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Use Your Energy Boundaries to Boost Your Intuition

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Use Your Energy Boundaries to Boost Your Intuition

- By Dylan Harper - Mar 12, 2018

Do you know how to work with your energy boundaries?

Boost Your Intuition by Managing Your Energy Boundaries

We are all intuitives: intuition is an innate skill we are all born with. The problem is we don’t know how to use it, so we’re less than we could be, at home and at work. We can change that by learning to manage our energy boundaries.
Not what you thought, right? You’re thinking we learn intuition by working on it, but that’s really the second step. The first step is to understand energy and our energy bodies.
Here’s the thing. Intuition is a fuzzy concept. We either think it’s limited to the occasional hit or to a professional intuitive, or we’re leery because for many people “intuition” is spelled “woo-woo,” and life is hard enough. But the truth is, intuition is real and always at work, so we need to support it.
We do that by understanding that our intuition, and, really, our entire lives are affected by our energy body. When that gets knocked off balance, which often happens, we’re lucky to avoid a messy downward spiral.
To stay healthy and balanced, to be our best selves, to easily tap our intuition (and our healing abilities), we need to first understand energy and our energy bodies.

Understanding Energy

So what is energy? Simply put, everything we see and don’t see is energy. The Empire State Building? Yes. The words “Reiki” and “democracy”? Yes. Our bodies and our minds? Yes.

We can understand energy by thinking of it as vibration, or frequency: for example, you tune into radio station 92.5 FM or TV channel 5. Or think of energy as the beam of a flashlight. If you wave your fingers in front of the beam to make bunny ears, you’re having fun, yes, but you’re blocking energy (the beam of light). Intriguing and easy to understand, right?
Energy flows freely until it is blocked. What blocks it? Pretty much everything! Our experiences. Our thoughts. Our beliefs, especially religious and cultural ones, and the most important: our belief that we just might be (or are) unworthy of love.
When we’re blocked, things don’t work as well, at home or at work. We’re tired and stressed, even uncomfortable in crowds. We give ourselves away, so there’s nothing left for us. The world, our friends and family, our jobs, all run rough-shod over us, which isn’t always intentional, but often happens because our energy boundaries aren’t strong enough to prevent it.

Exploring Our Energy Boundaries

What are these boundaries? Our energy boundary, or body, is really an unseen additional layer that surrounds our physical body and filters our experiences, helping attract things to us and keep out unwanted influences. The catch is we don’t know much about them, if anything, so we can’t effectively manage them.
It helps to think of our energy boundaries in two ways. First as us, inside our energy body, looking out at and exploring the world. Second, as the world looking back at us, exploring how to get in.
When our energy boundaries are healthy, this give and take is fairly simple, because it really is a natural process. When we’re feeling and acting great is a perfect time to learn how our boundaries work and fine-tune them. Because that’s their job—and ours.
The problem is when things are tough we’re triggered, and we realize we could be handling life better. That’s when it’s critical to learn, or even re-learn, how to manage our energy boundaries because when they’re not functioning properly we aren’t our best. We can feel it—and so can the world around us, from our friends and family to those who, well, aren’t. Sadly, that can be used against us.
So what can we do to manage our energy boundaries? Experiment with them when we’re out and about to learn how they react. We can also learn to put ourselves first, which is surviving and thriving, not egotistical. That can include creating rituals for daily activities, going on walks in nature, taking a coffee (or chocolate) break when we need to, and balancing work with play.
Ready to dig deep and learn how your energy boundaries work and how to bolster them? Want tips and techniques that will help you at home and at work?
Our energy boundaries are our superpower. Understanding how to manage them is critical to everything we do, including learning to use our intuition as easily and naturally as we breathe. Once we do that, we become our best selves, empowering ourselves to create dynamic personal and business lives. Because we deserve it. So does the world: you are needed.
by Robyn M Fritz
Robyn M Fritz MA MBA CHt is an OM Times Expert and hosts the OM Times radio show, The Practical Intuitive: Mind Body Spirit for the Real World. She offers personal and business intuition, mediumship, animal communication, soul regression hypnotherapy, soul progression clearing, shamanic modalities, and energy healing. An award-winning author, she offers webinars, workshops, and talks on intuitive and healing topics. Find her at

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