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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » NOW All They Have to DO is Wake up to the Fact that ALL Political Parties WorldWIDE are Controlled by the SAME Puppet Masters

NOW All They Have to DO is Wake up to the Fact that ALL Political Parties WorldWIDE are Controlled by the SAME Puppet Masters

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NOW All They Have to DO is Wake up to the Fact that ALL Political Parties WorldWIDE are Controlled by the SAME Puppet Masters

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 29-Sep-2012 15:00:07
In Response To: The World is Waking Up to the New World Order (Revel

When are YOU going to realize this?
Once you wake up to this fact and realize that neither political party has our best interests at heart, then ALL of the people of the world can join together and BRING these SOBs DOWN.
Waking up the world is what RMN is all about.
Bringing down the SOBs is what OITC is all about.
Do you think there is any coincidence that my late husband, Gunther and his family... WORLDWIDE... was doing this?
I did not KNOW that OITC and the family that Gunther referred to were one and the same. I just recently figured it out.

I've been doing one thing since 1993, and that has been waking the world to the scam known as the Federal Reserve... and its nefarious owners.
Now that most of the people of the world know about the new world order... it is time for ALL people to wake up and realize that ALL POLITICAL parties worldwide are controlled from the top down by the new world order. If you are still owing allegiance to one of the other of the parties... then you have to ask yourself how brain washed are YOU by the new world order media.
Once we move beyond the two political parties, we must move back to the local level. And we must go back to originating amendments at the state level. It's in the Constitution, the Congress has just ignored it for a hundred years. There is a movement starting to take the amendments back to the state.
The first one to be passed IMO needs to be a 6 year non renewable term for the Presidency so that we will have NO more October Surprises that pull the world to the brink of nuclear holocaust.

Local is where we must concentrate our efforts. We must take over our towns and counties and states. That is the ONLY way that FREE men and women will survive what's coming.
If Obama is re-elected we will see Nazi Germany all over again... but on a larger scale.
If Romney is elected, it may take a bit longer, unless the United States is attacked with nuclear bombs, which the neocons may gladly supply in order to finally destroy the ONLY opposition to the new world order... the United States.
I personally don't believe Romney is controlled by the neocons. The Mormons are not neocons. I think the dream I had of him being assassinated on the day he was sworn in as President may be a forewarning of what the new world order will do if he is elected. I think the near air disaster that Ann Romney had was a message to Mitt... Join us or ELSE!!
If I am right about the Mormons being created by the Knight Templars, then we have to hope that within the Mormon hierarchy that knowledge still exists... and if Mitt does get elected... and does survive his inauguration, then with God's help, the Templars who are in
the Mormon church will prevail and save this country.

Back in 1776 the Templars were working through the Masons. Templars in the Philippines work through the tribal chiefs, and in China they work through the members of the Chinese royal family. Templars are everyone and in every organization. They are the protectors of humans world wide and they have been fighting the new world order monsters for over 5,000 years.
They had another name way back then... when I have the complete facts on this and not just pieces of the puzzle that many of us here on RMN have put together... I will present them.
If you absolutely have to vote for someone that may have a chance to overthrow the new world order... then I would vote for Romney. Because with him there is a faint glimmer of hope that the ancient Templars may ride again.
As for what the Templars think of the Masons... here's what Gunther said about the Masons: "They built their fake order on the charred remains of Jacques DeMolay".
Jacques was the last Grand Master of the Templar who was slowly roasted alive using a coal fire at his feet. It took him over a day to finally lose all his fluids and die.
Needless to say, the Templars of today do not think much of the Masons. But the Templars have used many different organizations, including the Masons, the Navy, royal families and others to carry on their work.

Obama is controlled by the new world order. At the moment so is Mitt Romney. Will Romney be controlled once he is president? I don't know... and you can bet that even the new world order doesn't know either. This is why I think I had that dream. Hopefully Mitt will have his own trusted and loyal SEALs on the roof of every building in Washington DC. I would not leave security up to the Obama administration on Inauguration day.
One thing that Romney will have to do is hire loyal SEALS to guard every member of his family that he loves. Ross Perot had to do this so he could run for President. I suspect Perot still has trusted guards because GHW Bush still hates him and wants him dead!!
There seems to be no hope this election year. If you can find any... please post it because the way I see it only GOD can help us now.

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