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Urgent Update from the International Common Law Court of Justice

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Urgent Update from the International Common Law Court of Justice

Posted on September 24, 2012

Posted on September 17, 2012 by itccs
Thanks to A.

Hello again and welcome. This is September 17, 2012, and I’m Kevin Annett with the International Common Law Court of Justice.


Today, the Prosecutor’s Office of our Court is issuing Public
Summonses to thirty two officials of church and state around the world,
charging them with criminal offenses and summoning them to appear in our
court. This Summons and the names and positions of these officials will
be read today so that the world is able to follow these historic

This Summons has particular force right now because of the refusal of
the named churches and persons to respond this week to ten measures of
justice demanded of them by their victims – and by a consequential
Banishment Proclamation that has been issued against these churches by
organizations of abuse survivors around the world.

Our Court has received reports that yesterday, in Ireland, the
Netherlands, Canada and the United States, roman catholic churches were
occupied by church victims and other citizens, and church officials
there were issued with banishment and eviction notices, which declared
these churches to be open, public space in which these same church
officials were now trespassing. These notices were also posted in town
council offices and public places in these countries.

In the light of these actions, we call upon the church and government
officials named in this Public Summons today to appreciate the
seriousness of the protest and reclamation movement that is growing
against them – a movement for real justice and recovery – and to
therefore respond to this Summons and answer for their actions before
the world, in our public court of law.

Let me read now the Public Summons that is being sent today the officials who will be named afterwards:


Issued under De Jure Naturalis by the Human Rights Trial Division
of The International Common Law Court of Justice (Established under the
Customary Land Law Jurisdiction of Sovereign Nations)


September 15, 2012

To: (Name of Defendant)

In the Matter of HRTD Case Docket Numbers A-091512-001 through 005 inclusive

BE ADVISED that you have been named as a defendant and a primary
witness in a matter brought before this Court for adjudication, in that
you are charged in a personal and corporate capacity with ordering,
aiding and abetting, colluding in and concealing Crimes against Humanity
and other criminal acts, and with personally and deliberately
participating in a Criminal Conspiracy.

BE FURTHER ADVISED that you or your attorney have ten (10)
working days as of this date to respond in writing to this Public
Summons and to indicate your willingness to participate in a pre-Trial
Conference and Examination.

Failure by you or your attorney to respond to this Summons can be
understood and interpreted by this Court to mean that you do not
dispute or challenge the charges made against you by the Plaintiffs
named in these cases, and that by your silence you are consenting to the
proceedings. As a potentially incriminating admission, such a refusal
to respond may cause a guilty verdict to be delivered against you by
this Court in absentia.

If you do not respond to this Summons, the Court will reserve the
right to appoint a legal counsel to represent you in your absence.

A complete list of charges, specifications and Plaintiffs in these cases will be forwarded to you separately.

Following depositions, the opening arguments before this Court
will commence on Monday, October 15, 2012, in the absence of a pre-Trial
Conference and Examination.

Issued by the Office of the Clerk of Court, Human Rights Trial
Division, ICLCJ, Brussels, and through the Offices of the Court in Rome,
London, Dublin, New York and Toronto.

Signed and sealed, 17 September 2012

This Summons is being issued today to the following persons in their named capacities:

Joseph Ratzinger, alias Pope Benedict, Head of the Roman Catholic Church Incorporated, Rome

Adolfo Nicholas Pachon, Superior General of the so-called Society of Jesus, or Jesuit Order

Pedro Lopez Quintana, Papal Nuncio to Canada

Angelo Sodano, College of Cardinals, Rome

Tarcisio Bertone, College of Cardinals, Rome

Angelo Bagnasco, College of Cardinals, Rome

Elizabeth Windsor, alias Queen of England, London

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, London

Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church in Canada

Bob Bennett, Bishop of Huron Diocese, Canada

Steven Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Murray Sinclair, Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

John Milloy, TRC officer

Nora Sanders, General Secretary of the United Church of Canada

Gary Paterson, Moderator of the United Church of Canada

Jon Jessiman, legal counsel of the United Church of Canada

Marion Best, former Moderator of the United Church of Canada

Brian Thorpe, Art Anderson, Foster Freed, Bill Howie and Phil Spencer, officers of the United Church of Canada

John Cashore, former minister of the government of British Columbia

Robert Paulson, Superintendent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Canada

Inspector Peter Montague, E Division, RCMP

Daniel Fulton, Chief Executive Officer of Weyerhauser Logging Corporation

Ron Huinink and other members of the Law Society of British Columbia

Former members of the congregation of St. Andrew’s United Church, Port Alberni, Canada

Sean Atleo, so-called Grand Chief, Assembly of First Nations

William Montour, Chairperson of the Six Nations Confederacy

Head officers of the New England Company, London
These persons have until October 2, 2012, to respond to this Public
Summons, after which criminal proceedings will commence against them.

In closing I wish to add a personal appeal and message to all of you watching this broadcast.

Last year, after commencing preparations for this court, I was
arrested, imprisoned and then deported from England without any reason
given. I was informed recently that the British Home Office has ordered
my detention if I try returning to England.

So let me say that in the course of my travels throughout Europe over
the next few weeks, or upon my return to north america, if I am
arrested and held in communicado, I rely on each of you to confront the
authorities about my arrest, and their crude attempts to obstruct
justice and shut down our efforts to protect the children of our world
from predators in power.

No amount of repression can stop the wave of justice represented by
the survivors of church terror who are now coming forward. By jailing or
harrassing individuals, the state is simply empowering more of us by
awakening us to the tyranny around us.

But let me say on the record that if anything happens to me or to
those I work with over the next, crucial period, I ask you all to hold
the following auhtorities responsible: the Home Secretary and security
forces of Great Britain, the Vatican secret service and assassination
network known as the Holy Alliance, and the Canadian Security
Intelligence Service and the RCMP.

Once again, I call upon the police forces of every country to obey
their oaths of office and defend our civil liberties, and refuse to
protect and aid child raping criminal organizations like the Vatican and
other churches named in our Court.

Please stay tuned on October 2 for more updates from that Court. And
remember the words of the English poet Percy Shelley, who wrote after
the infamous Peterloo massacre of the poor in Manchester in 1819,

Rise like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number;

Shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you.

You are many; they are few.

Thank you.

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