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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan » Office Of PROOFness - ZAP/Jerzy "The Solution Is At Hand!" #2 - OMG!

Office Of PROOFness - ZAP/Jerzy "The Solution Is At Hand!" #2 - OMG!

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Jerzy, and his astute "Team", being the followers they are, has no doubt seen the posting on the financial solution, solving Jerzy's current predicament.

What's amazing is that he, and his core group, that Jerzy has hand picked, wasn't able to see through problem and come up with a solution. Maybe they have other motivations?

Hopefully this "Captain of all Humanity" will see this as a valuable learning experience, so not to ever repeat itself. Jerzy and his "Core Team" can't be that inept, but this definitely falls in the class of "Executive Oversight".

Another solution that exists for Jerzy is BitCoin can certainly be used to circumvent those "Evil Banksters" doing their "Dastardly Deeds".

All Grandpa, or one of his "Chosen Ones", has to do is fill up Jerzy's eWallet. Jerzy can then convert those coins, on the same day, to the currency of his choice, especially since those "Humanitarian Projects" are World Wide. How convenient is that!

For those who are following BitCoin, you know that there are a limited number of them to ever be had, and why Jerzy needs to convert them quickly, so Grandpa can get more. Don't want Grandpa to not be able to get those little jewels since the amounts to be transferred is quite large.

A way to even expedite "The Process" is to have an eWallet for each of "The Projects", where Jerzy can specify the amounts for Grandpa to put into them. Jerzy could even assign "Project Managers" to handle some of that coin conversion, to ease his ever overwhelming banking burden.

As suggested, in the other thread, about holding back on some furniture to help poor starving Baby Bradd, and oxygen deprived "Mary", another means to acquire the funds, needed for them, is to not put up any artwork yet.

Aliah can give Baby Bradd so much needed milk, his back teeth will float. "Mary" will be huffing so much oxygen, the fire department will require "Hazardous Materials Signage" on all 4 corners of the building. I'm sure Jerzy will come up with someone to add to the mix who is desperate to beg donations for.

Oh, it seems that some sort of consensus with regards to the paint color of the walls for Jerzy's office was done.

Purple seemed to be more fitting of a color to remind Jerzy of one site owner, and their members, who gave Jerzy nothing but grief, debunking his information at every turn, calling him a fraud, insisting on what he was doing is a scam, asking for (can you believe it) proof of everything he was saying.

When Grandpa pulls through this week, wont those folks be eating a lot of crow! But then again, if he doesn't, Jerzy still has quite a bit of Ketchup to gulp his down with. Maybe with a little of that oregano oil to spice the old bird up, once again. Yep! All kinds of tasty, right Jerzy?
Can't wait to hear his next Bank Story, or his lack of funds to make it all happen. I'm sure that he will "Blame The Victim", aka the donators, again!

Hey Jerzy..."What's in your wallet?"


As indicated, on the other thread, not to let Hobie know, maybe Hobie should find out about all this? Maybe he should see just how mismanaged, his long time friend, Jerzy, has been doing this all along, unless...Hobie has a vested interest, keeping this from ever manifesting to it's conclusion. 





Once again to all Canadian and the US Authorities - RCMP, FBI, POLICE DEPT: This man BABKOWSKI JERZY from Calgary - Alberta, Canada is a dangerous criminal who has been luring innocent, naive citizens for years steeling money from them. This manipulator, con artist, scammer MUST be stopped once and for all!!!!!.

This is enough!!!!!. 

This man BABKOWSKI JERZY from Calgary - Alberta, Canada is laughing at the Canadian and the US Authorities - RCMP, FBI, POLICE faces !!!!!!.

Will you Canadian and the US Authorities - RCMP, FBI, POLICE Dept finally wake up, smell fresh cafe and put an end to this brutal exploration - manipulation by this criminal sociopath BABKOWSKI JERZY from Calgary - Alberta, Canada!!!!!.

The whole WWW community in the World is watching in disbelieve asking what kind of lawless countries are those US of A and Canada??????..... SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!!!


Just sent this to the vermin jerzy:
Hello little ghoul.

You say:

Why not walk fat ass? Your ghoul selfie with the Native Indigenous  woman,, whose family you tried to rip off, suggests you need to cut down on the ketchup sandwiches.

Also a-hole there is not mush incidence of the flu in South America so more bullshit from a moron. 

I'm really enjoying your floundering BS. Are the funds drying up yet a-hole? 


The ghoul cracks me up.  When's the last time anyone with a functioning brain worked with a financial person who is eating ketchup sandwiches and on the verge of selling his car while he's about to save the world.


Jerzy sure is a legend in his own mind William!

One has to wonder why "Grand Father" wouldn't hook his savior up with funds needed to get this "Humanity Rescue" in full swing since Blabkowski dropped the ball and let the account lapse?? Nash is spot on with all the many ways one could send money to the sole purveyor of projects.

We know his/Susan's PayPal seems to be working just fine... so why wouldn't Grand daddy take advantage and shoot him a small cash injection???




I'm pretty sure that Jerzy, and his "Band of Financial Wizards" have heard of "Trusts".

Who hasn't heard the term "Trust Fund Babies"?

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