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A False-Reality

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1 A False-Reality on Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:55 am



A False-Reality

 omnipulse April 16, 2018
What if this reality is kept in the basement of a very large organization that runs the soul trading facilities on Earth.
What if people were literally genetically copied, and in this way kidnapped and placed into a virtual simulation system that effectively recreates that individual’s conscious experience.
What if by escaping this place and returning to real society one would be condemning themselves by initiating a real-time transfer of the experiences here into mind of the real you.
Would it be worth it?


 omnipulse April 16, 2018 
What if each mind holds a view of the universe that is equally accurate? Is each mind in the universe or is the universe in each mind?
What if the internet is being used to make a mirror image and create a virtual reality for the purpose of storing literally every data point on this civilization for the use of others in the future?
What if the increase of total data generated and added per day generating a system-wide virtual that is capable of real-time monitoring and an archival system?
What if that archival system was combined with a larger system that was previously found through the discovery of an older civilization that possibly used partially or totally natural geological materials to build powerful yet simple devices that emitted and influenced consciousness the same way that the Earth generates a magnetic field?
What if biological immortality was determined to be a viable path? How would you inform the world?
What if Earth is a containment system designed to rehabilitate reprobate minds that are otherwise incapable of accepting the truth of reality?
What if the trauma of the programs is not to traumatize the individual directly for that purpose but to prepare them for the future trauma that will be experienced on the surface civilization of the planet?

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