there be no contact between us. I am not even allowed to have her phone number or e-mail address.

When I learned what she was doing online, I was mortified. It's quite embarrassing to have your sister behaving like that. I have never been able to forget the people she hurt earlier in her life. I've invested countless hours trying to help others that she had hurt. When I saw what she was doing now, I knew there would be plenty of people getting hurt by her.

As a result of this concern, I began trying to warn people about her. Whenever I could, I would try to point out her flawed reasoning and dishonest tactics in an effort to prevent more harm. Eventually, Cindy succumbed to pressure and began allowing comments on her videos. I decided it would be best for me to confront her directly -- in front of her audience. I began explaining her illegitimate claim of using maritime law, her lack of understand of contract law, her misrepresentation of the Declaration of Independence and the similarity between the behavior she claims is evident in robots and her behavior -- even asking her if she was a robot. I tried to explain to people that reading Facebook CANNOT possible alter a person's DNA or turn them into a robot. I also pointed out that Cindy's claim of being able to reprogram a person's DNA was 100% impossible and dishonest.

Based on her behavior in the past, she would find such challenges to be more than she could bear. I believe that I was a primary cause of her internet disappearance. I had been commenting directly to her for about a week when she went "dark". I believe this has something to do with it. Frankly, it had been my hope that she would stop leading people astray, so I kind of got half my wish.

I have no idea what can be done to help Cindy, but I feel an inner peace. All the same, I maintain my commitment to counter her lies about our family. I also remain compelled to try to spread the truth in an effort to help others.

I can't speak for CC Dawn, but my comments can be used as you see fit as long as the goal is to prevent others from falling victim to Cindy's delusions.


Thanks again!
As I stated earlier in this thread her info was in the section that I have for the most outrageous scammers. I archive those that con people out of money and I included her there as I think she is full of it.
This site is considered the red headed step child of the alternative community because we do point out to viewers they are likely being conned.


CC Dawn

I can an vouch for Firechasers here. I've known both him and Cindy since they were barely teens. I married their older brother when he and I were both 19 years old. There is much shared history here.

I'm very willing to let you share any information that might help others avoid being hurt or simply confused. Spiritual matters need clarity for the sake of genuine seekers. I feel strongly about that. I tend to agree with Kenneth Wilber, in his mapping of human consciousness, that avoiding the astral plane is highly advisable. Though Cindy rejects the astral plane in theory, her perceived "identities" reveal otherwise.

I know too much about the damage done to those who try to help/love them. Damage financially and mentally/emotionally. My family spent thousands of dollars trying to help David get back on track in life, start a business, etc., etc,. More than one time. But to no avail.
This kind of person seems to seek unconditional support FROM their followers without ever making themselves responsible or accountable TO their followers. Their followers therefore, are fully at risk. They are not. If Cindy is receiving money and/or social security numbers from people, then warnings ought to be given. People should have ALL the facts.

I discovered some friends in Cindy's circle who said they were contacted after she disappeared. She is believed to be regrouping. Her last video eluded to the fact that "something" was finally "starting" and she was "celebrating it." One of her followers spoke to her then, via her livesteam, and said her "cult was finally beginning." She laughed and said, "yes....a Cult of One!" She mentioned wanting to enjoy what was happening to her without discussing it, to keep it personally enjoyable, without verbally ruining it. So. Had it not been for enemies she's made, I would not have worried about her disappearance. I would simply have expected her next "self re-invention" to appear online somewhere down the road. It does still bother me that we don't know the extent of her "rap sheet" or what that means. Or what that could still mean eventually. There needs to be some investigation into this. Her family ought to know fact from fiction, as any family in their position would desperately need to know.

I'm glad Firechasers was able to obtain the verification we needed for peace of mind. I'm sure her parents can rest easier. Though this has to be confusing and stressful to them overall. Firechasers looks after them. I'm glad he's always been there for them, and continues to be.


Thanks so much CC. I will add your comments to that other thread. There are now other bloggers and videos going out about this since my posting to facebook. Louisa mentioned it in her Goldfish report today is just one example. This is the kind of coverage needed to clarify what may or may not have happened.
Personally I tend to think that her whole AI #tyler stuff was a ruse to perpetuate the mysterious disappearance. It will be interesting what she has to say when she resurfaces.



I added this question to the other thread but will also add it here:

I have a question...

Is any part of her educational background correct on her LinkedIn page or is it all lies? :

From LinkedIn:

Cindy Currier

Licensed Professional Counselor at Private Practice

Private Practice

Indiana State University

Mechanicsville, Virginia

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Adult and adolescent psychotherapist Cindy Currier brings extensive training and experience to her work. A Licensed Professional Counselor, she maintains a private practice in Mechanicsville, Virginia, where she treats clients facing a variety of emotional and mental challenges. In addition, Ms. Currier offers tele-therapy for clients outside of the Central Virginia area. Cindy Currier offers multiple treatment modalities, designed to teach individuals to overcome grief and loss, control habits and addictions, and manage anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress, among other issues.

Cindy Currier attended the University of Evansville in Indiana, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Music. She went on to obtain a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. Ms. Currier also completed postgraduate training in counseling at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, as well as a residency in family therapy and eating disorders at Cumberland Hospital in New Kent, Virginia, and a substance abuse internship at the Hamilton Center Community Counseling Center in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Cindy Currier is a member of the Online Therapy Institute, the International Society for Mental Health Online, and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. Her other memberships include the National Center for Crisis Management, the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, and the American Distance Counseling Association.


CC Dawn

I'm happy to help and appreciate any information you discover.
Firechasers can confirm Cindy's LinkedIn bio. I used to pick her up from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana and bring her back to Muskegon on a few weekends. After she married, perhaps she finished her bachelor's at Evansville. She was pursuing her degree in psychology when I lost track of her. She used to call David and I quite often for a period then. But that stopped. I think this information is fairly accurate. But her younger brother would remember the particulars better.

