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Hui Sun: Waiting for Our Cosmic Family – Part 2/3

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Hui Sun: Waiting for Our Cosmic Family – Part 2/3
2012 JANUARY 28
Posted by Steve Beckow

Semjasde from the Pleiades

Hui Sun continues with her insightful series on our cosmic family, this time looking at the may layers of our view of extraterrestrials.

Waiting for Our Cosmic Family (Part 2/3): Why? Our Many Perspectives of Our Interaction with Extraterrestrial Beings
Posted by Hui Sun, Bridge to Earth, January 11, 2012
There has been heightened buzz in the past 2-3 years on the Internet about the imminence of disclosure and the complicated negotiations going on among the different nations behind the scenes to make it happen. Several dates for disclosure, as well as open contact, have been predicted and have passed, with much anticipation and disappointment.

For many people to whom it matters, especially those who are advocating disclosure, there have been extremes of emotion— from the pinnacles of joy plunging to the deepest of heartaches— associated with the ups and downs of the disclosure progress. Why are disclosure and contact desired so badly? Indeed, why are we waiting for our cosmic family? I can understand how those who are deeply entrenched in the affairs of our earthly lives—feeling the impacts of the falling economy, watching the civil unrest all around the world, looking at the pollution, deforestation, poverty, and suffering— are puzzled as to why some people are looking toward the skies and “chasing UFOs” when so much needs to be addressed right here on Earth.

At the most basic level, I think it’s safe to say that those who desire disclosure want to know the truth and have the truth be acknowledged. We want to know what really happened, if we are not alone in the universe, the nature of who we are, and how and how deeply we have been influenced; many want validation of their personal experiences. In short, we want to have transparency and openness regarding the greatest hidden story in the human history.

Of course, this basic desire for truth is not the entire goal—it’s only the tip of the iceberg. In my view, at the innermost core of our wanting disclosure and open contact is the belief that this truth and engagement will serve as a platform for catapulting humanity forward.

However, despite the common, shared views on why we want disclosure and open contact, I have come to see that there are distinct layers of belief systems from which we are coming. These layers are the perspectives from which we “see” what is going on. I attempt here to very broadly outline a few layers as I perceive them. Note that the borders of these layers are fuzzy, and I have artificially drawn them to better organize and convey the material. However, many people “see” and embrace elements from many layers. Other people are deeply invested in particular elements of a particular layer, finding anything else incomplete or simply not believable.

In reality, there are layers upon layers upon layers (ad infinitum) of perspectives.

Layer 1
In this layer, the story started in the 1940s and 50s with the alleged crash of a UFO at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947; the ensuing, numerous sightings of UFOs; and the beginnings of negotiations between extraterrestrial beings and the governments of our world. The explosion of the first nuclear bomb in World War II was a definite marker in the direct involvement of the extraterrestrial beings with us. Rebuffing those extraterrestrial beings who offered us their technology in exchange for our promise to give up nuclear weapons development and proliferation, our government chose to negotiate with those extraterrestrials who offered their technology in exchange for limited biological experimentation on Earth humans. (The deals have apparently not gone well for us, many of the agreements have been broken by those particular extraterrestrials.)

Since then, many extraterrestrial technologies have been secretly developed through black operations projects paid for by, but hidden from, the public. It is said that technologies such as anti-gravitational propulsion, time travel, viewing of future potentials, advanced biological hybrids, and other science fiction-like technologies thousands of years of ahead of what is currently available to the public are within Earth human capabilities, as are hyperspace travel and off-Earth activity way beyond that showcased by NASA.

It is claimed that rapid technological advances in the past several decades such as fiber optics, integrated circuit chips, and materials like Kevlar came directly from reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology. At the same time, many intrusive experimentation involving non-consenting humans have taken place in underground military bases and elsewhere. We have also met, captured, held prisoner, experimented on, and worked alongside many different species of extraterrestrial beings. They come from a multitude of star systems and a multitude of philosophies, both benevolent and self-serving.

