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3 Ways To Raise Your Vibration And Cultivate Powerful Healing

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3 Ways To Raise Your Vibration And Cultivate Powerful Healing

February 3, 2018

by Joy Arnold
Everything within us, around us, and the entire Universe is energy. We are vibrational beings. Pure energy. Within this energetic body,  we also communicate, transform, and heal and through electrical and chemical processes. We are vibrational, then electrical and finally chemical beings. When these three (vibration, electrical, and chemical) are in balance, we have holistic health.
Our vibration determines our electrical conductivity which dictates our biochemistry. You can’t fix a voltage problem with chemistry (meaning medication). You must correct the voltage or vibrational quality of your being first and when you do, that will facilitate balance in body chemistry. I am not saying there is never a time for Western Medicine or pharmaceuticals. What I am saying is that we can first look at the quality of our thoughts and emotions, as well as our habits, to help raise our vibration and cultivate balance. That will create a release a flood of anti-inflammatory healing hormones and neurotransmitters that will change the chemistry in our body.
If we simply treat the physical (the chemical part of the equation) but continue to live a toxic life or hold negative behavior and thought patterns, nothing will change. We may be tweaking the chemical temporarily but we’re not fixing the root cause of the chemical imbalance. So, what does all this mean? Well, a lot! It means that we are in control of our health and well-being. That, with dedication and practice, there is no reason we can’t live long active healthy lives! So, how do we cultivate this trifecta of high vibe living? I believe through Movement, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. When you practice these three together and consistently, the peace and healing you manifest is beyond what you can imagine. Still a little confused? Don’t be! Here’s a quick breakdown on how to incorporate the sacred trifecta into your life and begin your journey to high vibe living!
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MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! Of course, as a yoga instructor, I will say Yoga is ideal  but it doesn’t matter what you do, just move! Whether it’s Yoga, Pilates, running, or walking, movement raises our vibration and shifts our chemical body into one of youth, happiness, and health. Even massages, foam rolling, and stretching help to move the body, break up stagnant energy and raise your vibration! Just be sure you’re moving mindfully not mindlessly. There IS a difference.


Meditation and contemplation. Meditation can be difficult, especially for those with an active mind, which makes it even more important to practice. Don’t go into meditation with the goal of stopping your thoughts. What you resist will persist.
Instead, as thoughts enter your mind, allow them to float by like a cloud. Not entertaining them but not resisting them either. I encourage you to begin a meditation practice even if it’s 5 minutes a day! This is not a-one-size-fits all so be sure to try several ways of meditating until one resonates with you. Whether it’s silence, music, chanting, guided meditation, your choices are endless. What is important is that you begin a meditation practice. And then practice. Contemplation is different from meditation, however for me, it is just as important. I find such solace in giving myself time to simply sit outside and just BE. This is the space where I feel inspired. Be sure to cultivate time for contemplation, sit quietly in your room, outside, or wherever resonates with you, but give yourself time to just BE in spirit.


Today, most of us understand how vital a well-balanced diet is for our body but I’m not sure we realize how critical it is to our mental, emotional, and vibrational body as well. What you eat or drink affects your vibration. Think about, if everything is vibration then every food has a vibration. And that vibrational quality is determined by the quality of the food. An apple has a different vibrational quality than a cookie. Why? Because the apple is natural whole and unaltered and the cookie is processed and contains ingredients (usually fake foodstuffs) that have a low vibration. I could go on and on about nutritional quality, energy of food and their color quality…but I won’t. 
What’s the takeaway? Eat as much live food as you can (nuts, seeds, plants, legumes, etc) and avoid processed fake foods. Every time eat or take a sip of something, you are either raising your vibration or lowering it. Choose high voltage foods and you’ll increase your vibration! Although you may notice improvement including one of these modalities, it’s when we build a practice incorporating the sacred trifecta that we truly begin to cultivate health and wellness.

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