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Cindy Kay Currier Deletes Herself? WHERE IS CINDY KAY CURRIER???

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Well said CC and that is exactly the point of this entire thread.



Wow........that's sort of hard to believe.......Cindy always came across as such a loving soul.......well I hope things work out for her............

93 To Topspin on Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:03 am


I think it is a fairly natural occurrence for people to turn to lies and deceit in their lives. It all depends on their inner motivation. I believe it is fairly easy for a person to be either bad or good. I spent about a decade being a very mean and unpleasant person. I allowed my anger to lead me where I should not have gone.

I believe it is the same with any of us. We choose how we live our lives. Yes, I believe that there are supernatural forces at play in the world, but I do not accept any notion that suggests that those supernatural forces can take over our lives without our consent.

You have stated that you believe that Cindy is being controlled by dark forces. I would tend to agree. I believe that this is a choice, however. I do not think she is an innocent victim in all of this.

I hope this clears up what I believe. I also apologize if I have misrepresented or offended you.

94 To Danika on Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:21 am


It shouldn't take too much effort for you to discover that both of Cindy's parents are alive and well. It also shouldn't take too much research to learn that she does, indeed have two brothers (David and Brian) and that David passed away 10-5-17.

Once you have done that, you should be able to find pictures on the internet. You can easily compare them with images from some of the videos that I've posted over the years. I will warn you, however, that my videos are not about me and it will require that you look through quite a bit of stuff.

If you are able to find pictures of me from an independent source, I would be willing to provide a current picture for you to prove who I am. After that, hopefully you would believe me when I assure you that CC Dawn is, indeed, who she says she is.

Remember, neither I nor CC Dawn have anything to gain by being here. We are simply trying to enlighten others. What reason would I have to lie?

If you were really as concerned about dishonesty as you pretend, you would long ago have abandoned my sister. You seem completely ignorant of the FACT that most of what she says is 100% fabrication.

Let me know if you find any pictures of me so I can help put your mind at ease.

95 Poor Danika on Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:20 am


I find it quite amusing that Danika is so quick to cast aspersions on my claims, but easily believes the demonstrably false tales told by my sister.

So, I will challenge Danika. You claim that I am lying. I defy you to identify anything that I've written that is false. Go ahead, find just ONE thing that I've written that is false. With that, you would be able to declare me a liar.

At the same time, I would also point out that you have chosen to believe my sister in spite of the FACT that she makes claims that are obviously untrue.

The funniest falsehood involves her claim that there are aliens living under Walmart holding humans hostage. To see the hilarity in this, you also have to believe her claim that she loves and cares about people.

Now, if someone you cared about were being held against their will under Walmart, wouldn't you show your evidence to everyone you could find in an effort to effect a rescue? Cindy doesn't do that. She is either lying about the aliens under Walmart, lying about caring about people or lying about both.

As a firefighter, I have taken extensive tours of all of the big box stores in my protection district. Because it's a matter of our safety, I nose around everywhere. I can assure you that there are no aliens living under any of the big box stores in our community.

Cindy also claims that the Declaration of Independence establishes an illegitimate government. That is a blatant lie. The Declaration of Independence doesn't establish any form of government.

Cindy claims to have confiscated the US Presidency by using maritime law. That couldn't possibly be true because maritime law doesn't apply on land.

Cindy tells us that using Facebook changes our DNA and turns us into robots. Genome science has very clearly proven that DNA doesn't change -- especially by looking at Facebook.

Cindy claims to be able to change a person's DNA by talking to them. Once again, genes can be altered slightly using gene therapy, but our basic DNA absolutely cannot be changed by talking to someone.

Cindy claims that her sheriffs control the various national guard units. The laws governing national guard units are VERY clear. They are under the control of the various governors.

So, Danika, I have provided a few examples of Cindy's very blatant lies. Now I will ask you to do your homework and provide even a single example of anything I've written that isn't true. Go ahead, knock yourself out.

