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Blue Moon Eclipse Mania!

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Blue Moon Eclipse Mania!
by Meg | Jan 24, 2018
Blue Moon Eclipse Mania! Blue-moon2
We are in for a special treat next Wednesday, as Blue Moon Eclipse mania spreads through the spiritual community! A rare Blue Moon is the second of two full moons to fall within a single calendar month. Although called a Blue Moon, it will actually turn deep red during a total lunar eclipse on January 31st.
January’s eclipse is an extension of the Great American solar eclipse that occurred last August. We are in the midst of a powerful eclipse series in the Leo/Aquarius axis continuing into 2019. Leo rules the 5th house of creative expression and passions of the heart. You may feel these eclipse energies amplify in the heart center, initiating heart healing and expansion.
Leo the Lion represents Strength in tarot and the power structure. The August Leo solar eclipse targeted the collapsing patriarchy, while this month’s Leo Lunar Eclipse emphasizes the shift in power and the rights of women in society. We see evidence of this shift in the #metoo and #timesup movement and the Women’s March for justice.
Since the powerful ‘11 Mastership’ year began, energy is flowing more easily, with additional support and synchronicities appearing in infinite ways now. Allow the heart opening to expand and fill with more Love and Joy! With the collapse of the Time Matrix, we can now access higher realms of loving kindness, abundance and support.
The original Ascension Plan was intended to shift the entire planet into the 5th Dimension thru a massive galactic solar wave. There were many New Age channeled books and speakers proclaiming the cosmic blast would alter the entire world in 3 days of darkness during 2012. Obviously, the cosmic plan has been altered significantly since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. It is responding to the crystalline light quotient – according to the radiant output emanating from Gaia.
Instead of an explosion of galactic photonic light, we’re receiving a gradual stair-step infusion of higher light consciousness. The consecutive incoming solar flashes arriving since 11:11:11 have been amping up, increasing in magnitude, building towards a tipping point in global consciousness. All signs are evident that the Light presence is igniting massive soul awakenings never seen before. The global family is heading towards the threshold activation into 5th dimensional living.
Some near-term solar waves will be arriving through stargate portals on:
Leo Lunar Eclipse – Jan 31st
Aquarius Solar Eclipse – Feb 15th
Aries Equinox – March 20th
If you are called to work with these cosmic waves of Light, we will be gathering together online in upcoming webcasts on these dates to accelerate the transfiguration of Gaia and human reality. We are the Alchemists, traveling from the future to alter the outcome of this beloved planet and the human race. The ’11 Mastership’ year is calling us to get involved, take positive action, and birth a benevolent world in unity consciousness.
Join me on Wednesday, January 31st for our Leo Lunar Eclipse Global Activations at 12pm Pacific. The webcast/telecast will include timely energetic activations and empowered intentions to accelerate personal and planetary ascension. Register to attend  here:
Lovingly, Meg
Copyright (c) 2018 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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How to Perform an Energy Clearing During a Lunar Eclipse to Remove Negative Vibes

Blue Moon Eclipse Mania! Energy-clearing-eclipse

There are all kinds of energy clearing techniques out there. The key is to choose the one that resonates with you the most.

Even if clearing negative energy sounds too woo-woo, the techniques do help to concentrate your attention on a certain problem so the best solution can be found. Your energy flows where your attention goes and since everything is energy , it might be a good idea to use energy clearing techniques at least once in a while.

Certain astrological events like an eclipse (e.g. Super Blue Blood Moon that will be happening on the 31st of January) can enhance the power of these techniques. The time of an eclipse is perfect for letting go negative energy blocks, so you can generate new energy and improve the quality of your life.

Getting Ready for an Energy Clearing

In a sense, an energy cleansing technique is like a self-guided meditation. You apply your visualization ability, creating certain images in your mind, which allows you to interact with the energy-informational field. The results you get from performing an energy clearing self-guided meditation depend on your skill, which you can learn and improve by vividly imagining a given scenario (e.g. seeing yourself under a white stream of light, cutting the cords, etc).
There are several ways to enhance energy clearing techniques. You can get really good results if you involve a symbol or a combination of four commonly used elements for energy cleansing: Earth, Water, Fire or Air (see How Astrology Elements Can Improve Your Meditation ).
Even though you often remove a lot of negative energy without even knowing about it through your daily routine, you can get much better results if you consciously perform one of the energy clearing techniques during the time of the eclipse.
Salt and crystals represent the Earth element while water clears negative energy when you are taking a bath or a shower. Scented sticks and sages embody the Air element and Fire element is enacted through a burning flame of a candle.

Using a beeswax candle

A burning beeswax candle, however, can symbolize all four elements at once. Earth element is represented through the body of the candle, melted wax is a symbol of water, smoke from the candle is air and candle flame obviously stands for the fire.
Beeswax works much better than generally used paraffin wax, which is a byproduct of petroleum production. It is a more natural material and it has a high-frequency vibration.
The qualities of beeswax make it a great energy-informational conductor for recording a thought-form or your intentions (just like Dr. Masaru Emoto experiments , except here you have beeswax instead of water, see also: How to Make a Wish Come True with a Powerful Manifestation Technique ). It is probably one of the main reasons why candles are used in many different religions.

Performing an energy clearing

All you have to do to start an energy clearing process with a beeswax candle is to put it in a candleholder on the table in front of you. Have a conversation with a candle and ask it to remove negative energy. It might sound weird, but all that you are doing is charging the candle with your words.
When you light up a candle, you start the energy cleansing process empowered by all four elements. The burning candle removes negative energy from everything and everyone around it. Thus, you also clear your energy, as long as you are around the candle. Please make sure to follow fire hazard instructions when burning the candle inside a house.
Burning beeswax candle simply helps you concentrate your attention and your energy at the point of here and now. If you gaze at the candle flame, you could reach a meditative state much quicker, relax, silence your inner dialogue, get rid of anxiety and even reach new states of awareness.
It is also important not to hold certain emotions inside if they begin to rise up. Just let yourself live through an emotion and if you feel like crying then don’t hold yourself back. Allow the candle to “burn away” the negative energy blocks that are in the way of realizing your full potential (see also: How Finding Your Life Path Number Can Help You Discover Your Full Potential ).
You can also try colored candles for different purposes and there are ways to analyze how the candle is burning to know where the negative energy is coming from.

Closing thoughts

You might find useful to look for guidance if you are new to energy clearing techniques or want to learn more advanced practices. However, you have to remember that you are the one who holds all the answers to the questions you have.
Any type of energy cleansing ritual or meditation can only help you eliminate negative energy and the noise from the communication channel with your own true or higher self . When you have a clear connection with your true self, you always have the energy you need as well as the intuitive knowing of what you need to do next in order to realize your purpose.

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