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Cindy Kay Currier Deletes Herself? WHERE IS CINDY KAY CURRIER???

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Oh thanks! I appreciate you filling in the gaps for me. LOL

btw Rumor Mill News has also been covering these 2 threads that we are posting on about Cindy so thanks to Lymeric for the share! :)


CC Dawn

Cindy had told me about her spiritual practices during the time, I believe, she was studying psychology. She was going to the astral plane and her spirit animal was a dolphin. She was able to create balls of energy between her hands. I realize that's rather common among lightworkers. She told me she could stare into a lit candle and receive entire cantatas completely written. I believe that's what she refers to as "energy packets" in her videos. She always seemed to be able to easily access the astral plane without taking drugs to do it. Her brain chemistry apparently was conducive to this. My ex-husband had to do drugs in order to achieve the same thing.

I do know her ex-husband as well. He suffered many black eyes and bloody lips from being punched in the face by Cindy. Cindy also threatened his life with weapons. There is a strange mix of love and violence within all of this messianic narcissism (a phrase used by David Hawkins, MD in his consciousness mapping.) I feel it is important to point out, that the concern her followers had, while watching her violent videos are legitimate concerns. They were upset with her sudden endorsement of violence, as a means to the end. I would have to agree that's very possible. My ex was violent.
Violence is used to obtain their desired control. They literally see no reason not to. So there is no self-restraint.


"I do know her ex-husband as well. He suffered many black eyes and bloody lips from being punched in the face by Cindy. Cindy also threatened his life with weapons"

This is not astral plane behavior. This is the dark side behavior. She has not found the astral plane, she has found the magic side, the side of darkness and deceit. There is a way for some to access the dark, but there is always a price to pay, that being your soul. Cindy wreaks of mind control, one who is unsure of her next move, one dependent on an others guidance in order to function in the 3d world...A common occurrence actually, among those who wish to tinker in the dark side.. And yes, it does exist....


She's a REAL Tasmanian devil{ish] isn't she? She's a very attractive sort, although there is apparently much more to her than meets the eye- {No pun intended]- 🇦🇸


I was wondering if CKC still has an active relationship with her parents? If not, how long has she been estranged and why?
I only ask to get some perspective but would understand if this is to personal to answer.


CC Dawn

Thanks Topsin2. Cindy is a confusing mix to me. Her "energy packet" downloads musically, were real.
I can confirm that personally. A dolphin as her spirit animal was subjective, so I don't know if that was astral plane involvement or not. It sounded like it. When Ken Wilber recommended avoiding the astral plane, it sounded like a "mixed bag" of sorts. He mentioned Adi Da Samraj as a famous example. Ken Wilber recommended Adi Da's books, but did NOT recommend joining his ashram, back in the day. Adi Da was also known for his abusiveness, brainwashing and illegal activities. I agree with dark side involvement as THE central issue, regarding Cindy's scamming the public. But it is not unusual for these leaders to achieve higher levels of consciousness AND display narcissistic traits as well. The similarities between Cindy's claims vs Cindy's behaviors/methods is a recurring theme. Do you know why this might be? It perplexes me as I study these things. Simply because it appears wildly incompatible. I experienced my ex's mix for years. And felt Ken Wilbur was giving good, overall, advice. Loved your observation. Thank you.


Cindy is battling demons. One side of her wants to do things a certain way, the other side wants to do things in another way. The spinning top syndrome. It appears she is being communicated with by several entities and is unsure what to do. She has entered a realm in which she is incapable of navigating. She is on overload. I have seen it many times when the conscious mind is being confused with data from the unconscious mind. Many of us understand that when we open our eyes every morning we are living in a fictional world. What we see is a programmed existence, a mastermind of the very sick, the dark side. The schools, gov, medicine, financial religion etc,  all fictitious entities controlled by the dark..We accept that, we know the truth and can function is the 3D world. There are many places in between the truth and the fiction, most of which can be very uncomfortable. Lets think about it, how many people actually understand the position of AI on this planet? The PTB are greatly underestimated.