When you're done, maybe I will post a picture of David, Cindy and I from our childhood.

CC Dawn

I can post pictures of us all Firechasers, from my wedding. Except for your dad. He wasn't there because he was in Israel at the time. That's why the reception was held the following weekend. Again, this is another historical fact that Cindy would also remember. Anyone reading this thread, who is still in contact with Cindy, has enough bits of history now, that they could quiz her if curious enough to discover if we are/were family to her.

I understand the "amazement" followers must feel. They have seen Cindy's videos and believed her concern and love for her audience, and for mankind in general. Her older brother was very similar. I would never have married him otherwise. He was in a gospel band when I first met him. I purposely dated seekers of God and goodwill. So I can fully identify with anyone who experiences the shock of receiving very little goodwill in exchange, for giving away their love and support. It doesn't add up to all you believe to be true, about God and basic human kindness. Its a form of "conscience shock," a term I coined for the Jeckle/Hyde world I had stepped into.

I've tried to explain that phenomenon previously on this thread. But am here because I know what it's like to be pursued, won and then rejected and/or abused as "useless." From comments I have read from those who have experienced the same thing with Cindy, I know how these people feel. Though this type will tell you it's you never measuring up, not them, you can rest assured that is completely false. It IS them, not you. They DO know that.
This was verbally confirmed to me by David himself, when our divorce was final. He told me he'd miss me, because I was the ONLY ONE who could see through his shit. He knew what he'd been dishing out, but still believed that was a valid path to take. He told me I'd realize that life is just a game, and that "everyone was like him," a player. He believed he was a master player. He pawned those he "could." That was inner power to him. He fed his feelings of superior wit and intellengence this way. He played people to win, not lose. If they were more "real" than he, and he found he couldn't get control over that realness, he'd verbally destroy them as unreal, and send them packing.
Though David respected me for "seeing through his shit," he could in no way love me for it.

I told David on that final day together, that he could "do what he did, but just not here any longer." I didn't judge him for what he did, he knew I disapproved of that with my whole being. I let him go freely and without any negative feelings toward him, as God is the only capable judge of our hearts/souls. I felt compassion, but all union based on any mutual/reciprocal love had been destroyed (repeatedly.) Compassion was bedrock for me. It was all I had left. And i chose against anger, bitterness or ill will toward him. I had not requested alimony. I let him take all of our newest furniture, sound system, kitchen supplies etc. He took it all. I went to Goodwill to refurnish my home. I've lived on a shoestring, in peace, ever since. I did that because David's greatest love was for money. I did not touch that. And he was thrilled to leave without any divorce expenses or ongoing responsibilities toward me. We had nothing to show for 30 years. No savings, investments, etc. David spent money. He hated saving it. He believed he was going to be rich somehow, if he got me out of his way. This was communicated to him by entities who also told him his fame would be seen on tv one day. Whatever he thought he was, it would be huge and newsworthy.
Divorce for me, was just a way to send David off to his gods and his games with no ill will toward him.
My God and I took nothing, allowing his new life to begin. He'd already been seeking a new bride from the Philippians, telling me what he wanted, so he'd not repeat his mistake again (meaning me)

David told me I'd find out there were MORE people like HIM, than like me in the world. He knew the difference between two types of people. He was aware he was chosing his own way daily. I can cite examples if needed. But his complete admission to knowledgeable choices made, backs up his brother's statement regarding free will. And mindful chosing.

I should add, that David did not object to the sense of driveness he felt post chosing. Meaning. His "demons" provided the driving forces David needed. I had contacted a very reputable and well known exorcist 3 times. David liked the guy. This man lived in Oregon and told David over the phone which entities, at several levels, were coming into his energy field. Then he'd bind them for David and clear them. David would be less driven for a short time. After the third time I called (needed) this exorcist, I was told it was of no use. Because David never chose to walk away/change paths. David wanted that driveness back. These entities returned again, and as Jesus stated, they often brought others with them. I watched David choose this path repeatedly. He was never a victim needing rescue. He'd been rescued many times. Everyone he met either joined him or sought to rescue him, or both. I know it's hard to understand anyone wanting "driveness" rather than power. Love, as an inner power and peace, is not what he wanted to have within him. He knew which inner feelings/energies he enjoyed having.

