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The Truth About Aliens. Retired NATO Intelligence Analyst, Robert Dean Speaks (Re-upload

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Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic


Robert is correct. I'm done with being called an "alien", and, what's really hilarious?

He speaks of humans becoming galactic citizens and doesn't provide tools.

A simple tool is already part of many peoples lives.

Responsibility bat boy .

Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
We are already irresponsible Galactic Citzens who have damaged and destroyed a whole planet. Lets just say we will most likely always be quarantined here. Like the parasites humans are. I came in the second wave here as a Star kid, now adult, this planet and the people on for the most part are living in and have created a floating dump called Earth. What highly evolved beings would favor humans that do not take personal responsibility, waiting for jesus /galatics to save them from what they have done to a whole planet and then blame others like cabal, when humans had plenty of time to do the right thing and save the Earth. What natives were taught by ets, the ceremonies to balance the earth and heal her, activating energies to keep everything in balance but they have been murdered off. That work falls upon us, but we have to stop using, buying, throwing away..and get sustainable. I have seen other worlds when I do during my shamanic medical intuitive sessions, let me tell you how far we are off from being able to live in one of those worlds from our thinking, to how we live, how we act and the whole scale of humans. What I have seen of the future is that is already embeded is frightening.


4The Truth About Aliens. Retired NATO Intelligence Analyst, Robert Dean Speaks (Re-upload Empty It's too easy! on Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:47 pm


Yep,'ve said it all.
Especially, when you speak of the knowledge and practices of Indigenous Peoples.

Genocide? You bettcha. Gotta kill off those with true wisdom to keep pockets full of cash and the power to be perverts.

It the same treatment for those of us who actually work with the Peoples to open access to galactic community.

If people would use their own full potential in a conscious human cooperation we can repair, heal and restore. It's too easy for humans to grasp!!!

However, what's paraded as consciouness is merely more self deception.

Why? Most humans are stuck in fear of their own inner core, their true origin. lol

Plus, the made-up stories, conjecture, ignorance  and the willingness of sleeping people to listen, hear, see, finance and follow 95% of these self anointed  "alien" and et icons who, themselves, are merely stupid, easly led, insecure as humans and/or just greedy.

At the top of the stupid list is to petition a dysfunctional government for "disclosure".  Those who followed this path are now registered on the "big" list!

While we may grieve gun action in schools and streets? 

We are all killers with out guns. The Truth About Aliens. Retired NATO Intelligence Analyst, Robert Dean Speaks (Re-upload 1229163915

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