CC Dawn

Thanks Topsin2.
I agree Cindy is communicating with several enitites, without adequate personal disciplines in place first.  Is she a part of any greater established disciplinary school? The old Mystery Schools were fairly selective.  Instability would not be allowed to proceed into the realms she's in.  As an entity herself, she's  always been terribly over confident.
Has Cindy thrown spiritual self disciplines to the wind?  She does appear to be in over her head, to a dangerous degree now. Is she's too naive to navigate the realm she's entered?  Her recent embrace of evil to fight evil, is worrisome evidence, of a lack of spiritual training.  Her followers picked up on that recently and were alarmed.  She risks becoming the thing she opposes.  My ex was excited to legitimize evil, as simply part of One Force.  He used to say that good was too hard, and too slow, for his liking.  So he enjoyed what he found in that realm.  

Cindy's background in Carl Jung, may have made her believe she was READY to tackle the unconscious realms, in similar fashion as he did.  But Jung never got caught up in self declared identities, such as Kings, Queens, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna.  He recognized the need to be grounded in 3D.  And stayed grounded through his assistant. The Buddha used such groundedness to declare his position OVER these forces, and ended their siege.  Enlightenment was attained.  And he taught another path accordingly.

I have read warnings regarding the opening of the crown charka first.  The West is more inpatient than The East, and typically seeks to open the third eye FIRST. Carolyn Myss wrote about the mental illnesses that can result from doing so.  Whether it was latent to begin with, is hard to ascertain.  But.  Cindy has mental illness to begin with, which is why I contacted her brother when Cindy appeared rather manic in recent videos.

Do you know if her wingman Stuart Rushed, is a matured and capable cosmonaut? Is he her groundedness? Is there anyone in her inner circle that is MORE than a loyal follower to her?   I worry when checks and balances are not allowed within a movement.  Leadership that surrounds itself with yes-men, is heading straight into becoming a newer version of the exact thing it started out to replace.

Thank you topspin2.  I'd love to hear your evaluation of Cindy's most recent videos as well.  If you'd be willing.  What level of danger do you perceive?  And what recommendations would you give? Even if her family could help her now, in any way, they'd truly not know where to begin.  Hospitalizing her would not be any solution as well.  This is not solely biochemical.  Thanks for continuing this conversation.  I know many Truthers.  Though most haven't gone as deep as Cindy, by trying to create a solution.  A worried family waits helplessly.  Ideas are welcome.

69 Cindy's Parents on Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:00 pm


PurpleSkyz, Cindy has generally maintained contact with our parents. Over the past few years, she has dictated when and how contact would be allowed. This is not uncommon behavior for her.

My parents have a phone number for her, but have been told not to use it. She will only allow contact within her dictated parameters.

I am not allowed to have her phone number nor her e-mail address. I have confronted her too often and she simply cannot tolerate having logic and reason injected into her life.

I think the conclusions that Cindy is involved in dark forces is a fairly safe conclusion. When you look at what she says and what she claims to believe, her entire existence is built on a foundation of lies and deception. That is why I began calling her out on her lies. I wanted people to see that her pretense of benevolent spirituality is a facade and should not be trusted. Lies and deception are part-and-parcel with the dark spiritual forces. Once we come to terms with the FACT that she is a liar, it becomes easier to recognize the danger in following her.