I had told Firechasers that I felt badly that love didn't seem to work with David, which always made me feel defeated. But. I CAN tell you that at the root of David's choices, was his grandiose attempts to control God too. He'd get angry at God, because he could NOT manipulate Him. David tried and tried to do so. He told me he chose Lucifer because he'd get what he wanted. The mystery to me, even to this day, is what in the world he wanted. I believe he wanted the power to (literally) create his own world. And I think he believed God should grant him that power, or He was a "useless" God. However, David's idea of a perfect world was extremely beehive based. He wanted to BE the Queen Bee, surrounded by drones. And when I listen to Cindy speak and refer to herself as the Queen of Queens, as though that position was open and someone had to do it, her exacting expections from her drones were also in plane view in the comment section. It's mind control. Its not the telepathically ruled consciousness of a swarming community, based on love and light, so often used as a model for utopianism. Though these leaders picture something akin to that in their heads, they themselves are not THE Source Of Life, capable of giving life, sustaining life, directing life, or upholding life. If such a leader is not laying their own lives down for their sheep, they are "self appointed," not "called." They are false messiahs. Messianic narccisism is stil real today. We need to test leaders by their character and actions, not their words. That's called wisdom. Faith NEEDS wisdom to go before it.

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Thank you both so much for your posts here. And to the rest that are chiming in pro or con too.
I reckon posting a pic here would silence the naysayers. If you decide to do that please know that the platform this site is hosted on is considered low rent. As such all pics need to be posted elsewhere on the net first. I use facebook or twitter but any place will serve that purpose. But if you need help let me know and I will post it.


98 To CC Dawn on Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:46 pm


Let's hope there's no need to provide pictures of the lovely, powder blue tuxedoes. As I recall, my hair was nothing to get excited about, either. You and David looked nice, though.

CC Dawn

So true Firechasers....lolol. They didn't even give you the right shirt either! So another groomsman (older) wore it. You were only 13 then right? The tuxedo shop surely didn't believe that such a small size would belong to the best David and I were only 19 then too. My goodness, we were all still children!

100 I Forgot on Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:07 pm


OMG -- CC Dawn, I forgot all about the shirt. I think the sleeves were about a foot too long for me. I remember we pulled the sleeves up and used rubber bands to keep them inside the sleeves of my jacket.

I still have fond memories of that day, though.


Thank you Brian for sending me the pictures. I picked Cindy out right away even before I read your email. So here you go naysayers... can you spot Cindy?




Here is a Christmas picture that was taken in 1965. It was in our Grandfather's house west of Bristol, MI. There are several cousins in the picture, too. I will identify the three Currier kids for you, though. You may feel free to post this if you wish or you can simply look at it for your own information.

Anyway, David (our older brother, born in 1955) is in the back row on the left side with the cap gun in his mouth. Cindy (born 1959) is standing next to David, also in the back row. You will find me standing kind of in front of Cindy but to her left (our right), holding the talking Bugs Bunny toy. I was born in 1961, so I am four years old in that picture.

I don't know how helpful it will be for identification purposes, but I am also attaching a picture of me from June, 2017.

I am also sending a picture of David from around 2015. In it you will see similarities both to the 1965 picture and also to current pictures of Cindy. When we were young, people thought that Cindy and I looked quite a bit alike.  I think that David and Cindy bear more of a resemblance to our Mother and I look more like my Father.

Hey, I will also include a picture of CC Dawn with my two children. That picture would have been taken around 1987 and should provide some evidence that CC Dawn and I are two different people who are attached to the same family.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful in providing some photo documentation.


