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Office Of PROOFness - ZAP/Jerzy "The Solution Is At Hand!" #3 "Ooops"

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It seems that Jerzy, and "His Gang" of financial and legal experts, so called, are having many difficulties receiving funding through conventional methods, that works for the rest of the entire world, can't seem to think outside the box.

One has to wonder if Grandpa has chosen the right person for the job, considering the never ending failures. How is Jerzy, and his "Brainiacs", going to deal with the ongoing problems, that always arise, when he can't seem to get past this one?

One of the other solutions that is at hand, in addition to the others, Using His "Donation PayPal Account"   Using Bitcoin for continuous funding , is to have Grandpa, or one of his "Chosen Ones", open a "Trust" naming Jerzy as the benefactor, to get a jump start on setting up his offices, while awaiting for the funding expected to arrive this/next week, to prevent further delays in distribution.

Should "The Funding", that has continued to fail, happen once again, Grandpa could then name Jerzy a "Trustee" for that "Trust", and complete "The Funding Process" through those means. Has Jerzy and "The Boys" ever heard of "Trust Fund Babies"?

Jerzy should start to make this happen, before it's to late! All those technologies he has talked about for years will no longer apply to his "Humanitarian Effort", when upstart companies take over, leaving him void of "Projects".

Someone has pointed out that there is some office furniture that is available at an extreme discount. It's slightly off white furniture with a tan-ish brown banding/edging that looks to be made out of "Bread-wood". Jerzy would have to inquire about that species of wood they used, but the Ketchup colored walls he may be planning on, to remind him of the good old days, would seem to be more fitting.

That Purple color, to remind him of one site owner, and their members, who continually point out his failings, would have to be utilized in the artwork, in some way, in the far future.

Now with the discounted furniture, and the artwork delayed, Jerzy could certainly deploy those savings to help those in need. Baby Bradd will have so much milk, Aliah can start a "Butter and Cheese" business for the additional support they need.

"Mary" will have so much oxygen, that the fumes will make her and her sisters iron in there blood, turn to rust. Has Larry, "The Gambling Addicted Gaming Caretaker" seen both of them recently?


One of Hobie's recent message seems to be a bit troubling for most:

Hobie wrote:Hi, folks -

It's simple, really. :) Once a person has said, "I, the writer of this email, do not believe what Zap is saying, and I think, therefore, that the whole thing must be a scam," there's not much more that can be said on the matter. There's no evidence, one way or the other. There's only individual discernment, perception, and opinion.


Uh, Hobie...Shouldn't there be evidence that what Jerzy says exists? With the five years of you posting Jerzy's emails, hasn't he shown you evidence? Have you not ever questioned his motives?


Yes Hobie...
What about that? How do you justify NOT posting those emails from the 100's of "naysayers"??? Especially when there is overwhelming evidence of fraud in these stories that Jerzy comes out with and though he promises to provide proof he never does??? Oh except that one time when he provided what was an obvious fake hospital receipt that was proven to be a fake right off. Come to think of it he never has made that mistake again LOL :)

I can think of only one reason... you are a complicit accomplice.


3 Zap is a scammer on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:09 pm


There are a lot of us naysayers.
I am the same "Gunny" that Hobie has posted for years.
And also replied to this specific post on RMN. 
(But I can't post the links... neato)

RMN is a cesspool of scammers, including "Mr. Ed" who got me involved with that charlatan named "James T McBride" in the summer of 2012, and still owes me $1800 I loaned him in April 2012.
The James McBride fiasco almost got me arrested!

Best Regards,
Seattle, USA


Welcome Gunny! Thanks for joining :)
I wondered if you were the same naysayer when I saw your register! LOL
There is a short period when one can not post links like 24 hours I think. It is written into the program  for some reason.. most likely to deter spammers.
Well I am looking forward to hearing all about the cesspool. Maybe you can fill in some blanks for us about how Hobie and Susan are connected? I know they go way back to the Omega trust fraud but not much else.



