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7 Signs You’re At The Edge Of A Major Life Shift

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7 Signs You’re At The Edge Of A Major Life Shift

- By Dylan Harper - Jan 22, 20180  

Have you ever asked yourself if now is indeed the best time for trying to manifest your greatest dreams?
Some particular unmistakable indications are telling you that transformation is about to happen. If you pay heed to those, then you will step forward into a new way of being. The presence of any of the following signs will tell you if the Universe is calling you to change in meaningful and exciting ways.

Life shift 1: Relationships are ending.

While it may be painful, it is also critical to spot the type of pattern and think about what it means.
In most of the cases, it also suggests that you are going through some profound inner changes. The once – comfortable dynamics will no longer fit who you are. Even when unconsciously you are rejecting people from your life, they can start drifting naturally as your vibration changes.
Transformation can usually require dramatic conflict or experience of loss. But the good news is that this creates space for people who will think on your wavelength, as well as support and suit your higher self.

Life shift 2: The universe is talking to you.

People that have been through a significant transformation had received many signs from the universe.
For instance, you should look out for repeated sightings of particular numbers (such as 11:11 or 777), animals and themes and some repeated encounters with people that may have the ability to lead you in the direction that you need to go. The signs can also be only nagging feelings, so you may just have a hunch which things are about to change.

Life shift 3: Your sleep pattern is different.

Some changes in the sleep pattern can cue you into changes happening in your heart and mind. You may also find yourself wanting to sleep more often, or even find it harder to wake up.
This may happen because your brain is working hard to process what you want from your future, even when you are entirely unaware of the beginning stages of that arduous process. As your right path becomes clear, your sleep will normalize. You will also have the ability to galvanize the energy which you need to attract the things you need.

Life shift 4: You feel out of place.

Sometimes, this may feel like you are being stuck in a rut or trapped in an unfulfilling situation. Other times, you may also notice a distant sense of dissonance. As you are looking at your life, you may start noticing that you do not feel in sync with it.
This both experiences suggest that you are not living authentically. They also show you that you are ready for something completely different.

Life shift 5: Old strategies are not working.

While there are some indicators of transformation and they feel almost mystical, there are others which are decidedly practical. For instance, do you feel like your go-to ways of behaving, finding inspiration, are just not getting the same result anymore?
If the answer is “yes,” you have grown out the last phase of your life. You will only thrive if you take some steps towards real, as well as lasting change.

Life shift 6: There is an urge for resolving old issues.

When on some level you know that you are moving from one phase of your life to another, you may sometimes find yourself looking backward more frequently. What can take center stage are old grudges, unfinished business, and lingering doubts.
Processing them in writing may give you the closure that you need to get a fresh start.

Life shift 7: Emotions are spilling out of you.

Raw emotions are usually a precursor to transformation. You may find yourself laughing harder than ever, but frequently crying as well. You will be more tuned into your feelings than usual. Everything may seem more significant and more important.
Try not to hide or push those emotions away. Instead, embrace them. Ask yourself what they can teach you about where you want to go. Use them for making your visualizations brighter, as well as more intense.
by Self Develop Shop

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