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Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks and Seth Rich

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Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks and Seth Rich

War has always been about theft of kind or another. Traditionally, it’s meant conquering and usurping territory and resources. In modern times, it has also come to mean the business of war; where military contractors and government entities take enormous allocations from annual defense budgets. The targets today are not just the traditional state enemies but also include the Taxpayer, the object of total surveillance and media mind control, who must not rock the boat over being divested of hundreds of billions of dollars every year.
As everybody knows, the US spends more than China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, the UK, Japan and Germany combined, with an annual budget of $611 billion versus the others’ combined total of $595 billion in 2016. This does not include the US’ Black Budget, which according to the Snowden leaks totaled $52 billion in 2012.
Woe betide anybody who threatens this massive racket, whose profits are only surpassed (more than doubled, in fact) by the financial industry.
For over two centuries, Russia has been branded the enemy of the West. This Boogey Man status remains, even though Russia’s population growth peaked in 1991 and its economy is ranked #12, after Brazil, Canada and South Korea. Russia does not represent anything like the geopolitical threat posed by China, by unfathomable orders of magnitude. The Russkie Boogey Man exists solely for the business purposes of the Military-Industrial Complex.
“The Great Game” was a political and diplomatic confrontation that existed for most of the nineteenth century between the British Empire and the Russian Empire over control of Central Asia and India. It continues to this day, with the ongoing US invasion Afghanistan (the longest war in US history) and in the abiding Russophobia propounded by the DC Establishment, with its accusations of “Russian hacking” and “Russian collusion” in the 2016 Presidential Election.
“The Great Game” was reignited on the UK front over the past week, with the rapidly escalating Skirpal poisoning case, which has now seen 23 Russian diplomats expelled from Britain and Russia’s expulsion in kind of 23 UK diplomats and with the UK and the now US voicing concerns about “Russian cyber reprisals” against its financial and infrastructure targets.
Kim Dotcom, the Finnish-German-Kiwi Internet impresario gets this. It’s not every day that we get to see him speak. He joined Black Pilled 10 hours ago to drop some truth:
“The government is not really for the people anymore. The government is for commercial interests. It’s all about business. It’s all about their donors. It’s all about the Military-Industrial Complex; the people that profiteer from us going to war, that profit here from terror and conflict around the world.
“The CIA and the NSA and all these spy agencies; the entire intelligence community is really just a lobbying group for people who want to make money with war. That is what this is all about. Their business is done by murdering millions of people. There’s one law for them, one law for us. It’s all about the commercial interests, the money, it’s not about the people anymore.
“This awakening is happening, it’s showing itself and it’s only going to grow and I think, over the next decade or two, we’re going to see more and more people getting elected that are not the Deep State candidates that are like Trump, where people have hope that he will actually go in there and disrupt the corruption and change things and it will become increasingly difficult for the Deep State to maintain their power within politics and that is why – and I find this the most incredible development right now in the United States – 25% of the Democratic candidates in this 2018 election are intelligence community members, they’re people from the CIA, from the NSA because the Deep State realizes they can no longer rely on their puppets because the people have been waking up to the facts.
“We now need to put our own people into Congress and the Senate and take over power that way. This is an act of desperation, that is how I see it and they realize that their power is fading, that they are getting more and more exposed and that ultimately, they might completely be destroyed because of people that understand what’s going on.
“One of the big motors that is driving this is WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and everyone should support this guy 100%. We have exposed the Fake News media we have shown how they really operate. Sometimes, you need to put someone in place you will never think should be president; just to expose them, to expose the ways they work and how the system works.
“The Deep State has gone too far this time, because all of this media reporting about “Russia, Russia, Russia,” every day, day in and out. People are getting it. People are understanding now; what we can’t trust our media and that is what gives rise to other alternative media organizations.
