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Out Of Mind » TRUTH IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES » CONSPIRACY & FALSE FLAG EVENTS: PAST & PRESENT » UPDATE for 1-17-18 - Schrödinger's Other Cat weighs in on Hawaii Missile

UPDATE for 1-17-18 - Schrödinger's Other Cat weighs in on Hawaii Missile

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UPDATE for 1-17-18

If there's no missile, what are these guys doing there?

We don't want to paint a rosy picture, so we won't. We'll just tell you what we know.

  • The above pic, which was captured off network TV (!) around the time of the "Hawaii missile crisis," shows FIVE Pleiadian ships. Pretty, aren't they? Pleiadians are proud of their ships. So, WHY did they appear when there was no missile? They were actually there to guard and protect the area. The fake event was actually scheduled to cause more harm and panic, but the Pleiadians appeared and smoothed out the wrinkles. The cavalry has revealed itself!

  • While that Hawaii missile kerfuffle was all fakery, the reaction of the is puzzling. They INSIST there was a missile. The #MSM's lies are bad enough, but the alt-dot community are acting increasingly irrational, making all kinds of claims that are all over the place. The sites and folks we monitor are looking more and more like they've been infected by the that fresh batch of calamari we got stuck with, but we only know for sure in the cases of Cobra (infected), Wilcock (infected), and "Corey Goode" (infected). The reactions could also be the pressure of the Wave X energy, which is ramping. You might be seeing more of this irrational behavior -- but not from us!

  • Speaking of the Voldemort-Calamari (calamari or VC, code for the arc**ns, whose name can conjure them even by thinking about it, so be careful) that arrived from wherever are perhaps even more virulent than their previous humongoid -- and now defunct -- old earth variants. What these new ones lack in size they make up for in creative mayhem, as evidenced by their different dream approaches. Very creative, very terrifying if they get inside your head. Talk about seeing too many horror movies, wow. PLEASE, PLEASE set personal protection at one billion percent, morning and night, but especially before you go to bed; the VC are more active when it's dark. Several of us were actually attacked and infected for a short time, and it took a week of serious meditation and nightmares to get rid of their dark tinctures. We're pretty savvy about this stuff and WE got infected (but we're also big targets), and we got rid of the infection with effort, so we're imagining that people who aren't paying attention are easy prey. Pay attention. Don't fear, but an ounce of prevention and all that. The good news is that they aren't as powerful as the old ones, but they make up for it by being more creative in their approach.

  • The PTW are quite grumpy about their little billion-dollar toys exploding every time they try to launch one. Their latest mishap occurred to their "OWL (Orbital Weapon Lancet)" beastie, aka, "Thor's Hammer" or "Rods of God," basically floating 20x1 foot tungsten rods in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) that can fall with great GPS accuracy, unleashing the power of a small nuke without the radiation hangover. Quite convenient, no muss no fuss... unless you're dead, of course. And OH, the fear generated. Well, say goodbye to that world, Sammie. Those kinda things are not allowed. And NO, you can't have any more money to build any more nasty surprises. We can (seriously) thank the Pleiadians again for axing that one. (Cobra just came out with a me-too on this... after we brought it up in earlier comments, o'course.)

  • Event Step 8 is now a fortnight away (that's two weeks to you unfamiliar with UK terminology). Regardless of any other effects, it will hopefully serve to eradicate this latest infection, as Step 4 did previously with the dark entities (lower vibrational things). Alas, we cannot predict anything in terms of effects or magnitude due to a total hodgepodge of images and information. Some saw giant waves of bright light, which we're now (second-)guessing pertain to Wave X in general; some saw bright fog; some saw beams from somewhere zapping through the earth... who knows.

  • Ignore everything that NASA and their paid celebrity ilk (Tyson) tell you, btw. NASA officially stands for Never A Straight Answer. We won't forget your lies, guys. You might as well resign and go make driftwood sculpture.

  • Speaking of paying attention to the obvious, it's currently pre-WHOMP-city, with lower frequency WHOMP-age ramping, as stated, but with blasts here and there. 

Moscow Schuman Resonance meter.

More from Moscow. These meters are usually pretty flat.

And another view.

 In the meantime, the other Moscow neutron meter just showed some drama:

One little factoid: This spike took place on the old New Year's Day of the Julian calendar, installed by Julius Caeser in... 46 BC? It was used worldwide for about 16 centuries until the Gregorian was shoved down our throats, but what is time, anyway?

There's also drama in Saudi Arabia (GCI 002), for obvious reasons; higher-order beings are working overtime, there:

Site Key: GCI001 California, USA; GCI002 Hofuf, Saudi Arabia; GCI003 Lithuania; GCI004 Alberta, Canada; GCI005 Northland, New Zealand; GCI006 Hluhluwe, South Africa.

Things are definitely building, it's palpable:

Meanwhile, chemtrail/geoengineering spraying continues all over, with jets reported flying low and loud, presumably to spray their cargo especially when clouds are low, obscuring what it is the PTW are doing. They will not like what they themselves have in store for themselves as punishment for this. Remember: SOURCE doesn't punish, but It will stand off and allow you to exercise your free will in punishing yourself for eternity. Make a better choice.


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