In the name of national security, there has been a systematic suppression of distribution of information about this topic, which is “classified material.” Many sacrifices—at so many levels and in so many dimensions– in both human lives and the quality of human lives have been made to maintain the secret. When I recently watched the movie Roswell: The UFO Cover Up (1994), I was struck not so much by the crash incident itself as how it must have affected the lives of the witnesses and of everyone in the witnesses’ lives: there is a tremendous psychological price to pay for not being allowed to tell a truth, especially one that is of such monumental significance to humanity.

Within this layer of seeing, why do we want disclosure and open contact? One of the primary motivations behind disclosure advocacy in this layer is to release and make available the mountain of advanced technologies hitherto inaccessible to the public, technologies “that can change the world forever” (in the words of Dr. Steven Greer at the 2001 National Press Club press conference). Dr. Greer says, “Specifically, technologies connected to UFOs and extraterrestrial vehicles, if declassified and used for peaceful energy generation and propulsion, would solve the looming energy crisis definitively, would end global warming, would correct the environmental challenges that the earth is facing.”

We have in our hands solutions for the dire problems of Earth– technologies that can clean up the environmental pollution; provide dirt-cheap, non-polluting, sustainable energy; revolutionize transportation; and eliminate famine and poverty. When the basic needs of every citizen of the planet, as well as the basic needs of the planet itself, can be met, so that the struggle for survival is no longer an issue, we can move forward into an era of peace, the rebuilding of economics through peaceful space technology development, and exploration of our world beyond Earth. We can take our place as active members of the greater galactic community. As Dr. Michio Kaku has popularized, we will finally be able to evolve from a Type 0 civilization to Type 1 and beyond.

This layer is a bridge to reach the mindset of the bulk of the public and governmental structures currently in place. As such, in this layer, we are careful to stick to empirical data, documented information, “believable” witness testimonies, and other evidence tangible in our three-dimensional world.

Layer 2
In layer 2, the story goes beyond UFOs and Roswell and what the astronauts saw in space and on the moon. Viewing through this layer, the history of extraterrestrial involvement with us is unbelievably long and complicated, and goes way beyond the 1940s, even before the appearance of modern humankind on Earth. Off-Earth beings have been intricately involved from the time of the inception of the modern Earth humans to now, and their influence permeates every pore of the history, development, beliefs, and lives of humankind on Earth, directly and indirectly.

Not all of it has been pretty. These extraterrestrial beings are evolving beings, too, playing at the game of duality, and we have become party to that game. Many extraterrestrial civilizations had a hand in the primal history of Earth and her beings, and modern Earth humans were developed from the DNA contributed by many different extraterrestrial species. However, a small percentage of extraterrestrial factions believe that they are the rightful owners of Earth, and of certain genetic lines of Earth humans, gold, and other natural resources that they believe necessary for their survival or desirable for their way of life.

Over time, the lineages of human families “patronized” by extraterrestrial factions claiming ownership of Earth came to control the global affairs on Earth, including wealth, global financial system, technology, media, politics, international relations, wars, etc. It is in the invisible background of this staged, orchestrated world in which we unknowingly live. It is a complex world in which fighting goes on behind the scenes among different factions competing for Earth, as do moves by those factions that support sovereignty on Earth. There are factions that believe that for Earth as a planet to be saved from the burdens of overpopulation and to thrive according to their view, most of the current human population must be eliminated in favor of certain lineages, and be controlled through fear. Thus, famine, destructive geological events, contagious disease outbreaks, chemtrails, genetic modification of food, economic crashes, terrorist activities, international conflicts, and other means of unnecessary suffering have been orchestrated toward this effort.

There are many observers within this layer who see that there is much more to what these factions desire than the mere control over the physical human genetics and resources. The core of what these factions desire is the control over the hearts and minds of the Earth people— our psyche, our very consciousness, (some call) our souls. To most current Earth humans, the consciousness is in the “spiritual” realm because we do not yet fully understand it; for the longer-evolved extraterrestrial beings, it is in the “scientific” realm—it is “tangible,” it can be used purposefully, and it is an indescribably powerful energy source. To the observers who “see” this view, we are in a war for our very Being.