I have not followed her and am truly not familiar with her posts. I listened to one a while back and found her to confused so I didnt follow her. She has a "glow" if you will, something common to clones, AI and mind controlled individuals.( I explained to Purps years ago that she glowed) I have been in company of a few of them, the mind readers and the underground entities. Its a conversation that cannot be had with many people as the information is to complex for a 3D mind. The simple minds of this planet are not conditioned for such a drastic contrast to their beliefs, therefor they will shut down. Cindy appears to be "off and running" and the only one to help her is not of this planet..But she will have to open the avenues to him.  Its just a matter of opening the avenues of light, which is an option for all of us.  For those of us who have left this world, we understand this this planet is not the tell all of our existence. Its a place to learn our place, to learn who we are and what is our destination. Most here are good souls who will prosper. On the surface this is one fucked up planet, but when one looks deeper, the true goodness is there for all to see.  Think REVERENCE FOR LIFE AND SERVICE TO OTHERS...It just may be a planetary escape route.
Just a thought.....

CC Dawn

I am familiar with that glow as well. And I've wondered why I've seen it with darker souls. My ex could read my mind, and could repeat to me my silent prayers (at home or away). What he could NOT do, was interpret them. He seemed to feel some need to know what was going on in the light I preferred. But he was either angered or sought to switch it to himself. I can barely explain that. His need to be central and controlling made him subject to gross misinterpretations of my prayer's contents. And his belief that he could "take it" from me was exhausting. He'd tell me he knew what I was, and he would not allow that, unless there was money in it for "us." I was shocked he thought he could strip/steal any (identy) from my spirit, as he usually sought to do from my personality.. I never thought of being spiritually minded as an identify per se, but "examples" would be given to me, which I'd been informed that I'd been aligned to, granting greater clarity for me along my path. There was never money involved in any sense. It was based in service to mankind in general, or specifically. I could never understand why my ex believed he could bend that light to his own purposes.
I had noted that his abilities learned through mind control, never seemed to set his mind free. It fed his need to control others for his own desired ends. And this also increased his violent outbursts.
Why have mind control methods changed their terminology to sound more "spiritual?" As though this method is "functioning/accessing that realm?" When my ex could control alpha state at will, he was a kid in a candy store, seeking his every (lesser) desire fulfillment. His success hooked him. And exacerbated his disordered thinking to what I was told was "nearly a split personality." He wanted the end, without struggling/working/living/loving the means. The means is the (actual) training/refining ground, he skipped over, to reap some fantastical reward. I believe there need to be schools of spiritual disciplines again. Simply because instant gratification isn't removed from the grasp of those going into such realms. There seems to be no stops THERE, leaving that to eventual consequences HERE in 3D. I feel for the victims, left in their wake, as they speed along in destructive ways.
I love your statement too, regarding the mind controlling person, being a mind controlled person, because that"s such a basic biblical truth. Yet not often taken to heart or discerned quickly.
Thanks for bearing with me in conversation. I do appreciate it a lot. I've lived through the negative side of so much of this. And yes.
Cindy IS off and running. But sadly, she believes she's doing so from the light (of Sophia) within her. It is difficult to help her at this point. I can only hope she meets someone who has been down her road, recognises it in her, and takes her under the wing. I'll pray for such amazing grace.

72 RE: Rising Together Domain Site on Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:58 pm

Danika isRising

Rise Together was CKCs registered domain site.  I do not recall her having registered domain site  "Rising Together", which is still for sale for $2,288.00.

 Just for clarification...

Note:  The cost of is as follows:
$2288.00 to own it.  Talk about making money off of someone else's work.

But this one is is now up for sale
Updated 1 second ago
Domain Information
Annulet LLC
Registration Date:
Expiration Date:
Updated Date:
Name Servers:
Registrant Contact
This Domain For Sale Worldwide 3392225132
738 Main Street, #389
Postal Code:

CC Dawn

Her group members were starting another group called "Rising Together" and had around 70 members (as of Sunday). Cindy's ecclesias want to remain united to continue according to natural law. They hope she's regrouping. But they are trying to get established a part from her for now. They are using one of Cindy's more secret group sites to get it started. That site goes by another name I think.
That's all I know.