Brian Currier

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Virgo Triad
Published on Jan 11, 2018

Here is a copy of Cindy Kay Currier's Law of the Land documentation in full. This is for those that have asked if I have found any information that has not been scrubbed from the web of Cindy's. 3/17/2017 is the date this was uploaded.



First let me ask that in view of all the negative drivel that you have allowed to be posted here, please post all of what I have to say.
I think we all would agree that Cindy Kay has some very serious issues to deal with.  Yet, after reading some of what has been said here, it reminds me a little how Cindy Kay sounded when she was first getting started.  It sounded like the pecking order when I was on the farm.  When one chicken was hurt and injured, the others would surround it and peck it to death.
I read with some pain how C C  described her ex.  She reviewed all of his faults and failings in some detail.  I will have to say that her ex was not a bad person.  He was a VERY BAD person.
However, I did not read ONE word about the drastic change in the last 15 or so years of his life.  The fact that she knew about it was revealed when she stated that the spirit showed her that "He grabbed him".  In other words that the changes in his life got him to heaven.
Other posts that followed then caused the discussions to descend to the lowest level of rambling, indicative of the condition of our country today.
Where is love;  where is compassion;  where is understanding.  What happened to the thought of redemption.  I guess that word has a religious sound so we avoid it, and then we do not have to put any effort into pointing the way to a poor lost soul.  I declare that there is such a thing as redemption for anyone.  Jesus Christ died on the cross so that His blood can wash away all our sins and then we can prepare our hearts to meet Him which seems to be much sooner than most realize.  A ray of hope was when "Fire" spoke of his efforts being to help others and avoid being hurt, a true show of compassion, even if it helped only one.  The ex of C C accepted the challenge and for the rest of his life he was diligent and unrelenting as a 
changed person, which is why we all know that David made it.


Thanks fishmanone for your comment and please know that all drivel here is not censored whether it be negative or positive.
I would like to point out that one of the reasons for this thread is to see if someone in her inner circle can ask her to contact her parents so that they can stop worrying about her well being. Brian stated that she has a good relationship with them so this does not seem to be an outrageous request to me.
We all find it odd that she would remove all of her "work" but if she wants to disappear and delete her internet presence so be it. Notice to her followers, friends and loved ones would have been nice though. Which is why there are so many worried people wondering where is Cindy?


CC Dawn

Hi Fishmanone,
I have never known anything about David's spiritual life, or his lifestyle, after our divorce 13 years ago. 15 years ago we were still together.

Over the past 13 years, I've only received phone calls from bill collection agencies looking for David. I only knew he had debt mounting in CA. So I knew he must be living there.

I never posted anything about David being "grabbed up" even though I skimmed my posts here, to try to find it.
So I'm uncertain as to how to respond. I have no context to recall it, as I'd surely remember. Can you tell me which comment or at least the context? But whatever that was in regards to David's new life, he and I went our separate ways to begin separate new lives. Completely. Our lives had no ongoing connections. Neither of us kept up any kind of communication. He knew nothing about my past 13 years either. Not to my knowledge.

I knew David remarried soon after our divorce, because I ran into them both while shopping. We all just said hi and that was it. I was happy for them.

I'm all for redemption and lives being changed. I prayed for David continually throughout our 30 year marriage and got him psych and physical help, as well as pastoral care. I was always hoping he could change, to be the man you seem to know he later became. I am delighted to hear that he turned his life around "drastically." It would be drastic. I agree.

I'm sure that comforts his family now, regarding his sister Cindy, as well. She could drastically change her life as well. I'm glad they have hope.

Because you knew David, I hope you are still in touch with his parents too. It bothers me greatly that they are so distraught. They could use direct emotional support.

Do you know how David turned his life around so completely? And what he's done with such diligence, to make his life so drastically different over this past 13 years? I wasn't the only one who poured love and support into him. I'd like to tell members of my family that our prayers were heard. None of us knew, as of David's death, where he was at in his life. That would be good news to my family. My mother never stopped praying for him, up to the day I was told of his death, by his brother. My family prayed for the Currier family when we heard the sad news. And I sent condolences. No parent should have the sorrow of losing a child.