Within this layer of seeing, why do we want disclosure and open contact? In this layer, it is critical to open up the mass population’s awareness to our engagement with extraterrestrials, because the extraterrestrial influence in our past and present, whether directly or indirectly through human partners on Earth, infiltrates every level of our society and life unbeknownst to the mass of us. To start making fundamental transformation in our world and to regain our psychological, social, and personal freedom, we need to expose and uproot the old system that has been in place for thousands of years. We need to do it before we can put in the steps for the new, the world according to our unsuppressed, unobstructed vision. In this level, we desire to take back and claim our sovereignty at every level, start building a forward-moving society of peace and abundance, and take our place as equal members of the greater galactic community.

Layer 3
Is life in the cosmos a chaos, a free-for-all? Or is there cosmic order, hierarchy, organization? Is there an over-seeing governmental body? How high does the hierarchy and evolution go before reaching the Source?

In this layer, we see that there is an organized governance of the cosmos. There are representative beings from many cosmic civilizations who have come together to oversee the affairs of the cosmos. There are levels upon levels of governance, spanning all dimensions, going all the way up to Source.

In this layer, the story is that those who have the apparent run of Earth are rogues of the galactic community— a minority. The unfolding affairs and developments of Earth have been watched all along by higher levels of hierarchy. There has been limited intervention from the galactic “governance” because Earth is specifically a planet of free will; only those interactions permitted by the explicit consent of the Earth humans or by the calling of the Earth human collective have been allowed.

However, in the recent times, there have been “loopholes” in the strict non-intervention policy. Some people believe that several decades ago, at the time of the atomic bomb explosion in World War II, Gaia herself, in deep distress and near death, called out for help. Some people believe that observers from our future saw that there were darkness and disaster in our future galaxy that could be traced back to current Earth. Some people believe that there has been a decree from higher above.

In one way or another, however, all the reasons for the assistance that followed can be tied to the current juncture in Divine Timing in which Earth and her humanity find themselves. This juncture is the critical, opportune window in our 26,000-year galactic cycle during which the very order of the cosmos will support a quantum evolutionary leap of Earth and her humanity, should they choose it. Earth has already chosen to make the leap; however, several decades ago, Earth humans as a collective seemed too deeply asleep to make the choice to evolve through this window of opportunity.

Through the “governance,” a call for help went out to the universe, and many beings came to help ease Earth’s transition— beings from all over the galaxy and beyond, and from many dimensions. Today, we are being discretely assisted by many members of our cosmic family, in so many ways, at so many levels. Multitudes of their space vehicles now surround Earth and fill our skies, cloaked, watching and monitoring. Many are assisting directly at the energetic level, having helped to bring on-line Earth’s new planetary energetic grid; enhancing the incoming cosmic, galactic, and solar energies that are bringing the information necessary for our evolution; and deflecting any negative energies. Their guiding messages that sooth, encourage, teach, and help move us along in our process of awakening come as whispers in our ears, sparks of inspiration, as our guides and teachers, through telepathy and channeling.

Many off-Earth beings have also incarnated into human bodies at this time, whether at birth or as a mutually agreed upon walk-in during mid-life, to help raise the vibration and consciousness as humans on Earth. The galactic beings are also working to mitigate the damages from man-made disasters and from Earth’s geological activities as she is transitioning. They are on the ground negotiating with leaders of nations for disclosure, supporting the beginnings of a new economic system that is favorable to the mass population, disarming nuclear devices, and destroying underground military bases. Indeed, we are being assisted at every level.

Our cosmic family is working hard to assist us in our transition to an expanded consciousness, to help us “wake up” in time to take advantage of this window of opportunity. They are doing everything they can to support us in waking up, yet they cannot wake up for us. This waking up— the realization of the truth of who we are as multi-dimensional beings, the recognition of the amazing creative power of our consciousness, and the actual creation of our new reality through our vision and intent— we must do ourselves. The swooping down of our cosmic family to fix all our problems on Earth would indeed go directly against their very mission with us: to help us awaken to our own power. All they can do is to make conditions as favorable as they can to help us come into this realization, and wait. Meanwhile, the human collective is waking up, little by little. Meanwhile, the rogue extraterrestrial/human factions who desire to own Earth are desperately acting out in their last throes.