CC Dawn

I have a question for Firechasers. What would happen if Cindy's parents stepped out of line and called her? Shouldn't they be granted the privilege of knowing she's alive, every few days or so? I'm just asking because this seems extremely severe now that she no longer has her daily/weekly YouTube presence. What can go so wrong, if they call her requesting such a thing?


Exactly what I would do as a parent.

Also there is interest by someone to put this info on a video channel. Do I have your permission to do this CC and Firechaser? This thread will be featured in some parts if so and I already verified that this person is also like most here in pointing out the con artists so I understand that is the direction they will be taking so as to open some eyes.


76 Parents Calling on Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:40 pm


CC Dawn, if our parents were to call her, I suspect that she would either not pick up the phone (leaving questions, of course) or would answer the phone and chastise them for violating her wishes.

She has used both methods in the past, so it's hard to guess which she'd use at this time. If I had to guess, I would expect her to ignore a couple of calls, then answer the phone with great indignation at not being obeyed.

77 Not At All Benevolent on Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:45 pm


It has become clear to me that topspin2 understands very little about Cindy Currier. Topspin keeps writing as if there is something kind or benevolent going on with Cindy. That has never been my experience with her and I think that would be quite a drastic change from how she has lived her life.

I don't think this is so much a question of dark forces vs light forces battling for control of Cindy. Cindy has chosen a path. That path brings pain to others through lies and deception. This is not a battle. Cindy has chosen where she wants to go and she is going there. I feel for anyone foolish enough to fall for her crap.

I realize it might make you feel better to pretend that there is this good v evil battle going on, but there isn't. Cindy is a con artist who is making her living by separating fools and their money.


Fire, I think you have misunderstood my post. What do you think happens to a person who turns to deceit and lies in order to get through this world? Is it a natural occurrence or does some sort of transformation have to take place? There are many events that happen in all of our lives everyday that help us make decisions, and not all are from natural sources.


I can vouch for the fact that tops has never liked her, he put her on ignore right from the start. I think you are misunderstanding him



lol synch tops :)



Indeed Purple one.....LOL


So as I have stated earlier we got some people checking into this and I was just sent the following thread from Fogbow of a woman that claims that Cindy is the reason she and her husband had problems that resulted in their splitting up. I post to allow all sides of the Cindy back story to come forward.

Zuzu Posts: 9Joined: Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:32 pm

Re: Cindy Currier Deeply Disturbs Me

Post by Zuzu » Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:16 am
Hello all, and thanks Silverbell for your input. I find it interesting to hear from someone who knew her first hand, and this helps confirm my suspicions. I went to Amazon and read the reviews on Currier's book, and I must say the one review was an eye opener. I have known my husband since the age of 14, and was there when he met and married his previous wife. I was then 17 at the time and madly in love with this man. I even attend the wedding hoping he would back out at the last minute. I wasn't the only one. His whole family had concerns about the woman he was marrying, and his brother was convinced there wasn't something quite right with her. Long story short, he spent 7 years with a crazy woman who would become violent and out of control. On a lighter note, on the day of his wedding I was going through the receiving line as I gave him what I considered a sympathy hug he whispered in my ear " Better luck next time!" 8 years later we were married. What I find hard to believe is that he could fall hook line and sinker for a woman with the same personality as his last wife.

At this time, I thought I would give an update on things that have transpired since I last posted. After hubby spent some time with the queen on the island of madness he became even more throughly convinced of what the queen was promoting, and promptly returned home to gather his things so he could return to the island of madness. He sold his boat, much of his big equipment, and bought an enclosed trailer loading up his belongings, and headed back to his queen. When he was almost there he found that the queen had left the island in fear of the oncoming hurricane and was residing in Virginia Beach with one of her thriving new community as she puts it. The community had three followers of the queen. She told my husband to go on to the Island that he could continue their work till she returned. Which he did only to spend a few days in misery living in a tent trying to find work in order to survive. Then realizing that the island is seasonal and there would be no jobs till spring, He then decided after a long conversation with Cindy and her three followers he would head to Virginia Beach. I am not sure exactly why he never made it there other than Cindy convinced him that he now knew enough to begin his own community and he should go somewhere else. Last I heard is he is in Missouri where we are from, staying with his brother trying to start his new community. This is the same brother who tried to convince him not to marry the crazy woman from his last marriage. His brother is now convinced my husband has lost his marbles. Not sure how long it will be before my brother in law will have had enough. Time will tell. At this time I am through and have picked myself up by my bootstraps, feeling good, and going on with my life. I told my husband I have gotten off the roller-coaster and I am not buying any more tickets!




