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Order of Jokers

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Order of Jokers  Illuminati+shqip

Order of Jokers

The Royal Order of Jesters is a Masonic division of the Shriners and headed up by the Furstenberg family of Germany and the Colonna family of Rome. The Shriners are also known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. As a European Masonic Order it is Arabic in relation to the Moorish invasion of Europe. The Furstenberg family have a Jester on their coat of arms and have a broad range of influence in politics, banking, and corporations. Court Jesters were used by royalty in medieval times and this still continues today. The headquarters of the Royal Order of Jesters is in Hawaii where Barack Obama is from. Barack Obama is a Masonic Jester trained in arrogant mockery. Obama made jokes about using drones to kill the Jonas Brothers. The US military uses drones to bomb what they claim are terrorists in the Middle East and admit that they also kill civilians during these attacks. Jesters specialize in mocking the truth and making jokes to deflect away from serious issues. Some Jesters are extremely malicious and specialize in terrorism, trickery, and threats and this type can be seen in entertainment like the Joker in Batman. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse are examples of sadistic Jesters and they have a large cult following known as Juggalos with a portion of them part of violent street gangs also called Juggalos. Juggalo gang members are insane blood intoxicated terrorists known for carrying out violent attacks and murder. Jim Carrey is a high level Court Jester in Hollywood and mocks people who expose the Illuminati. Jerry Seinfeld is a high level member of the Order of Jesters. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is likely a female associate of the Jesters and also one of the highest level witches in the United States. Prince Urbano Riario Sforza Barberini Colonna di Sciarra is an Italian comedian and he oversees the comedic aspect of the Order of Jesters. Jesters are the nature of joyful wickedness. They get joy from terrorizing, humiliating, and torturing people. The Order of Jesters is all about psychological warfare.
The Colbert family were a lower French nobility with Jean-Baptiste Colbert a Minister of Finance in France. Stephen Colbert is has been made the Crowned Jester in the United States and he is a major gatekeeper using comedy to distract from the serious issues and political corruption. Colbert is extremely arrogant. The news media even considers him to be a legitimate member of the news media. The French House of Colbert use a serpent on their coat of arms and that is exactly the nature of Stephen Colbert. Colbert gets paid very well to consciously spread disinformation and lies backed up by comedy to distract society away from criminals that are attempting a full takeover of society. Jesters also operate as an online cult that cyber stalk people exposing criminals and they use mockery to do it. Seth MacFarlane is a high level Jester who subtly mixes comedy with sadism and evil. Alex Jones was even initiated by the Royal Order of Jesters and did a show as the joker. Alex Jones often acts like a fool which is used to discredit people who speak out against corruption. An FBI report right off the FBI’s website details John Trowbridge as a member of the New York Buffalo’s chapter of the Royal Order of Jesters and he was involved with transporting prostitutes to a Kentucky Jester Lodge and there were also admitted fellow Jesters also involved. Secret societies like Freemasonry and the Order of Jesters are involved with sex slavery, pedophilia, human sacrifice, and a multitude of depravity which is part of their real initiations. They use initiations like this to incorporate others into corruption and so they can blackmail members if they try to leave or expose these groups. The most common practice among these Jesters is the consumption of adrenochrome and adrenaline filled human blood and then terrorizing people like sadistic clowns. It is called the Royal Order of Jesters because it is controlled by the royal families. Prince Heinrich of Furstenberg and Prince Alexander of Furstenberg are the top managers of the Royal Order of Jesters and they oversee the sadistic and terroristic aspect of the Order of Jesters.

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