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Greg Giles... Fake or Real?

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1 Greg Giles... Fake or Real? on Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:57 pm


After spending the day reading all of the info on this latest development on the Giles meltdown, I was curious as to what you members here think about this happening?

My opinion is that he is now and has been a fake all along. I do not believe he has been hacked by the cabal.

Anyone else want to chime in and give their thoughts on this and other channelers?




2 Re: Greg Giles... Fake or Real? on Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:41 pm


This is a response from the Webmaster of The Hollow Earth Network

This is not my opinion



For many months we have been utilizing messages from The Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command through their channel, Greg Giles. In fact, I personally have had more confidence in these messages, than almost any, except Zorra's.

In more recent times, Greg, the messenger, has been personally attacked for information relayed through him. Folks, in this dimension, we will never have 100% agreement on any subject; and that is particularly true as we venture into this transitional period leading to Ascension.

Energies are at play here that are beyond our 3rd and 4th dimensional capacity for discernment. We must be wise, and be aware of our current limitations. Let us not be so pompous as to assume we can contain the vast knowledge of the Universe within the 1-quart capacity of our human brain. Humility, peace, love, harmony and understanding will be the watchwords of our current wisdom.

Greg's postings stopped after the September 23rd message. About two days after that, I felt an emptiness and wondered about Greg's presence. Through my own asking, I came to believe and understand that Greg was no longer here on the Earth plane. I shared this with only two close and highly evolved friends. Today, one of them gave me their information that was in agreement with mine.

As you will remember from the September 20th Message: The Moment You Have Waited For...

"you tell them that there is an opportunity available to them right now. It is not available to them many years from now or many months from now. It is available to them right now. The doors are opening. We have used this metaphor for you for quite some time and we feel many of you are now familiar with what this metaphor describes. This metaphor describes more precisely dimensional doorways, dimensional gateways as you may know them. These dimensional gateways are now opening. They are physically opening.

"We no longer have to present metaphor here, for many of you now completely understand what we are describing for you. We are describing gateways that are now allowing members of your race, the human race, to walk through thresholds into the higher realms of this universe. Yes, this is exactly what we are saying to you now. The moment that so many of you have been waiting for for so long is now upon you. What do you think about that? Do you find that exciting? Do you find that thrilling? Do you find that surprising at all that what has been promised you for so long has now finally arrived?

"You and so many like you now have the blessed opportunity of ascension. Yes, we have spoken these words. It is now the time. The time is now here. None of you, and that is not one of you, have to wait any longer. There are only a few of you who have at this time raised your vibrations sufficiently, adequately, high enough to make the 'connection,' if you will, and be able to 'hook into' or 'plug into' the higher realms. Again, here we are utilizing the technique of metaphor, for there really is no better way to describe this process to you rather than to say you are plugging in to the higher dimensions. You are matching the higher frequencies of this universe and you are zeroing in on them as if you are tuning in a radio station with your car stereo.

"...There are those of you who can now leave for the final summer vacation. You never have to return here to this school. What do you think about that? Does this fill you with joy? Does this fill you with happiness? Does this fill you with excitement and expectation of what awaits you? Well, we say get ready for surprises, for it is going to be fantastic. It is going to be glorious, stupendous, thrilling, and we say to you it is available to you right now. There is nothing that you are waiting on any longer. You can leave your school now, leave your illusion and enter reality and we are waiting here on our side, in our home with open arms and open hearts and we say to you, what is it you are waiting for? Come home. Come home now."

And it is my understanding that Greg, his dog Rico and his twin brother Glenn have done just that. If you read the whole September 20th message, you will see this question answered when Greg was asking about his own Ascension.

So what do we do now? You may want to go to our RECORDED CALLS page and listen to the September 22nd call ... right there at the beginning. Here we learn that our own Peter Olson has already been exploring the higher dimensions now that we are free to pass through these dimensional gateways. And in answer to some of our questions of "How?" -- we learn from Peter our new pathway.

