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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » HISTORIES MYSTERIES » Ley Lines, Ancient Flight Plans, And Their Mind-Bending Connection To Ancient Monuments

Ley Lines, Ancient Flight Plans, And Their Mind-Bending Connection To Ancient Monuments

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Ley Lines, Ancient Flight Plans, And Their Mind-Bending Connection To Ancient Monuments


Have you ever heard about the so-called Ancient flight plans?
Mostly found in Britain and France, ancient flight plans are geographical markers placed intentionally, that are interconnected and clearly visible once portrayed on a map.
If we travel to Herefordshire England, we find what Ancient Astronaut theorists call ‘Ancient Flight Plans‘.
Said to have been discovered by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins while horseback riding, Watkins is believed to have noticed that structures across the landscape appeared to be arranged in straight, continuous lines.
Four years after that, in 1925 Watkins published his book “The old straight tracks” where he theorized that ancient mankind built monuments and megaliths across the Earth and that these were connected by a network of straight lines: Referred to as Ley lines.

In his book, “The old straight tracks“, Watkins proposed that ancient monuments were deliberately placed along these ‘tracks’ for a line of sight navigation and may have even been used as trade routes.
However, there’s a slight issue with that theory.
Some of the so-called straight tracks cross terrains that were difficult to access and to identify.
The following natural and man-made features were suggested by Watkins to be reliable ley-markers:
Mounds, Long-barrows, Cairns, Cursus, Dolmens, Standing stones, mark-stones, Stone circles, Henges, Water-markers (moats, ponds, springs, fords, wells), Castle, Beacon-hills, Churches, Cross-roads, Notches in hills, Camps (Hill-forts),
This leads us to believe there must be a different explanation for their purpose.

Most of these so-called ley lines are found in England and in France, although they are not limited to these two countries.
They are basically geographic markings of a number of places of historical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and similar places.
According to Linda Moulton Howe, an American investigative journalist and Regional Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker best known for her work as a ufologist and advocate of a variety of conspiracy theories: “The Michael Line in England is a straight line and it is measurable. It’s a magnetic field line that you can measure and it will be higher than other areas around it geographically. “
Today there are many authors and researchers who believe that these so-called Ley lines, are in fact, magnetic in nature and that they delineate the lines of Earth’s unseen energy fields.
Remember my article on the Earth Grid?
If we travel to Denmark, we will find more of these geometrical patterns, along with the northern reaches of the European continent. In Scandinavia, we find the archaeological ruins of a once prospering and mighty Viking fortress dating to 900 A.D.
Preben Hansson first discovered a direct line of flight from Trelleborg to other three Viking fortresses, which happen to be very similar in design.
But not only are these structures similar in design, but a direct line connects these four Viking Forts in Denmark.
A bit strange, don’t you think?
But there’s something more that doesn’t seem to add to the story.

As we all know, the Vikings were seafaring people, well-known as mighty warriors and sailors. Because they were seafaring people, it makes sense that most of their settlements and forts were near water.
However, here we have forts positioned inland, which also happen to be precisely aligned.
Furthermore, a more detailed analysis of the forts revealed a fascinating detail. Not only are these forts precisely aligned, but researchers have been left stunned by the precise design of Trelleborg, with courtyard’s divided into four zones, each with four longhouses and gateways open precisely to the four cardinal directionsnorth, south, east, and west.
That makes it clear that the construction and design of Trelleborg would have required great knowledge of engineering, orientation, and positioning.
Are Ley Lines a global phenomenon?
Several authors and ancient astronaut theorists note that if you draw a straight line and cross the Alps in Europe, you will eventually reach Delphi in Greece.
Why is this important? Delphi is known as the homeplace of the Oracle of Delphi and to the God Apollo.

According to Greek mythology, the mighty God Apollo took his “heavenly chariot” and disappeared heading north.
This idea has aroused the interest of various ancient astronaut theorists who see a clear connection between the so-called ley lines, and other historically important geographic locations on Earth.
Is it possible that these patterns, lines, and ancient structures are all interconnected as some theorists suggest?
Why is it that there are so many ancient structures around the globe that appear to follow an intricate pattern? Lines, geometric shapes?
It is not a coincidence, say ancient astronaut theorists, pointing to other incredibly positioned structures such as the Pyramids of Giza, or even the Nazca lines in Peru, which just as some of the ley lines in England seem to bare magnetic anomalies.
The perfect alignment of these locations to the stars, the cosmos, and to other monuments around the world is something that was not done randomly.
The Ley lines, the Earth Grid, and the electromagnetic field anomalies that are present in different geographic locations around the world does not seem something random.
It is something planned, something elaborate, something that truly seems, out of this world.

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