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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » Patty Greer » Info Whores - Patty Greer New Year's Message 2018 - Ep #4 - 1/5/18

Info Whores - Patty Greer New Year's Message 2018 - Ep #4 - 1/5/18

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Patty Greer Films
Published on Jan 5, 2018

Info Whores #4 Patty Greer New Year's Message 2018 Happy New Year to everyone around the world! Let’s make 2018 the year of Great Evolution. After 10 years as a speaker and award winning filmmaker in the field of UFOlogy I offer information backed by plenty of evidence. Our New Year focus is on solutions rather than remaining in the sludge of our present existence. HOW CAN WE MOVE FORWARD even though things are this incredibly corrupt? This video offers things that have worked well for me that I will carry into the new year. It’s an independent job for each and every one of us now. We can’t expect a savior to save us. Here are a few successful some tools that I’ve found recently. I hope they will prove useful for you too. I start my day drinking water, then move on to my “Silver Bullet Coffee.” This amazing morning drink consists of organic: coffee, honey, cinnamon, 1/4 tsp butter, 1/4 tsp coconut oil, heavy whipping cream. Do it your way. Before noon I take 1 tbsp C60 Purple Power in coconut oil with food. I’ve been on it for 7 months and had impressive results since the first day. It’s a cutting edge healing technology made of the Carbon 60 molecule and oil, nothing more. A Buckyball C60 Molecule statue was erected in Madison Park in NYC in 2012. A modern healing miracle in plain sight and still few people have noticed… until now. I suggest your wear or work with Moldavite. This is a techtite from outer space that fell into the Moldau Valley in Czechoslovakia eons ago. It is the highest vibrating mineral on earth because it is not OF earth. You can feel it if you take the time to work with minerals and crystals. Shungite is another great high frequency mineral to wear or hold, or use for healing. The most important encouragement I offer YOU this year is to remember to listen to that small voice, which is your higher self. Use your skills wisely and develop them with intention. Remember to BE intuitive, telepathic and receptive. LISTEN to the message, and then DO something about it! Be Proactive this year. We need YOU. Info-Whores is gifted to you by Patty Greer #PattyGreer, #UFO, #cropcircle, #newyear, #Info-Whores


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