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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » HISTORIES MYSTERIES » Hundreds of Ancient "Giant Jars" Found In Laos?

Hundreds of Ancient "Giant Jars" Found In Laos?

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Mystery History

Published on Mar 24, 2018

Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Steemit: Within a place called "Laos, a landlocked country in the heart of the Indo-Chinese peninsula. Is probably one of the most confusing archaeological sites on earth... We have often covered possible evidence, left within countless newspaper archives, logged witness testimonies and indeed many stolen bodies, of a type of ancient human far larger than we are today. Additionally, there are many intriguing ancient giant artefacts, which have been found at many sites around the world, tools, utensils and structures, created in such scales, they would be virtually useless in the hands of modern sized people. And our archaeological site within Laos, could perhaps be seen as one of the more compelling remnants… Possibly left by this gigantic race of humans. However, what is seemingly the most perplexing mystery regarding this site, is the aply-named, "Frogman," discovered at the centre of this entire historical puzzle… Known as the "Plain of Jars," it is an enormous ancient site, littered with countless giant stone jars, manufactured to such a scale, they are clearly far too large for any practical use by humans of today... Numbering over 400 at just on one site, the original purpose for these stone jars high up in these locations, if indeed they were manufactured by our ancient ancestors, is a question which has evaded modern explanation, and may remain impossible to answer. Out of the many hundreds of jars, it would seem none were ever decorated, all remained completely blank, except 1 single jar… A single giant jar adorned with the image of a "Frogman." According to academia, the jars date from the Iron Age around 500 BC, although any compelling reasoning for this remains elusive. It is undoubtedly one of the most important prehistoric sites in Southeast Asia, and it undoubtedly deserves more attention. Who carved these enormous jars? Why make them to such enormous, and thus impractical sizes? Where did the stone come from? Or indeed, how were they carried to their final resting places high up on these plateaus? Were they possibly made by a race of giants? Who is our "Frogman character? Was this single image a signature, left by the original makers of these giant Jars? Unfortunately, we may never know


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