I have ONLY related the dynamic I lived with, as it pertains to OTHER victims who may read this thread. I'm seeking to help them. While that may seem negative to you if you've not been victimized, it's a positive message to those victims seeking to reestablish sanity and summon the strength to get out. It would have helped me had someone explained it to me long ago! I wish.

Because you can fill in the 13 years post my 30 with David, perhaps you should do so, if you feel his latter story should be told. I believe in redemption, and nothing I've stated regarding victimization, negates the possibility of redemption for the perpetrator. Though my focus IS on victims and preventing people from becoming victims. I'm not addressing perpetrators and how to redeem them here. I think that would be a very different thread. There is hope for all mankind. I believe that's agreed upon by everyone contributing here.

I am still confused by your remarks about me personally however. You think I had a vision or something? About David, at what must have been his death? I didn't, and don't recall saying that either. I never spoke of his death. Except to state that he passed 3 months ago.
But may I ask you why David would NEED to be "grabbed?" If his life was so drastically changed, and he'd found redemption, this thing you say about me, still makes no sense. When did "a spirit" show me "He grabbed him?" And why would that, had it been true, proven I've known anything about David's life in CA?

I am hoping that if you did know David, or know his family, you will post any information here that might shed light on Cindys whereabouts, health, etc. Anything you might know could help. Thank you.


Virgo Triad just released this but these are old music videos but still interesting and validates what Brian has said re: music and Cindy...

Virgo Triad
Published on Jan 12, 2018

Is Cindy Kay Currier back under the name -The Cantor? That is what one comment on my channel says. Take a look at the link below and you decide! The Cantor: Video (It's Alright):




Virgo Triad
Published on Jan 12, 2018

This video presents the truth with evidence about Cindy Kay Currier and her claims of being a licensed Counselor





CC Dawn

Thank you Virgo Triad. Finding aliases that belong to Cindy, showing recent activity online, does relieve anxiety. Kudos and keep up the good work.

Thanks PurpleSkyz. I've sent Firechasers two pictures from David's and my wedding. All three were there of course. It's very obvious they are siblings. It's from October 1974.


Thanks CC. I will post them when David sends them.Looks like no word from Cindy yet in her groups?
But something tells me that this thread is being monitored by her minions. Hi y'all! Tell CKC to call home or at least email Mom & Dad and let them know you are not locked up in some institution or jail cell why don't you. Kind of a shitty thing to do from someone spouting off about love & light like you do. Sure not the behavior befitting the Queen of Queens, Daughter of Earth, President of the Whatever now is it?
It is crap like this that gives a bad name to the alternative community! smdh


CC Dawn

Thank you PurpleSkyz.
I feel the same way. I can not imagine giving my parents orders not to call me. Then making them wait for my next call. Brian says they aren't allowed to.

I have to believe, if her closest friends read this, then yes. Cindy does too. Or gets briefed.

I hate it when people play games with other people. And if she just needed a break? Take one. Why all this trauma drama?

I have Truther friends who agree with you too. Completely.


