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Ken O'Keefe on Trump & More - Impunity in the Nuclear Age

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Sorry to say, but do your research. Ken has participated and initiated in several projects for which money was raised. Several times he took the money and ran... I’ve posted on many fb and YT threads, this is one of them:
Dear Ken, at the initial fundraising at Indiegogo december 2015 you promised we'd be part of 'something game changing'. As you know I felt the urgency and donated a huge amount. Slowly I was getting pissed, not because you didn't communicate whatsoever about my perk but because I felt that you didn't show this urgency in whatever you displayed publicly. Now it's September and despite you assuring numerous times 'the mission is on pace', I and many others for sure are not waiting for a fight between two 'truther giants'. What I am waiting for is something from you showing or proving that indicates that indeed there is a 'no compromise yet peaceful and lawful way to extract ourselves from tax obligations ... that makes us financiers of war'. So proof me that I'm wrong thinking that you've found such a way for yourself indeed, but not for all the dumb heads like me who funded you acquiring property in a country where they have no extradition... That's all I need Ken...

There’s a special fb page where all his nefarious mishaps are recorded: You can find it at No-one-in-Gaza-wants-Ken-OKeefe-DM-and-Co-


Google Indiegogo World Citizen Solutions And read the latter comments. They are from the backers who realize they’ve been duped.


Yes Max Igan had much to say about Ken LOL :)





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