Thanks for the warm welcome.
No problem about links, I will be around awhile.
I do not know about Susan, I was a "fan" of POOF in the old days, and as soon as ZAP took over, I knew he was a scammer because his posts are so frequent, he actually contradicts himself quite often.
Also, NOTHING EVER HAPPENS...Just more "problems".
I have harassed HOBIE about his involvement over the last 2 years with no results, I thought he was a decent guy but I guess I was wrong.

Hobie still posts a lot of my stuff, mostly my ANTI-VAX posts as Gardasil(HPV "vaccine") killed my beautiful daughter Jessica in only 3 years.
She died Christmas Eve 2013.
RIP Jessica D - 12/16/1993-12/24/2013


Oh wow I am so sorry to hear this about your daughter. So sad and so criminal what the vax companies have done. I have been in the anti vax group since the early 70's when I worked for a drug distributor for 4 years. None of my 4 were vaxxed but they just did not believe me when I implored them to do the research but my grand kids will pay for this with their health. Hyper sensitivity to allergies, chronic ear infections etc. Breaks my heart.
When they trotted out Gardisil it was supposed to be for females to avoid uterine cancer or HPV. I see now that males are being given this and the fatalities and injuries mount.
And same here re: James/Poof. At least he was a fun read and did not pound one over the head for donations because he was running low on ketchup. lol



Thank you.
Losing Jessica has been a real soul crusher for me. She was an amazing young woman.
Teacher, helper, STO, great shot, tough as nails, girly, and thanks to her Japanese mother, very beautiful.

She is missed by many, her FB page still gets 5 posts a week from friends.
I begged her mother NOT to let her take Gardasil, and only 3 months after the injection, she was already showing bad cervical cells.
She put up a good fight till almost the end when she took matters into her own hands and ended her life 12/24/2013, just 8 days after her 20th birthday.
One day I will pay a visit on the BOD of Merck Pharma and vaccinate them with the only cure for their "greed disease".. 30.06

Best regards,

" America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between"


I will bet her Mother will carry that guilt always. Again so sorry for your loss.



Yes, she does.
But I still love her, can't help it.
We have been together since 1980 when I met her in Okinawa.
And darn those Asian women, she is 57 and still not a grey hair, a sag, or a

" America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between"


Welcome Gunny!

My condolences to you and your wife.

I can't wait to hear some of the tales of the RMN cesspool.

I'm sure that the "Ketchup King" doesn't want to hear any of it... LOL


Thank you my friend.
I am looking forward to somehow ending this ZAP scam.
There are many alt sites that post his tripe.
How many people in just the US and Canada are being tricked into sending him money once, twice a month?
It is no wonder Hobie does not worry that the "funrazr"on RMN never makes goal at month end?

" America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between"


Gunny, I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for your insights about RMN. I used to communicate with hobie and I too thought he was a good guy but RMN has devolved to garbage for the most part.
Hopefully with all of out efforts including going to the Canadian version of the IRS we can bring down this scam.


Why do they need a "funrazr" when their site is riddled with ads that generate revenue?

The adblocker I'm using blocked 44 ads just from the homepage...


Not to mention saying they need 2500.00 - 3000.00 or more per month to "keep the lights on" at RMN???
We pay 30.00 per year here and I pop for an extra 20.00 per year to keep the ads off this site to members and guests.
So ridiculous




"Looking for Someone that has Exchanged" by (Anonymous) - 2/9/18

This is for you, Tank and Kim:

1. Get in touch with Bruce D. on the BigCall.. 

2. He's been told one person exchanged on the East Coast today. See if that person is willing to talk to you and Kim. Bruce could be the middle man to connect you.

3. Kim could protect that person from NDA confiscation, and guarantee the funds would not be taken away.

4. If Bruce doesn't know who the person is, he might be a victim of the tomorrow game in action and it's all BS...

5. Jersey says their humanitarian money is now approved. If it turns out that they've been stiffed again , he may be ready to talk about the Manna Trust instead of the Elder's trust. 


Courtesy Ssmith:

"If it turns out that they've been stiffed again"

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