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Important Signs Of Synchronicity You Need To Pay Attention To

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Important Signs Of Synchronicity You Need To Pay Attention To
By Staff Contributor

Fancy yourself aligned with the Universe or is it just a coincidence? There is a word for it – Synchronicity.
Think of willing something to happen, and it does. “Waynes World” – “it will be mine” – it is not an affirmation, more like something that happens and you knew it would before it does.

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Here are a few situations worthy of discussion:
Have you ever been down and out on your luck and something happens like a bomb exploding to give you the solution? Like not having money to pay attention, going to the ATM and there is a bill hanging from the machine, and no one is in sight. Or perhaps not having enough for pizza delivery and going through your jackets and finding a wad of cash that you sure as hell would have used. Somehow you must have forgotten about it. Coincidence? You needed it so desperately at that very moment; I think not!
How about that person in your thoughts, that you have not seen in ages and suddenly they phone you. Ever happened to you? “Talk about the Devil,” how often have you said that?
All around you is a number, the same ones. You see 888 in your dreams, then on a barcode, drive past # 8 on the post box. Eight times the chocolates in a box. I suggest playing number 8 in the lotto. The universe is talking to you, listen!
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So you have some great days when everything just goes your way. Perfect timing for the train, minutes to spare for the bus when it is just about to leave when you hop on. Everything is just going your way. Getting to the bank on your lunch break and there is no one in the queue, yip, yip, we have some awesome days at times.
You are obsessed with a song, it’s on your mind, your head and everywhere it follows you. Everyone must love it because it is playing everywhere. Yes, that’s the reason – Not! The Universe is feeding your soul – enjoy.
How about always secretly wanting a Bonsai but not having the money to indulge and it is one of your birthday gifts. Best present ever right. Geez, the person knows you so well or is there something else at play?
When you are missing someone who died years ago,  you close your eyes and see their face, it’s like a movie playing in your head and then later check the date and see that this is the very day they passed, think deep – coincidence?
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When life has you by the short and curlies, and you simply can’t see straight, on the threshold of throwing in the towel and suddenly the person who can talk sense into your head sheds some light. Brings on ideas that you were blinded too makes new opportunities doable. Changes the way you think to create a new path, the path that will lead you to success. Maybe it is a book, could be that seminar that a friend asked you to attend because they did not want to go alone. Perhaps it is an ad in the paper for a job you would never have thought of doing, but it is the start of the career you should have been in – This is Synchronicity.
By Theresa,

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