“So, to everyone who hates Trump and the fact that I supported him, it also opens the eyes of a lot of people and that is really the greatest achievement of Trump’s election: that everyone now understands you cannot trust the media. They are lying to you, day in, day out because they are in bed with the same people that cause all these wars, that want to sell their weapons, that want to be intelligence contractors, that shift billions and billions of dollars, hundreds of billions of dollars, every year from the taxpayer into their own pockets…
“That is really why we are seeing this media landscape to be so completely obedient to the State and not reporting to us anymore what’s really going on. Investigative journalism is mostly dead and there are really only a handful of rebels left that are reporting the truth and that is why it’s so important that we all get behind WikiLeaks and that we support new Alternative Media organizations. The truth is the enemy of the Deep State. The truth is what keeps us informed to make informed decisions. If we are informed about why they go to war and what the real consequences of it are and everything, then we wouldn’t go to war.
“They need to keep us down they need to try and manipulate the media and do all this propaganda work – Let me give you one example: Every Hollywood movie that is about war is mostly a heroic propaganda piece for the US military, you know, how all these soldiers and everyone helps each other and how great it is; the camaraderie and you know, how “We’re fighting for a free world” and “We are the best!” but in reality, when you look at it all, these Hollywood studios directly, indirectly benefit financially for making these movies. They get tax cuts, they get access to military machinery.
“The CIA has a huge department just for working with movie makers to basically influence their scripts, influence their stories. “If you say it in [a certain] way, then you can have access to this plane carrier and you can film our fighter jets,” and all this stuff so, you know it’s not just the media that is being manipulated to sell us wars, it is also Hollywood that turns these wars into some kind of awesome thing that the US Government does and that the US is such a good operator, globally that we should all just be happy that we have such a good force for peace and and righteousness.
“But in reality, when you really look at the truth and you read some of these WikiLeaks documents, you see that none of it is the reality. It’s all a big fake story, you know. These people that are going to war and killing millions of millions of innocent people, they are the devil. They are evil. There’s nothing righteous about what they do but they are very sophisticated in lying to us. They have really mastered the way of manipulating the information that we get, how we get it, how we consume it and to make us feel like, “It’s okay. What they’re doing is just for the good, I don’t need my privacy, I’m doing nothing wrong, they can spy on all of us,” and the reason why you think that way is because they have manipulated you over decades with their propaganda in a very sophisticated way.
“All these companies, these large US tech companies, they are now in bed with the Deep State and they love it because, what do they get in return? They get more power. Their businesses are less scrutinized, they get away with more stuff. Where the government would usually say, a long, long time ago, “Well, maybe that’s not really appropriate that you sell this user data to all these companies.”
“At the same time, they are at the table with the most powerful people in the world. It makes them feel powerful. It makes them feel like, ‘We are part of something bigger,’ you know, ‘We are insiders now!’
“The Deep State is a business. It’s a business operation, okay? The Russia Department of the Deep State is a significant percentage of their business. Imagine if, all of a sudden, relations with Russia were friendly and we were at peace and we were cooperating and everything was happy? That means that this large department has to shut down or has to significantly be reduced in its numbers, which ultimately means a significant budget cut for the Deep State and obviously, they don’t want this.
“It was not Russia that hacked the DNC. It was their very own conduct, that an individual was so unhappy with it, thought it was so unfair and dishonest and unethical that that person decided, ‘I want the truth to be known.’ This is how we get the truth. It’s people on the inside, like Snowden seeing what’s happening, how our rights are being undermined, how the processes are being perverted to achieve an outcome that is predetermined, that some powerful people have made in a boardroom and are now pushing down our throats…
“It is sad that Hillary Clinton is still seen by quite a large number of people in the US as a clean operator. She is a complete fraud, a criminal scum, and I’m really happy, even though it’s really a tiny, tiny, tiny role that I played but I’m really happy that I was a part of stopping her from becoming President and I’m really proud of WikiLeaks for having had a part in stopping that crazy bitch from becoming president! Excuse my language. She is a bitch.”

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