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Direct Experiences of Cloning, Advanced Technology, Deep Underground Military Bases

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Direct Experiences of Cloning, Advanced Technology, Deep Underground Military Bases

 omnipulse  January 12, 2018
For the record, no one is going to have as close of a view of how things really work than those who have been directly involved in the programs. The release of the information is motivated by the process of liberation. If people were to be ‘enslaved’, then guess what, it already happened. You really don’t get it, but that is why this is being shown.
The ‘clone conspiracy’ has existed since the beginning of civilization. All your greats are cloned. Each bloodline carrying the mark enables the transfer of information backwards through technology. Each life they are given foreknowledge of what is to come and some even personally tailor their clones to a certain look or clique. Gender switching happens as a result of psychological inversions and race switching often happens to infiltrate other societies.
This has been happening since the beginning. Advanced technology was hidden, and multiple secret groups became what they were through their discovery of ancient advanced computer technology. Computers were not heavy calculating machines. The mind to machine link was already achieved earlier on and this was through the combination of an exotic black ‘goo’ nanoliquid material that functioned as a sentient inorganic intelligence and communication network.

This was an artificial hive network that could directly link one to the grid through simple contact with the person’s body. Everyone who’s been involved in the projects knows about certain things that are not available to the public.
Antarctica holds the virus that wiped out the dinosaurs. Recent wars were over ancient technology that could manipulate the masses perception of time and literally alter the flow of time for the planet. CERN is an attempt to render all the ancient tech badasses inert by achieving total control of the time network for the civilization.
Here’s the easiest way to understand why symbolism has to be used to explain reality. The information of the physical reality is represented in an abstract, metaphoric language that is interpreted by the perceptual system of the brain to generate a continuous storyline with the feeling of the mind. What’s actually happening is both what you experience specifically as well as other general possibilities that are organized in a pattern radiating away from the current present through a kind of quantum inverse square law. What was found in the projects were that a number of the population had the ability to alter their own brain function and in that sense create rippled through the scalar field that connects each brain and creates a literal virtual network from the biological functions.
Altering one’s own mind alters the collective field and when the field is altered the physical reality shifts accordingly. This is the entire point behind what goes on and how the mind can be used to control reality after the languages and processes of belief are understood.
What’s actually happening is a kind of plethora of possibilities that are fluctuating in and out of range based on the selectivity of the environment.
Here’s one of the major points to understand about the projects. The selectivity of this environment became unsustainable and a cross-timeline operation was activated which would utilize genetics from multiple Earth civilizations to restabilize this timeline. CERN didn’t exist until the 90’s in this time and the back-memory was technologically inserted through the network array which enables not only manipulation of the grid but the creation and reading of virtual, mental realities through the population. This has been directly experienced and worked with, I was a willing participant in many experimental tests for some of the earlier, bulkier technology and later technology that was entirely hands-free. Remember, everything that is released publically is already several decades old. That is why this information must come out now, because there is only a window of opportunity for the society. Either people will use the time now to learn and accelerate their minds, or they will fall behind and it will take a lethal exponential curve of acceleration for them to catch up. Two worlds were created and they are literally moving apart as one accelerates into light speed and becomes the civilization of the future.

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