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Have The Ancient Ruins Of Atlantis Been Found In Antarctica?

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Have The Ancient Ruins Of Atlantis Been Found In Antarctica?


I mean who doesn’t want to find Atlantis, right?
According to satellite images on Google Earth, there is a strange area in Antarctica which supposedly reveals a structure that, according to some theorists, could belong to lost ancient civilization, and not just any lost civilization, but Plato’s Atlantis.
As expected, the video detailing the possible ‘discovery’ was posted by the Conspiracy Depot channel, and it shows a series of lines that according to the video’s narrator, appear to have an artificial origin and have been exposed due to the melting of the ice in the region.

“The three parts of this structure are separated by equal distances and all are approximately seven meters long,” says Graham Maple, owner of the YouTube channel.
“It looks ancient, almost as if it had been carved into the rock itself. I think this was what was left of a building or structure. I think there were great civilizations in the ancient Antarctic continent and maybe Antarctica was even home to the mythical Atlantis, “he said.

2There is much-forgotten knowledge of our ancient history. We are beginning to scratch the surface with this new discovery,” concluded Maple.

According to Mapple, Atlantis, or the ruins of another ancient empire, are buried somewhere beneath the Antarctic ice. Image Credit: Google Earth.
Coordinates: 64 ° 2’40.87 “S 59 ° 46’13.97” W (the discovery was made in the north of the Antarctic Peninsula).
So are these the Atlantean ruins that have eluded discovery for centuries?
If we read what Plato wrote about the mythical city/continent than no.
The Story of Atlantis
In Timaeus and Critias, written around 360 BC Plato described—through the voice of Critias—how Solon, a highly respected and well known Greek Statement traveled to Sais and met with priests from the goddess Neith.
It is there where an extremely old priest tells Solon about an empire that existed 9,000 years before him, which was at war with Athens.
Eventually, this empire identified as ‘Atlantis’ was destroyed by a great catastrophe.

Sonchis explained that Atlantis’ capital city was elaborately constructed, where great temples and palaces were erected, adorned by exotic gardens made of silver, gold and, ivory. Sonchis further described the capital of the Atlantean empire as being made of massive walls, which in turn were surrounded by circular islands protecting the inner citadel of the metropolis.
And according to Plato, Atlantis was located “beyond the Pillars of Hercules“. While Antarctica is beyond the pillars, it isn’t anywhere near where Plato said the mighty Atlantean empire disappeared.
However, as noted by experts, Antarctica wasn’t always the frozen continent and was certainly not always located where it today (geographically).
While this may not be Atlantis, it certainly is interesting to see what future explorations of the frozen continent will yield, and whether or not it’s possible that in the distant past, perhaps even before written history, great civilizations ruled the earth.
Featured image credit by Julian-Faylona Posted with Permission

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