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NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Asian Insider Returns

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The Asian Insider Returns

February 25, 2018  /  Keenan Team | GroupK

“I would like to take the opportunity to proffer my eager observations with respect to the preceding two-plus years regarding the ongoing contributions that have been received here in the Eastern hemisphere at the behest of Neil Keenan and the Keenan Group.
I understand Mr. Keenan has befallen ongoing health challenges (mostly due to repeated attacks on his person), but in spite of this, the endeavors of this extraordinary man and his prodigious team bring support to Asia that is truly inspiring.
(It should be noted that Mr. Keenan’s ongoing health issues are due to the repeated attacks upon him. It is clear now that he has survived, for the most part, due to the miraculous benefits of the machine that he calls the Healing Computer; which is demonstrably adept in diagnosing and facilitating the effective treatment of a vast array of ailments, as I see many around the world are increasingly reporting).
For some time this outstanding group brought us daily anticipation and excitement. Many of those that were following developments kept their electronic devices and social media pages at close quarters for updates as to what the Keenan Group was about to undertake next. To be sure, Neil Keenan was then and remains now a folk hero to many of us here.
At times he has been a one man riot squad, taking care of whatever threats potentially undermine or threaten Asia. His commitment to the people of Asia has never ceased and continues in an unwavering manner to this day.
It would be too time-consuming to list the many things Neil Keenan and his “Group K” have already done to assist Asia. So this message is going to be a brief one; as the latest news traveling on the grapevine relays that Neil is preparing to return here shortly to complete what only he could have started.
On many occasions, Mr. Keenan’s left hand and right hand appear to be both engaged – albeit in entirely different activities; such that nobody has a chance to keep abreast of his activities, let alone surmise what is going to eventuate from them. His sagacity has been proven in many ways. One day in the future his story will be told in a deserving fashion.
For now, suffice it to say that if given the financial resources equivalent to that of a small nation, Neil Keenan would oversee the planet in ways that improve the lives of all of humanity while facilitating the foundations of a promising future –  with the release and proliferation of new technologies that until recently have been maliciously suppressed by the greedy, so-called ‘elite.’
Rumor has it that the Elders throughout Asia are waiting for Mr. Keenan’s reappearance. I personally know there are four or five individuals who are longing to be able to count down the days.
Mr. Keenan continues to develop alliances with many new names and faces over here in Asia, people who are willing to open their vaults and show him what we have that may be implemented for prosperity and to assist not just Indonesia but the globe in its entirety.
Over the years Mr. Keenan has learnt a great deal in building his many previous successful business ventures, and he is now going to apply this knowledge to numerous pioneering efforts. Neil Keenan is absolutely a trail-blazer who “thinks outside of the square” in effectuating what would be unthinkable accomplishments to lesser minds.
For too many years smaller minds in the Western world believed they could continue to steal Assets from the Global Accounts with impunity. The so-called ‘elite’ whom regarded those outside their circles as “little men” are destined to discover that the high esteem in which they held themselves – was nothing but a frivolous delusion.
The machinations and thievery practiced up until now by the tyrants of the Western world, dear friends, are about to be quashed in a multitude of ways. I will not list these methods for reasons of confidentiality, but I can wholeheartedly assure you that justice will be done.
From my perspective in knowing Mr. Keenan as I do, he requires those of us in Asia to support and assist him in whichever ways that we may be able to.
As the result of upcoming actions that are to be taken, we are going to be looking at a phenomenally productive boom for not only our people here but all of the peoples of the world. Whilst speaking with Neil Keenan one evening recently, he shared some insight in terms of the surprises held in store for us, upon his forthcoming return to Asia.
I believe Mr. Keenan is eager to move despite his recent health issues (visited upon him by those who continue with attempts to thwart his mission), along with the tragic kidnapping of his dear friend three months ago; who was closer to him than anyone.
Mr. Keenan continues to persist in seeking her recovery, and he hopes to have this realized in the short term. Neil now has excellent professional assistance by way of specialists whose expertise in tracking allows him to move on to the pressing business at hand in Asia.
And so you would do well to ready yourselves for Neil Keenan and the Keenan Group – Chapter Two; and beyond.
Please make haste, Mr. Keenan, we all need the fruits that will be borne of your efforts; and far more than the vast majority are aware.
Group K, physically carry him if that is what is required. In actuality he is vastly more than just one person; he is the answer.
The Asian Insider”

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Well here we go again.... ??  Like everything in these muddled, convoluted times of controversy, Time will tell and eventually ALL will come to light, for those willing to see.  For me, this gets put in the 'Wait and see' file, as I've not seen enough to know if this is just distraction or promise...   NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Asian Insider Returns 2961306396

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
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coming from Group K I'd say bullshit. I wonder if Neil ever had to pay back Jean Haines?



Probably water under the bridge... moving on, don't look back.  Wouldn't surprise me.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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