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Challenge to Jerzy Babkowski/ZAP the Ghoulish Barber of Calgary

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Dear Jerky

If we here on Out Of Mind & Dinar Daily have had a hand in diminishing the flow of donations to your Paypal that is fantastic but I think you give us "naysayers" to much credit.

You fail to even consider that you have accomplished this all by yourself (classic narcissistic trait) with your constant lies and bullshit stories that you have repeated literally word for word for over 5 years as Zap. Even the gullible little ol' ladies from RMN and the love and light crowd see through you and no longer jump to help you! Not to mention almost ALL the bloggers that used to carry the Poof reports want NOTHING to do with you and no longer post your Zap crap lies any longer!

So this "prickly matter" you have to deal with belongs to you and your group of liars as you have done this all to yourselves! If you were on the up and up why not provide REAL documentation to prove to us naysayers what a truthful humanitarian you really are?  You sure jumped on sending the Tara Tailfeather's pics to William as proof that at least one of your imaginary special friends was real. How horrific for her family to learn of how Tara was treated posthumously by the likes of you and that group of paramedics at the scene. Cutting hair from a dead Indian girl's corpse might also have helped to sully your reputation don't you think?

As for you being legal... those that "interviewed you" were doing so on the Tailfeathers mess you created by the urging of her family. And yes we all know that conning the gullible to donate to you is not illegal. Asking them to hit the friends & family button is a loop hole that ALL of you donation whores fancy and though unethical is not illegal. Now the avoidance of taxes is. Good luck with that once this bites you in the ass... and it will.

So Jerky I challenge you to provide PROOF that Mary exists and that she is in fact in a hotel in Texas being cared for by her sister waiting for a bone marrow transplant as you say. Hotel bill receipts, O2 tank delivery receipts, ANY receipts will do. Put up or shut up you con artist!!! Prove us wrong...

More here:






So here is Jerzy's idea of proof...



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