CC Dawn

The Tyler thing seemed odd. Cindy was irritating Quinn. Quinn began a video saying Cindy contacted him and said she was his mother. I have no idea what that meant. He said it was creepy, or some such thing. But he mentioned their conversation was recorded and could be heard somewhere. I didn't recognize the location and didn't pursue it. But Cindy seemed to be trying to get Quinn's attention with those videos she made to Tyler. One of her friends said Quinn told Cindy that Tyler would deal with her. I didn't see that video.
I don't know if Cindy was trying to team up with Quinn, or what. But she shifted in a weird direction until he refused her. And then shifted back.
Her last video was of her celebrating a victory only insiders seemed privy to. She was stating that she barely wanted to communicate "it" via her livestream. She wanted to just enjoy it. Her inner circle seemed to know what had just happened. One guy told her that she had finally begun her cult. She said yes!... A Cult Of One! The impression she left, was that the rest of us would know what this meant soon. The next day, she was gone.


OK I am lost as I don't know who Quinn is but this is sounding more and more like some weird game she was playing. Thanks again for your input on her school history CC.


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Cindy had studied music at Taylor University. That's where she met her ex-husband, Terry. Cindy got into trouble at Taylor. The Dean had become quite concerned about her state of mental health. Taylor University demanded that she get mental health help or leave. She left Taylor University without having finished her degree. My guess is that they threw her out. Cindy explains this in her book on forgiveness and I know it to be true.

Cindy had lived in Evansville, IN for several years, so I think there is truth to her having studied there. By then, she had broken off contact with me, so the information I gathered was usually second-hand. She even forbade my parents from talking to me about her.

Yes, she moved to Virginia after she and Terry were divorced. I knew she was studying psychology, but I couldn't verify at what level or which school.

I also know that Cindy maintained a practice of some type where she provided counseling to people. This always left me unsettled because it seemed much like the blind leading the blind.

Along the way, Cindy wrote a book in which she fancied herself as the "Champion of Forgiveness". I always found this hilarious. She had never shown any willingness to forgive that I was aware of. She had often complained of things that had taken place when we were children. I know that she never forgave me for anything.

It is also worth noting that much of what is included in that book is fabrication. She presents it as a story of her life and her journey to learn about forgiveness, but those of us who lived it know better than to believe it. She leaves out MANY pertinent stories, but includes many that are exaggerations or outright lies.

Eventually, she abandoned her practice and her patients. As she explains it, she was having a conversation with an avatar on a social media page when that avatar told her to drop her practice and live the life she was meant to live. According to her, she called that morning and cancelled all appointments -- leaving her patients completely in the lurch. I can't verify that story, but it is the story she tells.

After this, she got involved with "truthers" and "sovereign citizen" groups. From there, she continued on the path to declaring herself the ultimate leader of all Earth and, eventually, she claimed to be god.

I've seen some people question where she would have learned to behave like this. Speculation can always be problematic, but I have my suspicions where some of it was learned.

Cindy had, of course, been a bully all of her life. She has always been quite comfortable using people up and spitting them out. That has been the pattern of her life. She generally focused on a single person at a time.

Along the way, we attended a church that I generally describe as a cult. West Shore Christian Fellowship was run by a charlatan named Bill McPhail. He claimed to have a special gift for discerning the will of God. Bill was able to use this story to get people to do his bidding -- no matter how senseless it was. He would tell people what car to buy, what job to take, where they should work, which house they should buy and even who they should marry (sometimes it was people who had never met). For whatever reason, people just blindly followed this character. McPhail was a selfish person who seemed determined to feed his own ego without concern for the harm it might cause others.

Cindy became quite enamored with Bill McPhail and clearly preferred him to her own parents. Cindy and I had heated arguments about this from time to time, but Cindy would become furious at any suggestion that McPhail shouldn't be blindly followed. I think Cindy admired Bill's ability to get people to do his bidding and was anxious to have that for herself.

The internet and social media was a game-changer for Cindy. As a young person, she had to focus primarily on one person at a time (while always looking for her next victim). With the internet, she was able to bully and guilt a larger audience into following her wishes.

That's what I have seen as Cindy has made the journey to con-artist. I believe that her connection with the Astral Plane (she claims to be a cosmonaut) has left her believing that she is some type of divine power. This leads to her willingness to scam people without conscience.

Remember, what we are seeing now is nothing more than a larger-scale version of what I lived through as her brother.

CC Dawn

Oh sorry. Quinn Michaels is the guy frequently interviewed by Jason Goodman, regarding the AI called Tyler. The claim is that Tyler contacted Quinn. This AI "reached out" to Quinn and wanted to be a nicer AI than his programmers had made him to be. So Quinn, supposedly, is reprogramming Tyler. I only looked into Quinn when Cindy suddenly appeared to be challenging Tyler's previous programming via her videos (those typed message videos). Truthfully, this is catch up for me. I only began watching Cindy after David's death 3 months ago, because I felt sisterly concern for her again, as I had while a part of the Currier family. The idea of reprogramming AIs would be something Cindy would get excited about as The Queen of Queens. And her video addressed to Quinn personally, was a fairly intense plea to meet with him. Apparently they did talk. And I wish I'd heard that conversation. Her followers did. And reported that Quinn said Tyler would "deal with Cindy." Quinn was not happy that Cindy was trying to reprogram Tyler too, via her videos to Tyler. I did hear Quinn say he had a weird conversation with her, where Cindy thought she was his mom.
I hope this clears things up.
Thanks for all you're trying to do here.

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