Re: Cindy Currier Deeply Disturbs Me

Post by nancydrew » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:01 pm
I did some poking aroun on her as well. I never really followed her videos cuz sometimes you just know that “people are waaaay to crazy to watch!”

Interesting that her brother exposes her resume as totally made up and mostly fantasy. I decided to look up her time in Mechanicsville, Va. supposedly she was/is a therapist. Although the only thing I could find was a license in the State of Va. dba Full Sail Personal Development. For licenses under that name it says “purged” and you get no further information. There is nothing for license issued for the last name of Currier or Miller.

However I did locate a Full Sail ...attached to Cindy Currier, with a tax ID #, and it’s listed as a 501.3)c) charitable organization. Perhaps to launder donations through!

For crooks who masquerade as patriots, the attraction of an audience that already believes in the wildest conspiracy theories is just too good to pass up.





85 NancyDrew's Epic Fail on Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:14 pm

Danika isRising

Post by nancydrew » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:01 pm
I did some poking aroun on her as well. I never really followed her videos cuz sometimes you just know that “people are waaaay to crazy to watch!”

Interesting that her brother exposes her resume as totally made up and mostly fantasy.

Dear Nancydrew,
Did you even bother to research if the poster was REALLY CKCs brother? ex-sister-in-law? No. Do you even know if Cindy's parents are living, either one or both? No. You just took what you chose to that best fit your agenda.

Great detective work!

501c3's are not illegal to have. Despite my request for evidence supporting the vampid accusations her "adoring" family threw out there, no one...I repeat, no one has posted EVIDENCE. Just heresay of memories by those who are circling the waters.


Danika is it your opinion that the 2 people posting here as Cindy's brother and ex sister in law are not who they say they are?
I do get that this could be the case as who really knows.. for all we know you could be Cindy. Now I don't think that you are but how could you prove this?
I did check IP's and they do jive with the narrative on all those that have posted here on this thread.


Danika isRising

I question anyone who comes out frothing with accusations and zero evidence to back up their claims. Then, I saw that you accepted them as Cindy's family without question.
And no, I could not be Cindy, though I would be so honored. In case it escaped notice, my info is out on FB for all to see. My name and location is posted on FB, along with relevant substantiating info. If you want me to expound on myself further, I'd LOVE the free internet advertising for my business as I am self employed.
But I somehow sense you are saying this as tongue-in-cheek.
If you want to go this route, YOU could be Cindy...

Looky here, our own version of " Who's Who"...



LOL yes I was being tongue in cheek as you say and yes I know you are not Cindy. But you also assume that I did not check them out. Ironically for the last several years it has been assumed by many that I am Cindy. I kept getting messages that people wanted to send me money to the point that I put up a thread declaring that I was not CKC. I was confused on this until all of this disappearing business came about and I started using the old search bar. Seems my site comes up top for her on most searches. More so than her own sites on a few which I think is very odd but it did answer for me the confusion.
But your point that we should not just buy this from the brother and ex sis in law is a very valid one and I do agree discernment applies. Just as I also feel that people need to not follow any of these know it all's blindly. Especially those calling for arrests of all people in gov etc. Those telling you to use your social security number to access hidden accounts. Those telling you to leave everything and live in a van down by the river! Those telling you to jump off the nearest bridge!

