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5 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Becoming The Person You Are Supposed To Be

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5 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Becoming The Person You Are Supposed To Be

by Evelyn Jozsa;

One of our greatest missions in life is to become the person we are supposed to be and to connect to our higher selves. This journey begins with a conscious awakening and leads us to an improved personality. Often times this journey is confusing and there is no clear evidence of evolution. Sometimes there is just the feeling that there is something more, something unreachable, outside our shattered world.

Before I realized who I am supposed to be I felt like I am stuck in an endless loop of uncertainty. I thought that everything happens against me, and not for me. It took me a while to become aware of the fact that some of the things I have experienced were getting me closer to the person I am supposed to be.

Here are five uncomfortable signs that you might be going through a transformation as well:

1. You are going through an identity crisis

The first step to a conscious awakening is to begin to question yourself, the beliefs you hold and your philosophy of life. You might realize that what you believe in or who you thought you were are just other people’s ideas planted into you. Are your values really yours? Are you following the lifestyle you want or do you just adjust yourself to the people around you? After you cleared this up in your head and reached to a conclusion you might feel closer to your true self.

2. Some things that you used to like no longer interest you

This can be a hobby that you used to love, but no longer brings you joy. Abandoning something that you are used to can be frightening and it might feel like you are losing a piece of yourself. However, this can be a sign of the fact that you are focusing on the things that are more important to you. Stay close to what ignites you and don’t be afraid to let go of something that no longer adds to your happiness.

3. You feel lonely and isolated

When you are on the path to becoming who you should be you might feel like there’s a gap between you and the people you used to associate with. Thus you no longer feel connected to some of your friends and you stopped obsessing over fitting in and pleasing others.

4. You say ‘no’ more often

This again might affect your friendships and relationships, but saying ‘no’ sometimes just means that you have learned to prioritize yourself. To become the person you are supposed to be you need to give time to yourself and now you understand that.

5. You take more risks

To become the best version of yourself you have to be out there, outside of your comfort zone, taking risks. This doesn’t mean that you are not terrified, but you realized that to grow and become better you must challenge yourself.


To work on yourself and become an evolved person is the best gift you can give to yourself and to the world. If you’re the person you’re supposed to be you attract happiness and radiate it out to the world. Once you’re there you begin to expect things to work out, you start believing in miracles and the quality of your life improves and you begin to see the proof of that.

Source: Hardy, B. (n.d.). Benjamin Hardy. Retrieved September 6, 2017, from 20 Signs You Have Evolved As A Person:

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