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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Common Dreams Staff ~ Spain Anti-Austerity Protests Continue Into Second Night Following Clashes, Arrests

Common Dreams Staff ~ Spain Anti-Austerity Protests Continue Into Second Night Following Clashes, Arrests

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Common Dreams Staff ~ Spain Anti-Austerity Protests Continue Into Second Night Following Clashes, Arrests

Protests Continue Into Second Night Following

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Gillian

Common Dreams | September 26 2012

‘We Are Bleeding!’ — Hundreds of thousands demonstrate against latest proposed of cuts

(Photo: Reuters/Paul Hanna)

Anti-austerity protests continued for a second consecutive night in
Madrid on Wednesday. Thousands of protesters filled the streets
throughout the day on Wednesday, some facing off with police who had
beaten protesters with batons and fired rubber bullets into the crowds the night before. Prime Minister Rajoy still plans on announcing a new round of drastic austerity measures
on Thursday, despite national outrage, including public sector pay
cuts, privatization of public assets, tax increases, and a raise in
retirement age by two years.

The Bank of Spain said Wednesday that the country is entering an
extreme depression, but protesters argue that more cuts to public
budgets are not the answer and will be devastating to the county’s
struggling middle and working classes. Currently Spain continues to
suffer a 26% unemployment rate as 22% of Spanish households now live
below the poverty line. Today, as thousands continued to gather outside
of barricades, which were set up to blockade Spain’s Parliament
building, many chanted “government, resign” and held signs simply saying
“No” as a sign of refusal to the ongoing austerity program. Katharine
Ainger writes for the Guardian today:

The attempt by the Spanish “Occupy”
movement, the indignados, to surround the Congress in Madrid has been
compared by the secretary general of the ruling rightwing People’s party
(PP) to an attempted coup.

Spanish democracy may indeed be in
peril, but the danger is not in the streets. According to the Financial
Times, the EU has been in secret talks with the economy minister Luis de
Guindos to implement further austerity measures in advance of Spain
requesting a full bailout. On Thursday the government will announce
structural reforms and additional spending reductions, on top of the
already huge cutbacks in health and education. [...]

The government is right to fear the
Spanish public’s reaction to this new round of suffering mandated by the
financial markets. Already many protest signs say: “We can’t take any

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