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Out Of Mind » SOLAR & PLANETARY ALERTS & INFO » ATMOSPHERIC CHANGES » Did Beaver Aerospace and Defense in Michigan have anything to do with the Fireball, Light Beam & Explosion?

Did Beaver Aerospace and Defense in Michigan have anything to do with the Fireball, Light Beam & Explosion?

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Did Beaver Aerospace and Defense in Michigan have anything to do with the Fireball, Light Beam & Explosion? [video]

A Starship reader suggested we look into Beaver Aerospace, Livonia Michigan with respect to the incendiary event near Detroit, Michigan on January 16th. Thanks for the tip.
While I was looking into that and the fireball/light beam incidents near Detroit, I discovered there had been a previous light beam and explosion in 2015  AND Beaver did indeed have a military contract regarding “guided missiles”.
Beaver is also a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc. and there is mention of “semi-conductors”. Where have we heard about that before? Freescale Semiconductor was in the news after the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines MH370, a fascinating story in its own right. Click the link above to read about that.
To make this a stand-alone article, we’ll review a little:

There is some confusion over the events in Michigan that night because it appears there were two separate events in two different locations which is apparent when you see images of both. There was a fireball/meteor which lit up the night sky like day. Some say they heard a “pop”, and some spoke of the loudest noise they’d ever heard.
Some claimed it was a sonic boom, and others have provided very clear images of some kind of a beam striking the Earth where a massive explosion ensued. That might also account for a huge bang. There are even reports of seismic equipment registering the equivalent of a 2.0 earthquake around St. Clair Shores on Lake St. Clair.
As expected, the Washington Compost claims NASA labels the meteor a “rare” shooting star, and because it was caught on a “meteor camera”—it must be a meteor. Maybe in our grandmother’s lifetime, but not necessarily this one. They seem to be ignoring the blatant light beam in the sky and explosion that got the attention of local residents.
I guess the Compost isn’t aware of all the other flashes and meteors in the past week or so across the planet, but then, they don’t do any investigative journalism any longer, do they? They’re just mockingbirds and parrots.
Is this recent light beam-explosion-fireball-earthquake activity on the same night “normal”? It doesn’t appear to be. Folks were pretty excited about it. One fellow drove all over in the cold and dark in his car trying to capture video of it, but he was a long way away and the beam was very faint. Fortunately we did get excellent shots of the beam and explosion from a couple of sources.


I find it interesting that a similar beam was involved in a power plant explosion in Escanaba, Michigan in 2015. The video below shows an odd flickering of light rather than the constant light of a typical blaze.

Power plant explosion and light beam, Escanaba, Michigan February 2015

Read more here.


If you haven’t read Jim Stone’s update after his investigation of the incident, you may want to do that. Why would three former US presidents have made trips to Taylor, Michigan… a Detroit suburb?
Taylor and Livonia aren’t a long way apart.
Looking at the most basic information about Beaver Aerospace and Defense, Inc., one might indeed wonder if this bizarre incident could have been related to Beaver Aerospace and Defense Inc.  I see nothing about who comprises the executive, which is interesting. Why the secrecy?

Company Summary

Beaver Aerospace and Defense–a Veteran-Owned Small Business–is committed to providing the absolute highest quality in all of their ball screw and actuator products.  Source
They actually claim some very large defense contracts for a “small business”. See below.

General Information

They have some interesting business partners and practices.
Beaver Aerospace and Defense, Inc (BADI) is a provider of actuation products and services for the aerospace and defense industries. The company designs, develops and manufactures ball screws and actuation systems for defense, commercial and space applications. Its major products include ball screws, electromechanical actuators, linear actuators, landing gear actuators, horizontal stabilizer, ball screw assemblies and component parts, splines and gears. It also offers repair and overhaul services for ball screw and actuators. Its major clients include The Boeing Company, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Cessna, General Electric, General Dynamics and Rockwell International. It also serves the US Army, NASA and other federal agencies. The company operates as a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries. BADI is headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, the US.  Source

Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc. Key Developments

Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc. Wins $2.54 Million Federal Contracts
May 19 17
Beaver Aerospace & Defense Inc., won a $2,536,035 federal contract from the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command for aircraft components and accessories.
Beaver Aerospace & Defense Inc. Wins $1.36 Million Federal Contract
Sep 30 16
Beaver Aerospace & Defense Inc. won a $1,356,646 federal contract from the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command for guided missiles.
Beaver Aerospace & Defense is a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI), a privately-held global manufacturing and services holding company. PSI subsidiaries include Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Mountain Secure Systems, POWERTHRU, PSI Repair Services, PSI Semicon Services, and Sciaky, Inc. These companies design and manufacture high-tech products and systems, as well as provide cost-effective repair, integration, and other support services to Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. They serve a wide range of high-tech industries like aerospace, defense, automotive/transportation, alternative energy, healthcare, oil and gas, commercial goods, security and semiconductor. Together, PSI and its subsidiaries push the boundaries of technology on critical aerospace, military, and homeland security programs, and deliver innovative solutions for land, sea, air and space.
Our specialties include, but are not limited to:
Actuators, Ball Screws, Advanced Welding Systems & Services, Industrial Component Repair, Rugged Electronics, Outdoor Wireless Network Solutions, Repair of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, and Flywheel Energy Storage Systems
To learn more about PSI, visit:
No Executives’ names here either, though.
We can see the information they want us to see about Beaver Aerospace, but what about what they may not want us to know?
And why is the major media ignoring the light beam story entirely and making it all about the “meteor”? By now we know to look where they’re not pointing.
Was the meteor sent as a cover for the beam and explosion? If so, it almost worked, but we still don’t know what was incinerated by that beam.  ~ BP

Thanks to:


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