Hi all,

I’ve been ‘lurking’ in on this thread the last few days, trying to make sense of this all. I’ve been following Cindy on and off, last two months on a regular basis. I realized that all the ascension and going to a different dimension, earth splitting etc was becoming a bit too impractical for me and that the law of the land handbook provided some hands on information how to proceed here on earth. Because there were some statements in the LOTLH that puzzled me, I started a discussion group on fb, just a few weeks ago.
As far as I know there is nobody that started an ‘ecclesia’ as C called it. Calling the group who followed her a cult is completely ridiculous. Most of us are just trying to make sense of this world and take what resonates. We’re not connected in any other way then through fb and recently through something similar on an app. After posting the following in that group, there were not that many reply’s which made it clear that not everyone is willing to question what’s going on. Never question the guru huh...
“Hi all,
As I’m quite a pitbull when it comes to doing research when something puzzles me, I came across a lot of negative opinions about Cindy.
I can’t really tell what’s true or not, only that there are a few things that do not add up for me. The sudden disappearance of all her material, the fact that she posted two (or 3?) rather extreme violent videos, the punishment for pedo’s, and a few other things that never really sat right with me (SwissIndo, ‘queen of queens’, deciding what frequency the earth is currently vibrating on among others).
Anyhow, here is a link to two threads in which there are also commentaries from somebody claiming to be her younger brother and her sister in law.
Again, I have no means to debunk or validate anything of this all, which made me realize that connecting through internet is wonderful but definitely has its pitfalls...
I’d love to exchange thoughts about parts from the LOTLH, for me especially where it concerns spiritually but refrain from the hallelujah mode about Cindy. For me I feel she owes us an explanation. Anonymous songs, albeit beautifully arranged and song, don’t suffice. It’s not my intention to hurt or offend anyone but I felt the need to speak up.
Lots of love from Holland.”
I’m also the one who provided the link underneath the YT to the cantor, which is now also not working anymore.
Again, I value the law of the land handbook because it made me think about a lot of (mainly new age) bs, but also I feel that Cindy owes those who have been loyal an explanation. With regard to her parents, I guess they know by now how their daughter functions and they should not worry to much, but that’s just my 2 cents.
Last question I’ve been pondering is about the messenger and the message: Can we embrace the message even though the messenger turns out not to be what she’s been trying to convey?
ps I don’t recognize myself as being ‘one of her minions’ and am pretty sure that nobody really does. Some of us might be to gullible and embrace concepts without an internal check&balance, myself sometimes included, but there’s absolutely no cult whatsoever.


Batya Welcome and thank you for commenting on this and the other threads! Love your avatar!
I can embrace the message and not the messenger if the message is viable. I never bought what Cindy was selling. To many holes in her plans. I placed her body of work here in the RV/GCR Scammers area long before her Daughter of Earth, Queen of Queens nonsense started.
I have been also going around to different groups since she pulled all her work and after viewing some of the comments I could not believe the level of cult like admiration that I saw which is an adjective that does not cover all but enough for me to take note. Her voice modulation tone set to hypnotic trance describe the effect she has on so many apparently. Learning that she was into counseling prior to her becoming the Queen of the universe says she has learned hypnosis education and has become quite adept at it.  I also have seen many comments to the effect that her abrupt removal of all her stuff and not saying that she needed a "res-bit" has made many upset and disillusioned and hopefully this will make them reconsider much of what she is putting out there. If you need a break that badly, which is what I was seeing, why remove all of your websites and YT channel? Makes no sense!
So I wonder what happened to all the funds that she claimed she had on her Heirship bank project went? What happened to her office someone donated?
As for her parents you do have a point. They know her well enough to know how she operates which is exactly why they are worried maybe? As does Brian...
If any of her backers/donators would like to provide any info but are not comfortable posting on a public place please feel free to message me the info.


CC Dawn

Thank you Batya
Did you catch her final video, where Cindy is excited, claiming something JUST happened. She was totally elated about it. She was basking in victory (refer to previous boxing match videos) and she really didn't want to talk about it yet. One of her followers said, "you have finally launched your cult." She laughed and said, "yes, a Cult of One!"

You have followed her in more depth than I have, and my contribution here is simply to supply the dynamic I lived with, married to her older brother. They held similar beliefs and ideas of "callings."

David told me, as he picked up the last of his belongings here, that he was excited about what God was about to do in his life. He told me he couldn't tell me what it was, but that he'd be televised very soon. That was the last I heard from him. But it gave great closure to me.
My experience will resonate with the disillusioned. Thats why I'm here. Secondary to the initial fear that Cindy had come to harm. That fear has lessoned. Thanks to this thread and all of you seeking real info. I'm grateful for all who contribute here! PurpleSkyz has done the Currier family a great service. I believe.

