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Q Anon Updates 01/10/18

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1 Q Anon Updates 01/10/18 on Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:28 pm



Activist News: QAnon is Zionist Poison

January 10, 2018 renegade  
Talking about Q-anon and the desperation of Trump thumping shills who still believe Trump is merely playing 4d chess. I think there are many people on YouTube, Reddit and personalities within the conservative media who are still clinging to the belief that Donald Trump has a plan to take out the new world order and the deep state. It’s out of their desperation that they are grasping at straws. They are basically doing anything they can to avoid admitting they were wrong, however, some of them are merely bought and paid for to spin the lies.

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2 Re: Q Anon Updates 01/10/18 on Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:22 am


Well then Donald Trump being given his due ?.........the Rothschild controlled media is now throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Donald..........he is perhaps the only man on the face of the earth, who could derail the Rothschild's plans..........and one only need look at the major news networks for proof of this...........he is scaring the shit out of the Rothschild's, and the deep state types..........

Sadly for the Rothschild's, they did not get Hillary........but they got their worst nightmare........and they are scared..........and they know that Trump is not a yes Obozo was......The Kenyan wonder boy, was a Rothschild there to do their bidding.......well when the birth certificate is once more brought into the open..........then everything Obozo did will become null and he is not a US citizen.........he was born in Mombasa Kenya.........and brought to Hawaii, when he was only 5 days CIA friend said this is correct...........

After a short stint in Hawaii........he went to live in Indonesia.........and became an Indonesian citizen........he went to school at Occidental college in California..........and registered as a foreign student, he was a citizen of Indonesia............this guys past history has more holes in it than Swiss cheese..........

Obozo also has a Connecticut Social Security card for those of you who wish to research this.......a man visiting Hawaii from Connecticut, died the day Obozo arrived in Hawaii...........and so they used he would no longer be needing it............check out the first three digits of Obozo's SSN.........its was issued in Connecticut..........and Obozo has never lived in Connecticut......

Anyway Trump knows all this........and will soon release the hounds of hell on the Kenyan wonder boy..................the swamp is being drained...........but the Rothschild media silent..........well they can run..........but eventually, they will not be able to hide.........

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