Within this layer of seeing, why do we want disclosure and open contact? From this layer, we see that the understanding of our connection and relationship to our cosmic family, and the understanding of our true history that will follow, will serve as a springboard for awakening the mass consciousness on Earth. This disclosure will help us understand our own nature, and open the floodgates of information and knowledge that will help the masses wake up in time to “catch the ride” to our evolutionary leap. We will evolve and expand with the new Earth, and unlimited by three-dimensional blinkers, begin building a world much more in alignment with our new multi-dimensional consciousness. We will build a world of peace and abundance, and enter a new era communing and exploring the stars with our cosmic family.

In a sense, we will be returning home.

Layer 4
There is another layer, too— one in which motivation for disclosure and open contact does not necessarily come into the equation, but is perhaps simply observed. Seeing from this layer, Earth was a grand experiment on which the polarity of the galaxy, manifesting as the rampant conflicts and wars among the galactic civilizations so many eons ago, could be worked out and resolved. From the very Highest Levels, the intermixing of the genetics and affairs among the many extraterrestrial civilizations were allowed to occur here on Earth, following the natural push and pull of events. Events were allowed to develop over millions of years. Earth became a microcosm embodying the polarity and conflicts of the entire galaxy— galactic conflicts that were woven directly and literally into the affairs of the Earth humans, who are literally the mixed descendants of the various galactic civilizations in conflict.

We—the galactics, Earth humans, and the rest of the cosmos—are all interconnected. The information from every event and every experience in our lives, which is recorded and embedded in the energetic Akashic Records of our DNA, is available to all throughout the galaxy. If we Earth humans are successful in resolving our conflicts and integrating polarity, the rest of the galaxy could energetically draw from our information and also reach the resolution and integration themselves. It’s not just Earth— the entire galaxy would take a critical step forward.

Polarity is the conflict between darkness and light, limitations and freedom, fear and love. The conflicts of our galaxy are mirrored on our Earth, and our Earth is a mirror of the internal conflicts within our human selves. It is a situation of mirrors within mirrors, reflecting back on themselves. When we Earth humans change on the inside, the change will be mirrored out onto our Earth; and the change in our Earth will be mirrored out unto our galaxy, perhaps way beyond. This is why it has been so important to work on our personal selves, to release our personal fears and pains. It is now time to integrate the dark and the light and move onto the next level of evolution; the “Divine Deadline” is upon us.

At this time, the Earth human collective has made the choice to take the leap forward during this window of intense cosmic support, but not every Earth human individual has made this choice yet. The window is fully open, and massive waves of awakening and expansion will continue to occur. If not this time, however, there will be never-ending opportunities for the evolution of the individual souls according to their choice and timing.

Angles of the Whole Story
Did you relate particularly to any of the layers? Did you follow me all the way through, or did I leave you behind at a layer? Was there a point where you said, “This is getting beyond what I can believe”?

It is a very complicated story because so much has been hidden, suppressed, and forgotten, and people believe different things and espouse different views depending on which bits of information they picked up in their life path. What is important is that each perspective is valid and critical. Together, they make up the whole story. Together, they reach and resonate with different people, from all different walks of life and life experiences, who may be new to the information about our cosmic family, disclosure, and open contact. For this reason, it is important that each perspective is “broadcast.” Those who are open will pick up the frequency, the message, the version with which they resonate. It is only the starting point, and each individual will connect the dots according to his or her own path.

Ultimately, from whichever viewpoint, it’s clear to me that the reason we care so much about disclosure and open contact is because we desire a better future for humanity. We all want humanity to go forward. As long as the intent is pure, these broadcasts are working to open the consciousness of the humankind. Ultimately, in the core of our desire for disclosure and open contact is our profound love for Earth and her humanity.


The following are two excellent and wide-ranging, yet relatively succinct, overviews of information and issues around disclosure and open contact. They have rather different approaches. They have many references you can track down for further information.

The Need for Exopolitics: Implication of Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories for Policy Makers and Global Peace, a research study paper by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D at
The Importance of Disclosure: The End of the UFO Cover-Up and How It Affects Your Life, a short editorial e-book by Steve Beckow, edited & compiled by Patricia A. Donworth at

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yoilman2 Question:

Is this Cosmic Family that is being waited for coming back this spring? If it is I pretty much know from God's Word who is coming...

Just curious if this is their time frame. They've been here before and are returning according to God's Word.

Thanks to anyone who feels like answering the question.

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