So ... yesterday, that was that! Greg has returned home. And he was definitely ready, as he has been working hard while at the same time being verbally assaulted by those not ready for our coming future.

Yes ... and what was in this for Greg? Was he a website asking for donations? No. Did he charge for subscriptions? No. He, as I, worked from before breakfast till bedtime, right here at the computer. It is hard work. We must keep our brains clear and functional after many hours focused on details. It is a Service. And our only reward is the friendships we make and the emails of thanks. And the beat goes on! Every day, more and more emails, more postings to update ... take a day off and you get buried.

So... now that Greg has left, it begins. It is like someone passing on, and then the neighbors start covering the house with graffiti. I have been swamped with people 'letting me know" about "Greg's" latest messages!

WHY give them the consideration of a doubt? We know that the cabal has accomplished huge underground cities and bases ... a space fleet ... they have been to Mars, and on. Do we not think it just might be possible for them to hack into Greg's websites and blogs??? Do we not think they would immediately take advantage of this ready-made audience and fill them with "messages from Greg???" Can we not even SEE the difference in vocabulary and sentence structure??? They look and sound like adolescents painting graffiti!

It is each of OUR lives that are at stake here. Are we REALLY going to let them drag us down from our high and happy LOVE vibrations into the lowest demeaning frequencies of fear and distrust? Is that REALLY where we want to be????

For goodness sake, people! Let's show them where we are going! We are going through those star gates, just like Greg, Rico, and Glenn! We are NOT going to cave in and allow ourselves to be manipulated into subversive lower frequencies! What's in it for us to try to make Greg wrong? We work against ourselves and broadcast a frequency of fear and ingratitude! This is the old "pack" complex! This is the triggered energy of lynch mobs!

All the Universe is waiting for Planet Earth to begin this massive Ascension which will be followed through all of the Dimensions! I wouldn't be at all surprised to see our Galactic brothers and sisters start showing up BIG TIME to put an end to this childishness.

Let's just say "No! That is NOT where I want to be!" We are here with plenty of guidance. We have been taught how to raise our vibrations. We have been told to MEDITATE and unite with the Higher Frequencies. Let's honor our own Higher Selves and BE the Great Beings we came here to BE!

Don't buy it, folks!

I love you and will always be here for you!


3 Re: Greg Giles... Fake or Real? on Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:47 pm


Thanks HWG.
I had read this. What do you think?


4 Re: Greg Giles... Fake or Real? on Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:52 pm


I guess the problem is that as a race this is the first time that we are experiencing such a change and as such there really is no means of measuring what the truth may be and so many conflicting opinions are occurring, some rather nastily.

What I do believe as a science, is that that our Milky Way Galaxy is expanding – shifting as are other Galaxies and Universes, some of which are in alternative frequencies.

It is also a scientific fact, that everything upon our world is in vibration and I do believe that vibrations and frequencies are changing and will continue to change.

I believe that we are currently in the 4th dimension (which occurred in January 2006) and that our Mother Gaia will be transitioning to the 5th dimension which will be a far more wondrous dimension than what we are currently experiencing.

As far as Greg Giles is concerned I honestly haven’t followed his channelings but recent writings (allegedly from him) are starkly different in its content and tone (that I have in fact read) and I don’t believe that such writings that are now in contention have not been written by him.

I hope that this answers the question to satisfaction


5 Re: Greg Giles... Fake or Real? on Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:08 am


Well yes it does and I thank you for your opinion.
I think you are correct on all points.


6 Re: Greg Giles... Fake or Real? on Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:44 pm


Hey! I'm finally right for once

bounce lol!

Purpleskyz wrote:Well yes it does and I thank you for your opinion.
I think you are correct on all points.

7 Re: Greg Giles... Fake or Real? on Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:51 pm


For once?
I think you are right more than that HWG!!
I have always appreciated your pov!

I added a new forum just for the new and improved Mr. Giles Inc.

Hope you enjoy it.

Oh and thanks for being here. It means a lot. :)


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