Has anyone else viewed that LAST video, the night before Cindy wiped herself off the cyber map?. It was so telling in many ways. Now she's come back incognito, wearing that hat she likes, singing a song called, "What I learned in hell." Is it possible she's about to resurface as some kind of Phoenix from the Ashes? Some resurrected christedness? If you saw that video also? Please comment to this if you would?

I realize I've only lived a similar dynamic with her brother. He is not her of course. But she sets off those same old bells and buzzers for me.

I'd mentioned Adi Da Samraj earlier. Ken Wilber believed some of what Adi Da wrote was useful, regarding levels of consciousness. But. He WARNED people NOT to join Adi Da's community. Adi Da was NOT a person you'd want to hand your power over to in real life. It would take a long time getting it therapy. Choose your guru, or any spiritual leader, wisely.

David Hawkins, MD warned that there are gurus you can not trust. He famously tested their "lived" levels of conscious.

Is the Queen is going to rise from "her ashes" here, in some "higher" form?

Where is Cindy's wingman, Stuart Rushing? He left fb with her. Who was he? What is his role? Can he be contacted?

116 Answer For Batya on Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:07 am


I can't speak for anyone else, but I will explain how I view the relationship of the message and the messenger.

For me it is quite simple. When the message that is given is blatantly untrue, I will find it difficult to believe anything else that is spoken (or written) by that person. I see honesty as vitally important in life. Once you toss away your credibility, you have lost your value.

Cindy posted a great deal of stuff that was obviously and bizarrely untrue. It was stuff that anyone could know is false. In my mind, that should make it clear that she is not to be trusted. If she will lie to you about her bank, lie to you about Facebook and lie to you about being able to reprogram DNA, she will happily lie to you about anything. How will you know when she is telling the truth or lying?

That's why I am so perplexed by people who follow Cindy or claim that she is brilliant and full of enlightenment. Her message has been deceit and lies. There is no reason to believe anything that she says.


In all probabilities, she is hiding in plain sight / site! There are somethings none of us can change, like our true nature and our vocal cords, unless we go through some surgical procedure etc. If you ever find anybody speaking in her tone undercover from a different profile etc on FB, Twitter or Linkedin etc, you should immediately try to get her VOICE heard. Because unless you are extremely talented as a VOICE actor, do some impressions etc, like Bill Hicks was, you'd miss out on knowing "Perhaps, Bill Hicks might JUST be Alex Jones now!" And Cindy herself FANCIED all these ideas very much, to the extent that she claimed in her videos that:
1) David Rockefeller was not dead and was now occupying the body and face of George Soros. 
2) Hillary Rodham Clinton was actually born Pauline Robinson Bush to Barbara and George H.W. Bush and was buried at around her 6-7th year, as she "Allegedly" died of Leukemia. Dubya was made to sit in the car backseat while the parents went to bury her quietly and when they returned Dubya asked them, "Why can't I talk with Robin anymore?" They could never tell him that she had died, it seems. I learned ALL this from Cindy's videos only. No other source to confirm these, but these are HIGHLY possible in Bush's family. (They call themselves "HIVITES" and they don't have ANY concept of a GOD. Their GOD is different, PINDAR some say, Ba'Al others say and Moloch say a few more.)
3) Cindy also claims that JFK Sr never died in Dallas, he was taken to the hospital, saved in ER and then converted into Jimmy Carter! Interesting theory again!
4) By virtue of the above examples, then Bill Hicks could be Alex Jones, or Nicole Brown Simpson could be Megyn Kelly too!

And so on! MK-Ultra somebody?


The path of a Saint is a constant battle with the self, for there is no end to the world’s demands; in this world no one can be too good or too kind. The better one is, the better is asked of one, the kinder one is, the more kindness is expected from one and so it goes on through out life.

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