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Confederate Cartel Illuminati+shqip

Confederate Cartel

The Dixie Mafia or Southern Mafia is a powerful and overlooked element of organized crime in the United States. During Prohibition it was the Dixie Mafia that produced the alcohol for the Italian Mafia. There is a known connection between former Dixie Mafia boss Kirksey Nix and Chicago boss Sam Giancana which likely goes back to Prohibition ties between the two mafias. Alcohol is still prohibited in some places down South and moonshine is a highly profitable business which is why it is still prohibited. The Dixie Mafia work with corrupt politicians, police, and religious leaders. The Confederate Cartel have a racket on ginseng which is a multi billion dollar industry and they are also involved with tobacco industry. What has been called the Cornbread Mafia are part of the Dixie Mafia and they have been involved in large scaled marijuana production. James C. Kennedy who is worth about 12 billion and Anne Cox Chambers who is worth about 16 billion both reside in Georgia and run Cox Enterprises which is involved in criminal spying for the NSA and electronic harassment on Americans. The Southern Mafia operate all throughout the South and Mid West including in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and also in the Appalachians. The Kansas City crime family and Pittsburgh crime family have a hidden criminal trafficking network with the Dixie Mafia through the Appalachian Mountains which leads into Upstate New York and further north.
They are involved with most forms of organized crime and operate in a similar way as Cosa Nostra. The Dixie Mafia is covertly overseeing the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. The Clinton family have ties with Chicago and covert connections with the Chicago Outfit as well as ties with the Dixie Mafia with the admitted hitman Larry Nichols. Larry Nichols was likely exaggerating and was probably a middle man between the Clintons and the real Dixie hitmen. The Clinton’s have many highly suspicious deaths surrounding them and the Dixie Mafia have a large operation in Arkansas where Bill Clinton was governor. During Bill Clinton’s presidency the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred. One of the bombers was Terry Nichols sharing the same last name with Larry Nichols. The New Orleans crime family oversees a large division of the Southern Mafia and they are owned by the House of Orleans. Count Charles-Emmanuel de Rochechouart, 16th Duke of Mortemart runs the Little Rock factions of the Dixie Mafia. Roche means rock. The Harbert family are billionaires from Alabama involved in investment management. Raymond Harbert went to Auburn University and donated millions to the school. The Alpha Phi Omega secret fraternal order operates in Auburn University and was founded at Lafayette College named after the French General Gilbert du Motier, Marquis of Lafayette. I believe the French billionaire Clement Fayat is a descendant of the Lafayette family.
New France was the French territory in the United States consisting of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and other regions including the Appalachian Mountains and up into Canada. The Southern Mafia is made up of mostly Southern Baptists and they are covertly working with some Evangelical fascist militant groups that are being financed to promote Donald Trump. The Southern Mafia has infiltrated some legitimate militia organizations as well. The Southern Baptist Church was founded by William Screven from Somerset, England and he was an agent of the House of Beaufort which are the Dukes of Somerset and they established many towns named Somerset and several towns named Beaufort. The Beaufort family have a French origin from Montmorency-Beaufort in France before they became British Peers. Henri Beaufour is a Jesuit Georgetown educated French billionaire and he lives in London. His sister Anne Beaufour is also a billionaire. The House of Beaufort and Dukes of Somerset are a high level nobility intermarried with the royal houses of Plantagenet, Tudor, York, and Stuart. Today the Dukes of Somerset and Beaufort are headed up by Henry Somerset, 12th Duke of Beaufort and John Seymour, 19th Duke of Somerset. The Beaufort and Somerset families are the primary owners of the Southern Mafia.
Criminal groups and bank robbers like the Dillinger Gang helped to establish the modern Southern Mafia and organized crime in the south and mid west region of the United States. John Dillinger’s ancestry is from Germany, France, and England with his mother Mary Ellen Lancaster taking her name from Lancaster, England and his father with German-French ancestry from Metz, France near the German border. Queen Elizabeth II is the Duchess of Lancaster today inherited through her English ancestry. The Dillinger name derives from Dillingen, Germany which became owned by the Plantagenet family and they passed that territory over to the House of Wittelsbach. The House of Lancaster is a cadet branch of the House of Plantagenet. The House of Beaufort and House of Somerset are cadet branches of the House of Lancaster. Dillingen is also the name of a town in Beaufort, Luxembourg. The old English royal family frequently married with French nobles. Its these bloodline factions that own the Confederate Cartel. Organized crime is financed by foreign powers which use them for earning hidden wealth and used as enforcers which blackmail, extort, and corrupt businessmen and politicians. Jim Justice is a the billionaire Governor of West Virginia whose companies owe millions in taxes and fines.
The Dixie Mafia are very influential in their region and covertly working with Hells Angels owned by the Windsor family, Sons of Silence owned by the Bush family and covertly working with the more powerful Italian Mafia. The royal families which own the organized crime groups all work together in their effort to dominate society and also compete with each other. The Southern Mafia are involved with weapons and drug trafficking, contract killings, threats, extortion, prostitution, and gambling. The Southern Mafia have a covert authority over the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas which is owned by the House of Windsor and some British and German nobilities. The House of Windsor and many German noble families were directly involved with the Nazis. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas which is different and separate from the Aryan Brotherhood are enforcers, street soldiers, and a cover for this older Southern Mafia. Kirksey Nix is the most notable member of the Dixie Mafia. Randy Nix is a politician from Alabama and James Kelly Nix is a politician from Louisiana. They also work with biker gangs which are involved in the trucking industry. The Dixie crime syndicate or Confederate Cartel mostly operates off grid and this enables them be off the radar with the authorities to an extent however the FBI must be more aware of them yet have never released their organizational structure or crime factions. It was Charles Bonaparte of the French House of Bonaparte that established the FBI.

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