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February 13, 2018 / Visionkeeper

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I hear a great many people lately expressing their exasperation with the media, politics, bickering, the needing to be right. People are so done with the drama, it’s time to close down this show and move on, but we must also recognize this insanity has purpose we must learn from and not forget.  I truly believe all of the lies and corruption going on and driving everyone insane, is preparing us for the change that will soon be upon us. It may not be in my lifetime, but I feel the change is definitely where we are headed.  We cannot continue on the way we are now, we are self destructing. I feel eventually we will switch over to telepathically communicating. You can see the subtle process beginning right now…Twitter is unintentionally teaching us to communicate with fewer words, to learn how to be more precise about what we want to say which makes us look deeper for what we feel and think, what is it we truly wish to express?
The bombardment of lies and corruption we are drowning in is another catalyst for this change. The only way we are going to be free of it all is when we telepathically communicate with one another which will instantly ­extinguish our ability to lie, cheat and steal because we will all know what each other is thinking. This will be how we will begin to free ourselves from corruption, greed, and dishonesty. Social Media and television are a catalyst as well for teaching us we no longer have true privacy in our lives and we will have to learn how to accept this as what is. Certainly if we become telepathic we will not have privacy and we must ease into that level of life. It it too abrupt a change to go into quickly, it shatters our foundations of what is, but I believe it is where we MUST go next. To save ourselves. 
This change will need our help ,however, if we wish to embrace change more quickly. I find writing Haiku poems quite challenging to get your point across in as few words as possible. I guess you could call it my Twitter. A great exercise to partake in. You are not only exercising your writing skills you are exercising your brain to become more precise, more concentrated. We need this to help in the change when it begins. The expanse of the Internet has allowed our minds great freedom to explore and roam  about far away, but we do not want to lose our ability to communicate face to face, for we will need that as we begin to switch over. I doubt I shall see this amazing change take place, but I can surely help set things in motion. We all can by thinking outside the box and keeping our minds active by thinking for ourselves. There are new adventures on the horizon, we just have to think them up and set them in motion. Set your thoughts free!
Blessings to all,

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