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People Demand Answers as Inexplicable Boom Sounds Blast Cities Globally

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People Demand Answers as Inexplicable Boom Sounds Blast Cities Globally

Posted by Lou on January 7, 2018
By Mr. Robot
Jan 7, 2018

Wasn’t 2011 the heyday of interesting conspiracies and mysteries? I remember back then, I began to see YouTube videos investigating strange “boom” sounds across the world, and all kinds of similiar phenomena.
As the years passed in this decade, the phenomena became clearer. Entire websites have been dedicated to trying to figure out what these sounds are.
Here in 2018, they are still continuing.
In 2017, some boom sounds were reported to be caused by aircraft and industrial companies, but obviously a lot of things could be excused by that.
On November 22, Salt Creek, Texas was the scene of a loud explosion-like sound, confusing authorities. After as much time as they wanted, “defense” contractor Lockheed Martin took the blame for making the sound, claiming it was a sonic boom from an aircraft test.
Just one day prior on November 21, two loud boom type sounds were heard in Colorado, across nearly the entire state. It was reported by a local CBS affiliate that “hundreds of people from Lakewood to Brighton, Lochbuie and Elizabeth took to social media reporting one to two distinct ‘explosion-like’ sounds that rattled windows and shook walls.”
The CBS affiliate contacted the nearby Air Force base, and the officials said their operations ended exactly before the boom sounds happened, which ruled out the possibility of it being a jet. That doesn’t sound suspicious at all. So CBS improbably suggested that maybe it was caused by Leonid shower meteors: but an expert on astronomy explained the meteors would be far too quiet to make a sound, making that an impossibility.
Eventually it was reported by the Denver Post that a barren oil storage tank became over-pressurized, and a couple great booming sounds occurred when the lid blew off. It doesn’t make sense that multiple booming sounds would occur in this case though. It supposedly happened at a Weld County facility.
Around the exact same time, other US states saw similiar loud booming sounds. In the suburbs of Detroit the sound was heard on November 18, and a steel company took the blame eventually. 3 days prior in Lewiston, Idaho on November 15th, an unexplainable boom occurred.
One day prior to that on the 14th of November, another boom hit the center of Alabama, with no explanation except the basic “maybe it was an aircraft” from Then again Alabama experienced a similiar thing, to no explanation.
Another day prior to that on November 13, a boom hit San Diego without an explanation. It was suspected to be some unnamed “weather event,” and some residents reported the ground shaking.
About 3 weeks prior to that on October 25, a loud boom hit Southern New Jersey. A Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst representative suggested it may have been a sonic boom from an airplane, but their base didn’t even have jets that are capable of creating a sonic boom.
Len Melisurgo‏Verified account @LensReality
Those reports of shaking down in S Jersey were probably from a sonic boom. The @USGS is reporting NO earthquakes in NJ. Closest was TN
8:02 AM – 25 Oct 2017
Similar booming sounds have been documented in Norway, Wales, Australia, and all over the world: what is this? Perhaps one day it will strike us that this was something far worse than we had imagined. Or maybe we will realize it’s just a regular thing that means nothing.

Thanks to Lou at:


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