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Getting Your Light and Dark Aspect in Perfect Balance

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Getting Your Light and Dark Aspect in Perfect Balance

By Staff Contributor

In life, there are good days and bad days. It can’t all be good as you need the bad to make you appreciate the good. You will need the bad situations to teach you to fear. Fear is our inbred protection system, without it, we are doomed. In the animal world, it is called instinct. Which is the reason that some animals live longer than others. Luckily for us, we are not part of this food chain but there was a time that man was hunted, and without this primal instinct which we are all born with, humankind would simply not be here today never mind at the top of the food chain.
With this instinct, people have learned, not only to survive but also to be cruel. Greed has become the master, with this constant need for more, there are winners and losers. The victor and the failure, the beggar and the priest. There’s good and bad in all of us. There is a need to identify which trait is leading in order to have empathy towards others. We need both to survive in this rat race because if you cant stand up for yourself, you will be stood on.
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Using both traits is essential. We all have the wisdom to do this, yet it is whether we choose to do so, that makes the difference. There are a few signs that you are leading a life with compassion and yet you are going to come out ahead at the end.
Do you get along with people? More importantly, how do you get along with your other half? Charity begins at home.
Do you see a constant change in your personal relationships? Is the change positive? You cant get along with everyone all of the time, but are the peaceful times constant?
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How do you perceive yourself, the higher you are, the harder you fall. Take a step down.
Growth is essential, and we come up with new ideas, yet you also need to be able to identify when something is not working and have the wisdom to give up and try something else.
When we fail it is easy to blame, situations other people or simply blame the universe. When our energies integrate, you will steer to self-improvement and realise that the solution comes from oneself.
In everyday life, it is hard to keep smiling. It is when you spread more smiles and fewer tears you know you are succeeding.
When you say “How are you?” and actually wait for the response and listen. It is so easy to have these words become a meaningless habit.
You should see more good than bad around you. It is so easy to get consumed by negativity. See solutions and not problems.
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When you no longer need to be right. Sometimes it is great to say you were wrong. Take a lesson from that experience. This is considered growth. It is more than ok to admit you can learn from someone else.
When you can see your negative traits and realise they are part of who you are. Perhaps adapt rather than change. There is no such thing as perfection.
When you can spend time in nature and life. Once in a while, it is more than acceptable to binge on a television programme. Would it not be far more fulfilling spending the day productively.
When you are alert to Synchronicity. Know what it means? Carl Jung interpreted this unrelated coincidence. Perhaps a premonition followed by an occurrence that you just can’t deny it being related. Ever have a dream and then it manifest? This is Synchronicity.
Whilst we are in that tone of mind of being alert, how about feeding it with nature. Hug that tree, smell those flowers. The only true gift life gives you, the best ones you will ever have comes from Mother Nature.
When you think differently, you will do things differently. You will start to think things and situations through. You will not do so by habit or what you have been told to. When you can decide for yourself, and truly by yourself, your mind will be in the driving seat. There is no better way to go through life.
The conclusion; when you do good, good will happen. When bad happens, let it not be caused by you. Learn to turn it into the lesson so that you can grow.  When there is a cloud, there will be rain. After every shower comes a rainbow and then there too has to be sunshine. We need to appreciate and love all.
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By Theresa,
Enlightened Consciousness

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