I find it incredible that her parents are fearful to call her if they have a working number. But that is only my opinion and since I really do not know the dynamics I can only sit back and say that does not jive at all to me. Makes me wonder what the hell is really going on in this family for sure.

Oh and Danika... I do offer free advertising here for our members. That does now extend to you. Let me know if you are interested.


CC Dawn

My conversation with Topspin2 never made me think he was a fan of Cindy's either Purpleskiz. Cindys brother had computer issues today and may not have been able to load this entire thread.

CC Dawn

I can't(really) prove I know Cindy to anyone else, unless they (really) know Cindy as well. I have many many pictures proving I was in the Currier family, but that's not the real concern I'm sure, coming from her followers. I get that.
So. I can tell you this much.
I do know Cindy painted a portrait of her father, as a Christmas gift to him, when they lived in Muskegon. I know her family only celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, and then takes down their tree on Christmas Day. I know Cindy took care of the guest book, when I married her big brother. I know her little brother was our best man. I know I was in Cindy's wedding, which was uniquely her, because she had the theme song to the movie "Rocky" played. I know her parents never worried about her as a teen, because she could flatten any boy who made a move on her. I know she could sit down at a piano and play an entirely new piece, as it flowed through her. I know her mother always calls her Sissy. I know I was at the hospital with Cindy, her brothers and her dad, when their mom had a tumor removed. We all danced for joy, because the test results were benign.
I also know that her big brother and I loaned her money. We hated to do it. But she was adamant and excited about some musical equipment she had to have, so we caved. Cindy wrote up a contract, stating her agreement to pay, and had us sign it along with herself. Later on, she came to us quoting some bible verse, proving we had done wrong/sinned by loaning money. Therefore, she declared the contract void. We never saw a dime. And we kicked ourselves for having caved in to her. Her free spirited side was always terribly flighty and irresponsible. She was fun, silly and bright. But never trustworthy.

The point to this thread still remains, whether I'm believed to be me or not, and that is....Cindy is STILL missing. A phone call to her parents and chatter that she's regrouping, is ALL we have. We do NOT know her whereabouts, her state of health, the contents of her very probable rap sheet, etc. We DO know her history with mental illness. We DO know she's fearless and able to put herself in situations she can't get out of later. We DO know disappearing is one of her ways to escape her own situations.

Her brother and I simply seek physical safety for Cindy, in the immediate.
We also seek to give background information about Cindy, to assist any she's harmed. And to prevent harm to those deciding whether to follow her or not. Any dialogues here, regarding Cindy's mental/emotional/spiritual state, is just part and parcel in seeking to explain Cindy's behaviors to those who get close to her. That's certainly most welcome.
Her little brother and I have experiences with her that contribute to that conversation. I have experiences with her big brother, which I always have viewed as a very sad love story. And that sadness is this. Their kind of love comes with control, lying and violent behaviors as well. It's a mix and a roller coaster ride.
I used to belly laugh with Cindy, as well as both of her brothers and her parents as well. Nothing in life is ALL bad or ALL good. However, her older brother's involvement in mind control and luciferiansm DID worsen his behaviors. While watching Cindy's videos, the recent violence upset her followers. And there are followers posting comments that reveal ill treatment received from Cindy as well.
This thread entertains comments from followers and critics. While there is bluntness in stating aspects of Cindy's behaviors, which may seem harsh to her followers, "frothing with accusations" is a fairly colorful misunderstanding of a very embarrassed little brother. This man is worrying about the the stress level his sister is causing his parents. They are in their 80s now. Cindy's brother is the only one who visits and cares about them these days. His stress level over all of this is understandable as well.
Thank you PurpleSkyz. The video was well done. I hope the warning will be heard. Cindy's brother and I are not interested in converting Cindy's true believers. We are more interested in getting the word to her present victims seeking clarity, and in the prevention of any new seekers from becoming victimized.

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