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Kp Message 4-13-18… “Event” in Syria… “Hold the Light for this planet”

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Today’s (4-13-18) “Event” in Syria… “Hold the Light for this planet” and “I suggest all refrain from ‘freaking out’ about it” (Hey, that’s MSM’s job)

Posted on 2018/04/14 by Kauilapele

Syria, in the Light
As I’m sure many are aware, the US, France, and UK, have done some type of a “precision missile strike” in Syria (here’s a Fox News article about it), and surely by now, much of the world, especially MSM, Trump dislikers, etc., etc., are “freaking out” about it.
Personally, I am not. Nor do I recommend anything like that, but rather, as many of us know how to do, regularly, “Hold the Light for the ‘Highest outcome’ for this planet”.
And I guarantee, there is much much more to this story. Absolutely. My own very strong “sense” is that there is a plan in place that is currently unfolding. Dr. Jerome Corsi has talked about some kind of counterattack to take place against the Deep State (here’s a recent video where I he addresses this (just listen to the first few minutes)). I am quite sure this is a most visible start of it (I’ve listened to this, and although he does not mention Syria, I strongly recommend it).
Guaranteed that neither Trump nor Putin wish to have any kind of “World War”. And as we all know, “The Galactics” will not allow any type of nuclear exchange or anything like that.
Someone recently sent me a short snippet from this IDC article (President Trump/Q Anon: ‘It’s Happening’). Here’s a part that resonated with me (and I’m not referring to the RV/GCR part):
[This DJT Tweet was mentioned] “Do President Trump and Putin REALLY want to start a war? Of course not. Do they want the world/cabal to THINK they are going to start a war so that the stock market will collapse, releasing the RV/GCR? Absolutely!
“It is pure genius – the Alliance is so much smarter than the cabal. President Trump/Q Anon constantly reminds us how STUPID the cabal is, and we have proof here today, in real time.
“Please, please, please let go of all fears and doubts about the GCR.”
I am adding here, “Please, please, please let go of all fears and doubts about the process”.
Q has often written, “Trust the plan”. This is a plan that is greater than any single individual, and any single country, and includes a Cosmic Planning team (can’t prove that last one, but I believe it, deeply).
Q posted this today, and it certainly seems related to the Syria action just taken…
Apr 13 2018 21:07:44 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 18f5fc 1032326
Trust POTUS. Sparrow Red. Missiles only. Intel good.
And what about the date of this “event”? In the West (well, the US, at least) it has happened on Friday the 13th, April 13. Friday the 13thFriday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.” And April 13is the 103rd day of the year… in the Gregorian calendar.

Day of April = 13… Day of the year = 103. Another 13. Friday the 13thFriday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.” I believe this is a date that was chosen to turn the tables on “The Cabal” (Deep State). The Deep Sate (Illuminati) loves to do things on key dates. This is turning the tables on a date that they might have chosen to “do something”.
Bottom line, I may be totally off base on this. I have no idea about the details of all this, nor all the reasons why this is being carried out. Certainly the “Assad used chemical weapons against his own people” story is a sham. No way that happened. In fact, Russian experts have said this whole event was staged, and that there were no chemical weapons even deployed (ref. 1, ref. 2).
So again, I strongly suggest:
Hold the Light for this planet” and “Refrain from ‘freaking out’ about this event” (because that’s MSM’s job)
Aloha to all, In the Light, and Victory of the Light,

Thanks to KP at:




Urgent Call: Violet Flame / Peace Meditation for Syria

We Love Mass Meditation

The situation in Syria is tense right now, based on reports now coming in.

There's an urgent call for Lightworkers to help out. Let's do what we can.

We can send Violet Flame or other appropriate energies, or even do the Peace Meditation right now on our own.

The following is a message from Hoshino Toshihiko:
Please visualize a violet flame purifying the Syria vortex and its energy field on plasma, etheric and astral planes NOW if you feel so guided. 
Or even do the Peace Meditation now at your convenient time. This will also help us to build up the energy for the meditation on April 15th/16th at 1:57 AM UTC.

Thanks to:


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