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9-28-2012 TerryK: Hey everyone. Well, I do have news and u will like it. 8 calls in 30 min time. I don’t care where it goes anymore. I had a face to face with a three letter agency tonight here in the hotel. We chatted for 5 min. First chapter 7 is to be over. National conference released. Now keep in mind this is from like 8 different calls and I’m throwing it all together. China says some bankers (inside) are cashing in tonight. This will not go into October. We are to see this Sunday night. UST is still in lock down. It’s not coming out at 3.22, not at 3.86; but it will be paired .50 higher than Kuwait. That came out of an agreement tied to chapter 7. Now here is the kicker. Kuwait is going to RV as well. VND is to be right at .97 (again rumor) to be paired with the USD. Treat as rumor. OK, this is coming from 8 different calls tonight. My battery went dead. I had to put it on charge. No kidding. Now don’t go out and buy more. Treat this as a rumor. Also keep in mind Monday is the start of the New Year for Iraq.

9-28-2012 DocDinar: Have you ever spent an afternoon in the backyard maybe grilling up some burgers when suddenly you notice that everything becomes real quiet? The air seems still and calm. Even the birds stop singing. After a few minutes you feel a change in the air and some ominous clouds appear overhead. A few big drops start to hit hard. You quickly pack up and dash into the house narrowly missing the huge downpour that follows. IMO, that is precisely where we are at right now – the quiet calm before the storm. Get ready!

9-28-2012 BondLady: CBI to hasten to activate its role and intensify its intervention in the monetary authority is prescribed exercise pressure on the dollar balloon again and again. They are saying hurry up and do it or the dollar will just go up an up over and over and more counterfeits will come over and costing the treasury at least 5% of its profits. Dinar is covered by more than sixty billion dollars can be increased day by day, which eventually lead to the disappearance of zeros automatically one after another. See, I often thought that’s what raising the 000 meant. The more they take out of circulation the higher the bank reserves get and fast which eventually leads to the disappearance of zeros automatically one after another. Is that not powerful or what! Automatically remove the 000 so they are talking liquidization.

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No Erbil agreement, = NO RV!!

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